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    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I've had a look and it certainly looks interesting. It does have some drawbacks though: * No NFC. I forgot to list this in my requirements; I don't use NFC that often but don't want to lose it in case I ever need it. * Most of my recent phones had AMOLED displays, so...
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    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    What phone to replace OnePlus 3T? I've been the happy owner of a OnePlus 3T 64GB for the past 2.5 years. Unfortunately last week the display of my 3T cracked (although still functional for now). My company will not pay for repair, but will reimburse up to the equivalent of USD 350 for a new...
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    Post [Script] [EMUI] Disable/re-enable swap on honor 5X KIW-L24 (USA)

    Thanks for your detailed explanation about this. As a programmer, I tend to believe what I see in code, rather than what someone is telling me. But apparently, in this case the code is misleading, in particular the comment saying that ZRAM is only enabled on devices with less than 1GB of RAM...
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    Post [Script] [EMUI] Disable/re-enable swap on honor 5X KIW-L24 (USA)

    Not on my device (KIW-L21 with stock B130 ROM). On my device, the init.qcom.zram.sh (see attached) enables zram for devices with less than 1GB of RAM, and runs /system/bin/enable_swap for devices with more RAM. So in my case your script disables swap, not zram (zram will still be disabled though...
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    Post [Script] [EMUI] Disable/re-enable swap on honor 5X KIW-L24 (USA)

    I don't know the details, but apparently there's a difference between zram and swap. I guess with zram all memory will be compressed, whereas with swap only the in-memory swap area will be compressed. According to the script, zram will be enabled for devices with less than 1GB of total RAM. For...
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    Post **What phone should I buy next?** -- Not sure what device to buy? Ask here!

    Looking for dual-SIM LTE phone with recent Android version Hi all, I'm currently using a Moto X 2014 with a mobile subscription from my employer. Since my employer's subscription only allows limited data and no 4G, I'm thinking about adding a cheap personal 4G subscription. As such I'm looking...
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    Post Encryption with root

    Any idea how long you left it alone (couple of minutes, 15-30 minutes, 1+ hours)? My device came with Lollipop; I unlocked the bootloader for my device using Motorola's instructions, then installed root according to this thread...
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    Thread [Q] Custom PIN Lock Screen Widget

    Hi all, I'm running CM11 Nightly (20140107) on my GT-I9195 (S4 Mini). I'm required to have a PIN lock due to Exchange Policy, but I am able to modify the lock screen widgets. Since I have lowered the DPI for my System UI, I have quite a lot of room available above the PIN lock. Apart from the...
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    Post [POLL] Do you think ics is a failure??

    Back to GB After trying several ICS releases from Samsung over the last month or so, I went back to GingerBread. My main reason for going back is that ICS consumes battery a lot faster. I guess the main reason is the Exchange client, although I've also experienced the Audio_Out wakelocks. In...
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    Post How long does your battery last on your SGS2?

    10 days and still going With all data disabled most of the time, almost unused, but still connected to the GSM network, mine is now at more than 10 days (and I think it wasn't even fully charged at the start of this period). This is with stock ROM, Apex launcher, almost no other custom apps.
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    Post [ROOT]SGS2 Easy Rooting Toolkit(zergRush Exploit)

    Yesterday I updated my S2 through Kies to I9100XWKK2. Similar to mike with KK5, the exploit no longer works with this 2.3.6 firmware. I was previously using I9100XWKJ3 2.3.5 firmware (also updated through Kies); the exploit did work back then.
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    Post Multi-CSC bug?..

    I'm seeing the exact same message (I've also got CSC XEN). I've only been using official firmwares; all firmware upgrades were done through Kies (so I never installed a custom CSC using Odin for example). I did temporarily install a custom kernel through Odin to get root access though, but have...
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    Post [Q] SGS2 Market Issue!

    I've got the same problem, and so do others: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android+Market/thread?tid=4dfb99ab11950624&hl=en. I haven't tried it yet, but according to that page, a work-around is to open the market only using the application icon, not from the notification area.
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    Thread [Android 2.2+] ShootNow!

