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  1. Nit.in

    Post POCO F1 Screen Retention/Ghosting Image on custom ROM/Kernel [FIX]

    Thanks OP, this just made my day. The ghosting was intense for me and couldn't use the phone at night. Now it's fine ( was about to change display ). Also this issue is not exclusive to custom Roms/Kernels. I've seen this on MIUI with redmi note 4, have to shift colours and check on it.
  2. Nit.in

    Post 4100mah replacement batterry available on aliexpress

    Service centers Use Lenovo online 'contact Us' link and find your nearest service center. I've seen prices around 1350-2000 Inr.
  3. Nit.in

    Post Replace battery with Lenovo genuine one?

    The battery from maxbhi is out of stock, The ones from AliExpress costs 1100 INR with shipping, I just have to check with the Lenovo service center then. If it's not more than 2000 I'm ok with it. As zuk z2 form factor is too good.Will update later guys.
  4. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LA.UM.8.12.r1] ReloadedOS [18-01-2021]

    Yeah man with less replies, we can really find relevant solutions much faster. I do remember the times when everyone helped with silly questions like 6-10 years ago on XDA. Lately people behave rude to OPs ,bossing around and stuff. Thank devs , we still have a community going on. Also thanks to...
  5. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LA.UM.8.12.r1] ReloadedOS [18-01-2021]

    I'm pretty sure now you understand why few members and OPs are Salty to these questions? I still think it was nice of you to explain these procedures so far. But sometimes people shouldn't use Thread replies as Google search, asking around redundant question.
  6. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][10.0][OFFICIAL][LA.UM.8.12.r1] ReloadedOS [18-01-2021]

    Played Pubg mobile with phone case on, steady 40-60ms ( warp DNS). No heating for 30-40 mins on 'Performance' profile. Easily Reaches 390mbps on HATHWAY india. Stand-by is amazing with 'Battery' profile (2 days light use ). Good battery despite 80% restrictions. OP - Can you add...
  7. Nit.in

    Post Need a simple piece of advice regarding this phone

    Actually the customisations are just 'long screenshot' and better 'theaming'. Here have a look at this small video by out fello POCO user which explains clearly: iFnoOc00GXk ---------- Post added at 05:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:35 PM ---------- Unfortunately all face...
  8. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][sGSI][UPDATED]OxygenOS for beryllium[26/09/2019]

    My experience (review):eek:eek:s 9.0.17 The rom is smooth and fluid, speed is a tad faster than PE 10 beta. Not interested in synthetic benchmarks but pubg works flawlessly (smooth/extreme) , mildly warm near camera ( room temperature 34). Flashing volume ui fix results in 'systemUI not...
  9. Nit.in

    Post [r11] arter97 kernel for Poco F1

    can't seem to understand how to change from ext4 to f2fs. Lost all internal data with 'f2fs_fstab.zip'.I have internal backup so no probs. After changing to f2fs on /data partition , booting into PE 9.0 6/9/19 throws "Encryprion unsuccessful". I've seen some users were successful with...
  10. Nit.in

    Post Need a simple piece of advice regarding this phone

    The Hardware is good now (from what i've heard).All roms are pretty good. It's almost one year since i've got my hands on poco.I never noticed the display bleed unless I saw videos on youtuber's complains. Mine do bleed at the bottom, but that's very minimal and I never expected perfect phone...
  11. Nit.in

    Post Rom reviews!!! (No 1: Lineage OS)

    I came to Xda after a long time,before the days of Galaxy s3. This post, i'm reconsidering my decision to play with POCO development ;D
  12. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][8.0.0][STABLE] OxygenOS Oreo port for Zuk Z2 [SAFETYNET ✓]

    Hello, I flashed Oos V5.0.5 yesterday,I setup my Google account (everything synced) and left it without restoring my apps. Yet the battery drained 11% in the span of 8 hours.Is this only on my case or are you guys also facing similar deep sleep issue?.
  13. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][7.1.2] ViperOS v3.1.1 - Final N [DISCONTINUED]

    Guys are Magisk modules working for you all? This is a spectacular ROM with best overall performance but the only problem I face is that all of a sudden my Magisk modules stopped working after a Day from my clean install.Magisk root function is intact.
  14. Nit.in

    Post Twrp backup.stock rom

    please go and visit this official htc site to unlock bootloader of any htc device: http://www.htcdev.com/bootloader/ In the "select your device" list scroll down to the end and choose "All other supported devices". Now follow the steps on site.
  15. Nit.in

    Post [URGENT]Too much of battery drain and heating

    AOSPextended has great battery life.Lineage doesn't give much backup for me ;Now i get about 3.5-4 hrs SOT. use Greenify and CPU Hibernation app on all roms you use.
  16. Nit.in

    Post Do you really need VoLTE support??

