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  1. MoshPuiu

    Thread [REQ] Sense 4.5 skin basics

    I spend some time to figure out how to handle sense 4.5 skins development. BatEarsJoe give us some advices to modify a skin but these are the very basic steps to build/change a skin. Also I tried to find tutorials on other HTC devices but all I found are obsolete... What I'm asking for is that...
  2. MoshPuiu

    Thread iGO8 and speedcam voices

    Did anyone succeed to make iGO 8.3.4 to announce speedcams with voice and to display speedcam info? I tried 3 different skins (Dimka, Megaduck99, and Gurjon), all are latest versions but none of them work with speedcam voices. All skins have instructionsto install voices; I followed them, put...
  3. MoshPuiu

    Thread Polling emails in stand-by (no push mail)

    After some hours of searching a way to polling emails and update weather over GPRS connection even if the phone is on stand-by, I found a way that works (at least for me)! It is a combination of tricks already posted on this forum but in a way that makes Outlook and Weather to update...
  4. MoshPuiu

    Thread "A wireless radio must be attached..." -> a battery problem?

    I am pretty sure that many people who are reading this topic have met the situation when the message: "A wireless radio must be attached to use this phone" pop-up on PDA screen. My question is: This situation could be battery related? We do not speak here about chip damaged, ROM update, SIM...
  5. MoshPuiu

    Thread A701: RF module upgrade?

    Did anyone tried to update the RF module of Mio A701? Or at least to reflash it in case of malfunctioning?
  6. MoshPuiu

    Thread Mio A701: "RIL function failed" and SIM problem

    It is my first topic so from the beginning I want you to excuse me for my bad english. I have a Mio A701 from 2 years ago and until few weeks ago the phone works normally. Only when I used the car kit for GPS it sometimes gives the message "missing SIM". I suspected that the cause is the car...