    Hi all, Today I released an updated version of my ShootNow! application with lots of improvements and some added functionality. I would like to ask you to try it out (the unlicensed version is free) and give your feedback in this thread. Thank you in advance. Application description ShootNow...
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    Thread windowIsFloating=true & window size

    I'm developing an activity with a floating main window (e.g. windowIsFloating=true in the activity style). Unfortunately, within a floating window my layout (using fill_parent) is not expanded to the full screen size; fill_parent behaves like wrap_content instead. I suppose floating windows are...
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    Thread [Q] CPU Tuner & battery life?

    Has anyone tried CPU Tuner (https://market.android.com/details?id=ch.amana.android.cputuner&feature=search_result) yet to see whether it improves battery life? For example, when playing a game like Angry Birds, it looks like the CPU scales up to full speed (1.2Ghz) even though only a small...
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    Post Battery discharged by Nav app when Phone is connected to car charger

    I was using a Samsung Omnia II before getting the S2, and that one wouldn't even charge at all with a regular micro-USB cable on generic USB wall, car or emergency chargers. Using a modded cable with the USB data pins shorted, the phone will charge on any charger (probably shouldn't connect it...
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    Post augmented reality browser on HD2? layar, wikitude

    Uservoice forum closed Apparently the Layar uservoice forum has been closed. You can now submit support requests via http://support.layar.com/anonymous_requests/new. Maybe we should all request support for Windows Mobile via this link?
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    Post Layar App - Votes & Comments needed to get HD2 supported

    Uservoice closed Apparently the Layar uservoice forum has been closed. You can now submit support requests via http://support.layar.com/anonymous_requests/new. Maybe we should all request support for Windows Mobile via this link?
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    Post [APP] JZ SmartMort -Copy/Paste- Opera Mini & Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris & MORE!

    As I re-installed my phone I tried your code above. Although it correctly activates the NetFront window if already running, it causes problems if NetFront is not running already. One problem is that one of the ')' is misplaced in the If-statement (should be after 'NetFrontWindow' instead of...
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    Post [APP] JZ SmartMort -Copy/Paste- Opera Mini & Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris & MORE!

    Thanks, haven't tried it yet but looks like it should work. Still, the code I provided earlier could be useful if you ever need to find a window by executable name. For example, if some browser uses only the page name in the window title without including the browser name.
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    Post [APP] JZ SmartMort -Copy/Paste- Opera Mini & Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris & MORE!

    It is not the most elegant solution but the following quick hack seems to work on my phone. It can probably be improved a bit, for example leave the ForEach once the correct window has been found, and maybe limit the number of windows by supplying extra parameters to FindWindows. ### NF CODE...
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    Post [APP] JZ SmartMort -Copy/Paste- Opera Mini & Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris & MORE!

    Thanks. I'm a software developer myself (mostly Java), so I'm used to being thorough :) I just had a quick look at the MortScript manual, and indeed there seems to be no way to switch to a window based on process name. According to the changelog, this will change however with MortScript 4.3...
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    Post [APP] JZ SmartMort -Copy/Paste- Opera Mini & Mobile, NetFront, Skyfire, Iris & MORE!

    NetFront loads URL in background Thanks for this great piece of software. However, I'm having a minor but annoying problem with NetFront. If NetFront is already running in the background and I pass a new URL to it via JZ Browser, NetFront stays in the background. For example, if I'm reading...
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    Post All Opera Mobile/Mini versions: Official thread

    Disable auto-rotation? I've installed Opera Mobile 10 (build 50433) on my Samsung Omnia II. Overall I'm quite happy with it, except for the really annoying auto-rotation. I would rather manually rotate the screen while using Opera (for example using a hardware button). Also, Opera even rotates...
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    Post New Forums on XDA?

    Omnia II Coming from a HTC Wizard followed by a HTC Kaiser, I've recently moved on to the Samsung Omnia II. So I would definitely like to see that phone supported on xda-developers.
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    Post xImapPusher - based on ImapPusher-0.60

    I don't believe everything I see ;-). I was just trying to find an explanation why for example EmailScheduler drained the battery so much faster than Windows Live. After trying out xImapSync for the last few days, I now know that it is just caused by the way EmailScheduler is implemented. With...
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    Post xImapPusher - based on ImapPusher-0.60

    Basically, I got the idea by reading somewhere that Pocket Outlook IMAP solutions are always less efficient than, for example, ActiveSync. This is because every time Outlook needs to retrieve mail, it needs to set up a TCP/IP connection, set up SSL if applicable and do a LOGON (and afterwards do...
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    Post xImapPusher - based on ImapPusher-0.60