    Yes it is not much different from normal calls made on a good network. BUT , in India we have a new service provider who does not have any 2g or 3g spectrum but only 4g,so calls had to be made only with 4g bandwidth (i.e VoLTE) . Now you can ask why don't we change to our old network ? It's...
  17. Nit.in

    Post Twrp backup.stock rom

    I went to htc service center and got my stock rom Reflashed for 403INR . I will post my TWRP backup (google drive) for future use of others: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6IbKj_AAxDSbmhYUVd6MWhlbk0 REQUEST for compressed version if you can't download 5 gb.
  18. Nit.in

    Post HTC D728w/g root and unlock bootloader GUIDE

    Hello, Can you help me with how to install the stock rom, as I have corrupt system folder. ---------- Post added 27th March 2017 at 12:04 AM ---------- Previous post was 26th March 2017 at 11:58 PM ---------- I have my system partition corrupt and I need a way to install STOCK ROM, how to do...
  19. Nit.in

    Thread Twrp backup.stock rom

    I soft bricked my device by flashing a VoLTE patch zip file I was working on for the HTC desire 728 ULTRA.I fixed my phone from service centre. how to ROOT or install TWRP recovery ,watch this thread :-...
  20. Nit.in

    Post Lenovo P70 - After ROM Recovery phone boots up, and immediately restarts without logo

    The problem will be solved if the phone was left to drain to zero! (Don't charge the device untill the vibrations stop . It could take 2 or so days but worth it!!. ). (Or you can remove the back panel by unscrewing 8 screws total and disconnect and reconnect the battery flux cable which is near...
  21. Nit.in

    Post [Redmi 2][Official][6.x.x][10/18-Final Release] Resurrection Remix 5.7.4

    I don't think it is possible ,we can only install that app if we are running that framework.. As you know miui is very different than stock ui Sent from my 2014818 using XDA-Developers mobile app ---------- Post added at 06:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:07 PM ---------- Does the...
  22. Nit.in

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Please add a forum for Xiaomi REDMI 2, this phone has.. Cm 11 support outside xda.. But if this device had a Forum.. It would be well easy to find and pose threads in it.. As xda is much easier than other sources ? Sent from my 2014818 using XDA Free mobile app
  23. Nit.in

    Post Xiaomi Redmi 2

    Sooo... The Redmi 1s... Has a development thread.. But we don't have.. WTH?.. Are we cursed ? Sent from my 2014818(redmi2) using XDA Free mobile app
  24. Nit.in

    Post Micromax A63 ||Development||Custom Roms||Recoveries||Tweaks||Disscussion||

    Lost........Help! Actually a63 is my mom's phone and she lost it ! Is there any way to find(track) it? and the sim card is deactivated but i have IMEI ! If any one had lost any phone and got it back or you know a way to find the phone please help me out. And i've googled about this and i got...
  25. Nit.in

    Post Micromax A63 ||Development||Custom Roms||Recoveries||Tweaks||Disscussion||

    can we have kitkat :D ? Hi guys ,I think there is a way we can have kitkat on a63 :) .As I read in other forum that we can port kitkat ram from other phone ... if and only if that phone has the same processor as ours (mt6572) ... As the recently announced micromax bolt A82 has the same...
  26. Nit.in

    Post [Q] install kitkat in micromax a63 canvas fun

    Brother ! go to Settings-->Accessibility-->Quick boot -->if the box is ticked ,then disable it ,reboot and enable it again (it worked for me :o ) Have a GoOd DaY :victory:
  27. Nit.in

    Post [FEB-22][4.4.2] AOSB Pr̲̅o̲̅j̲̅e̲̅c̲̅t̲̅ ® 1.3.0 [ѺƝ キɪяǝ]

    <No Doubts> Thank you for reply !! i flashed the rom ! and its soooo smooth for me! :cowboy:
  28. Nit.in

    Post [Q] Enable nav bar on stock rom

    Same Pinch!! I also have the same problem ,my capacitives are not working! for some days i used Button savior.... longkuz .... you could give it a try! :D
  29. Nit.in

    Post [FEB-22][4.4.2] AOSB Pr̲̅o̲̅j̲̅e̲̅c̲̅t̲̅ ® 1.3.0 [ѺƝ キɪяǝ]

    DOUBT...!! LoLaTiOn is this probam kk v1.2.3 is based on dhiru's alpha 20140110 ?? with new 3.0.101 kernel ?... :confused: and also you have mentioned [JAN-7]
  30. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 for Samsung Galaxy SL - 20160705

    ashokkumarrathore im on the same 20131216 build but is panorama function in camera working fine?? :confused:
  31. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 for Samsung Galaxy SL - 20160705

    My bad luck? Hetalk there is no such app as launcher 3 at /system/app and also in zip file's /system/app ! i'm sticking with nova! but can you please share me the apk for launcher 3??
  32. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 for Samsung Galaxy SL - 20160705

    Much thanks! 40 minutes?? i think that should do ! And for kind information there is NO "home launcher" in 20131216 build ( i clean flashed from 20131123 as i messed up with the build.prop :cowboy: ) i suffered a lot of systemui FC and I installed nova launcher via ADB...... is this weakly...
  33. Nit.in

    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 for Samsung Galaxy SL - 20160705

    help!! I've just flashed the 20131216 build and the device booted well.... then after signing in, i switched to ART and it started rebooting now my phone is STUCK at "Android is upgrading...." "starting apps." for more than 20 minutes! PLEASE HELP..
  34. Nit.in

    Post [CM 11] CyanogenMod 11 Discussion thread

    Hello guys! Do anybody know whether cm 11 is integrated with jellybam? Coz our device is officially supported by jellybam.. :D Sent from my GT-I9003 using xda app-developers app
  35. Nit.in

    Post [Q] Overclocking our phone

    Yeah absolutely... Even angry birds is lagging for me...! But the ui is flawless so not so problem for me.. Sent from my GT-I9003 using xda app-developers app
  36. Nit.in

    Post [HOWTO] Enable Navigation Bar on Cm 9/10/10.1/10.2/11

    Thank you , I'm on pound rom ..ported by lolation.. Anyways I'm used to this nav bar.. Sent from my GT-I9003 using xda app-developers app
  37. Nit.in

    Post [HOWTO] Enable Navigation Bar on Cm 9/10/10.1/10.2/11

    CM 11- customisation? hi tranceformat, May I know is there any way to customise the navigation bar onn CM11.. AND TO SAY navigation bar is working on cm 11 , please help me to resize it :crying:
  38. Nit.in

    Post ROM with best battery life

    Hi there, Actually all the roms available for cm10.2 a4 have same battery life... Anyways slim rom sustained more juice for me. Try cm 11 it has more battery life than cm10.2 roms :D Sent from my GT-I9003 using xda app-developers app cm 11
  39. Nit.in

    Post Random Reboots after flashing CM10.2 A3

    I'm using cm 10.2 A3 for a month now, for the first two or three days my ,i faced more reboots.. But is OK after a week .... Actually just picked up some calls and some charting, Changing themes,..... But when i uninstall an app.. (Everytime) it reboots.. Sent from my GT-I9300
  40. Nit.in

    Post [Q] Will we get KitKat?

    I have all the time in the world~! Dude ! I said that because I don't even know when my s4 gets 4.4 update! according to that i'll love to see 4.4 on my sl (my first phone :cyclops: ) and actually to say, DEFY is a nice phone! :highfive: my pal has one !
  41. Nit.in

    Post [Q] Will we get KitKat?

    waiting is gonna get over!! Guys...... cm 11 is on its way ......Dhiru is not leaving us!! android 4.4 testing is going on. we should wait some little time ,so we get a stable release.. we are fast(even HTC one gets kitkat after 90 days) :cool:
  42. Nit.in

    Post [7.1.2 NOUGAT][Q/A] NOUGAT for the Galaxy SL - Q/A - DISCUSSION THREAD

    Wait or jump Guys, should I wait for CM 10.2 alpha 4 or just jump for ios7 v2! , I'm on odyssey rom , but just gonna try next rom..
  43. Nit.in

    Post Best combination of performance setting ?

    Good for me.... I'm on Odyssey 3.30 by Lolation:- CPU governer:-ONDEMAND Max cpu freqency:-800mhz I/O Sheduler:DEADLINE Zram:- 18% Allow purging of assets - :good: Kernal samepage merging - :good: Animation scale - :rolleyes: - Off (all 3 in Dev mode)
  44. Nit.in

    Post Off topic thread for galaxy sl

    Odyssey hybrid is just awesome!!!! i've been using it for a week ,hardcore usage!! i nearly charged my phone for 43 times fully from 2or 3% ,, really a nice rom for my champ! but if i try to pull quick pannel with 2 finger swype ,i automaticaly switches my screan off.... rather than that...
  45. Nit.in

    Post HD Games On Galaxy SL [Updated (18 JULY 2013) ]

    GB is beast...... :mad: Games don't work fine on any cm 10.2 a2 roms (FOR ME) but always i have my phone backed up with Flyon GB by Lolation . By the time i test other roms ( :silly: Dual Boot- not available :crying: ) actually games that are compatible with GB are working nice with/without...
  46. Nit.in

    Post Gaming Discussions and Q&A [Updated-CF3D Instructions][13Feb2012]

    Not Working :rolleyes: "Into the dead" is a small game available on play store ,this is awesome on s4 ,but unfotunately hangs and force closes on sl Rom:- FLYON GB by Lolation..
  47. Nit.in

    Post [Q] Menu and Back buttons don't work

    Same problem.... let me explain the whole story! First i was using xgamerz rom by lolation, after a week of butter smooth use my phone hung, i googled! :good: i found it was because of my screen getting wet by my sweet on pant while driving (this occured 4 to 6 times , rebooting helped me but...