    It's not that I don't trust your code; as a programmer (non-embedded Java and some C#) I'm just interested in what components like these exactly do. Anyway, I had some time left yesterday so I installed xImapPusher. So far it's working good, too early to compare battery usage with EmailScheduler...
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    Post xImapPusher - based on ImapPusher-0.60

    Possible improvement? I've been having an idea that could possible improve performance and battery usage of IMAP IDLE solutions like these. Basically, one would implement some kind of IMAP proxy. This proxy would consist of a socket listener (localhost only) and an IMAP IDLE client. Pocket...
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    Post xImapPusher - based on ImapPusher-0.60

    Battery drain & stability Until recently I was using Windows Live to get push email. This was working quite well, but nonetheless I've switched to GMail & IMAP for various reasons. I'm currently using EmailScheduler for IMAP IDLE support, but it looses connection quite frequently (as in 1-2...
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    Post [Aug 21st][PDACorner] Ultimate-X.V9 -21054|D3D|M2D|Premium|WM6.1

    Opera not working For me Opera is not working as well. I tried to install Opera 9.7 beta; this version worked perfectly on Ultimate-X.V7 but on X.V9 it simply hangs at the Opera splash screen. As I use Opera daily, I would really like to see this fixed.
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    Post (4 December 2008) S2P v0.58 - flow

    Windows/Menu key switches off display According to the documentation, you can press either the power or record buttons in order to switch off the display while S2P is playing. However, on my Kaiser (MDA Vario III), the screen is also switched off when pressing the Windows/Menu key. This is...
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    Post [To be Released] -G- ROM's | BlackStone | 6.5 | [OS 21159] | DK.11 | Bad Connection !

    Some issues Hi, I've been using the Garmin.DK.10.Final ROM with radio for a few days now and it looks like a good and fast ROM; thanks for that. However, I'm having a few issues as listed below. Note that some of these issues were mentioned before, but I've included them for...
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    Post PocketZenPhone DOWN!

    As I also indicated in another thread, the problem seems to be with accessing the site from The Netherlands. I've tried it via multiple Dutch ISP's (work, home, T-Mobile) but cannot connect to www.pocketzenphone.net. However, when using a public proxy server in another country, I can connect to...
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    Post PocketZenPhone

    I'm having the same problem; I can't reach www.pocketzenphone.net. I have tried it a lot of times for the last few weeks; from my work PC, home PC and mobile phone, with all of them I get a time out. Maybe visitors from The Netherlands get blocked for some reason?
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    Post Phone Just loses all signal GPRS/Phone after talking several minutes. Any ideas?

    This is related to programs trying to use GPRS while making voice calls. Agile Messenger is one of the programs causing problems. See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=268499 (AKU2.3: GSM connection dropped while making voice calls) for more information. This thread also contains...
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    Post AKU2.3: GSM connection dropped while making voice calls

    I just did another test; I called my mobile from another phone twice; the first time without having any programs active over GPRS, the second time with ActiveSync/PushMail enabled and Agile Messenger running. On the first call it was still connected after 14 minutes so I hung up manually, the...
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    Post AKU2.3: GSM connection dropped while making voice calls

    Well, I've just been on the phone for 36 minutes without the call being dropped. Of course this could be an incident, but all my previous calls were dropped after 4 minutes max. As I mentioned before, I now have my phone set to manual network selection, and I have no programs running that are...
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    Post AKU2.3: GSM connection dropped while making voice calls

    I'm not sure what kind of SIM I have; it says T-Mobile on one side, and just some gold connections and a lot of numbers on the other side. Any way to find out? It is quite a new SIM, about 4 months old. I have another prepaid SIM at home that I'll try, but it's T-Mobile as well and I got it only...
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    Thread AKU2.3: GSM connection dropped while making voice calls

    I've noticed in several threads that some people (including me) are experiencing dropped connections while making voice calls. Maybe in this thread we can find the cause of this and hopefully also a solution. Symptoms are that while making a voice call, the call is dropped after a few minutes...
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    Post "Mr. Clean" AKU 2.3 ROM available - No Carrier Cus

    Loosing connection I've upgraded my Dutch MDA Vario with the MrClean ROM. So far, the PDA part is working really well, much better than the original and AKU2 T-Mobile ROMs (more responsive, less soft resets). However, when making a voice call, the connection drops after about 4 minutes. It...