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    Thread What on earth is the T-Mobile app manager?

    And why did it put up an annoyingly persistent notification after I got a system update this morning saying it was "initializing my experience"? I found the T-Mobile description of app manager and it is a fantastically large concatenation of words that says nothing :-).
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    Thread Can I make the volume button into a power button?

    I've got the "side key" set to be a power button, but every fiber of my being believes the power button is the one on top. Is there any way I can make the volume up button act as a power button?
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    Thread Why did my custom alarm sound become inaccessible?

    I went into the google clock app to set an alarm, and the custom sound I've used for years and years had an error saying it could not be accessed. I clicked on the "add new sound" button, navigated to the exact same file which still lived on the system, and it can play it now that pointed to it...
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    Thread Cannot access local lan web site (sometimes)

    I have various machines on my lan in 192.168.1.*, I have a local DNS server to give those machines names. This normally works great, but my new Samsung Galaxy S21 sometimes says "cannot access" when I point it at a web address of a server running on my lan. I'll use a network utility app to do a...
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    Thread Still no repeating edge lighting?

    I setup notifications to repeat, and I do get repeated notification sounds, but I don't get repeated edge lighting. I saw complaints about that on the S20, is it still impossible on the S21?
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    Thread Why does only system file chooser work?

    Setting up my new S21, I needed to tell keepass where I stashed the encrypted info I copied to the phone. It wants me to pick a file either using the system file chooser (which has an interface designed by a team of experts to make sure you can't find anything) or a 3rd party file chooser...
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    Thread How long to find all the protective plastic?

    I've had my new S21 for a few hours now, and I keep finding more and more strips of the protective plastic that needs to be peeled off :-). Does anyone make a special light which make this plastic fluoresce? Could be a great new product!
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    Thread Finger print reader stops working?

    Maybe my fingerprints change or something, but it seems like about once a year it gets harder and harder to unlock with a fingerprint till it eventually becomes impossible. Usually this seems to happen when the weather gets cold (or what passes for cold in South Florida). If I remove the...
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    Thread AAUGH! I don't want to carry around a Samsung salesman in my pocket!

    Samsung keeps pushing "new and improved" crap onto my phone. Now "Samsung Members" keeps popping up alerts for me to win valuable prizes, yadda, yadda, yadda... I keep turning off notifications then the next day some new Samsung app pops up something equally annoying. I'm definitely going back...
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    Thread Google Movies and TV app

    I keep getting notifications from the Google Play Movies & TV app. I went into the app settings to turn off notifications and I see I already had the app marked as "disabled". Why is this disabled app running? Does disabled mean something different to android than it does to me?
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    Thread Interactive recipe app?

    There are a bazillion recipe apps, so it is nearly impossible to determine if one of them has the features I want. Anyone know if there is a recipe app you can use while cooking to follow along with the work? List all the prep and let you check off the ingredients as they are chopped, etc. Then...
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    Thread Did alarm icon just come back?

    When pie came out, they cleaned up "unwanted" icons over on the right side and the little clock that meant an alarm was active went away. I just got a Samsung update yesterday, and the alarm icon is back for me. Did this happen for everyone? I hated it disappearing because the google alarm app...
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    Thread MirrorShare and video?

    On my Samsung s9+, using the "Smart View" feature allows me to view the screen and video (from, for instance, the TiVo app) on my fire stick. On my M5, using the "MirrorShare" feature, the screen sharing works right up till video starts playing, then all I see mirrored are the video controls...
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    Thread I have to use a 6 digit PIN?

    I can remember a 4 digit PIN number, I hate that it forces me to use a 6 digit PIN for the screen lock. Any way to beat it into letting me use a 4 digit PIN?
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    Thread Is my wifi dying?

    It's been taking forever to download updates on my M3. I've turned off bluetooth and GPS. I've restarted the tablet. But speedtest still download speed is somewhere around 5 meg. My samsung phone on the same network gets something like 60 meg. Anything else to try?
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    Thread miracast to amazon firestick?

    My galaxy s9+ can cast the screen to my amazon firestack, but when I try the same thing on the mediapad, it just spins forever searching for a compatible device. Anyone gotten MirrorShare to work with a firestick?
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    Thread Bixby wake updating forever?

    Woke up this morning with 4 galaxy store bixby related updates available and bixby wake in the middle of installing. Took shower, bixby wake is still installing when I get out. Finally restarted phone went into galaxy store and manually updated all the apps one at a time, leaving bixby wake for...
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    Thread Always warm with wireless charging?

    Anyone else using wireless charging find that their s9+ is always warm when you pick it up now that android 9 has arrived? Even if the green light has been lit for a long time claiming it is fully charged, it still is always warm when I pick it up now. It never seemed this way on android 8 (in...
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    Thread Missing icons?

    After android 9 update from T-Mobile my s9+ no longer shows the clock icon over in the right side group of icons to tell me the clock is running in the background. This is kind of annoying because the clock was always very unreliable and I used to check that to make sure the clock was still...
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    Thread Make normal icons comes back?

    Just got the T-Mobile android 9 update. I've always used the stock launcher, and previously I was able to make the damn rounded squares behind each icon go away. Now I'm back to all my icons being shrunk so they'll fit in the stupid space wasting white rounded squares. Any way to go back to just...
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    Thread Notifications versus search apps?

    When I swipe down from the top on my M3, I want to show the notifications, but sometimes I wind up on a "search apps" screen instead. Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing to wind up in search? I certainly can't detect any difference in what works and what doesn't.
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    Thread Do samsung apps simply ignore attempts to restrict permissions?

    I just checked again. Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay Framework definitely do NOT have location permission. So why, when I popped into Walgreens this morning did I get a Samsung Pay alert for deals at Walgreens?
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    Thread 2:18 and no alert

    Did anyone using T-mobile get the test emergency alert at 2:18? My S9+ remained totally silent across 2:18 when other phones all over the building were howling. (Could this have anything to do with it using wifi for calling rather than 4G?)
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    Thread Should I be impressed by iris recognition, or worried?

    Was at the eye doctor yesterday and decided to see if my phone would recognize me with my eyes dilated and pupils the size of golf balls :). It did indeed unlock for me. Now I wonder if it should have. Should this make me feel better or worse about the iris scanning?
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    Thread Samsung pay using location even without permission?

    I've just checked, I do have location permission turned off for Samsung Pay, yet this morning, I was waiting to turn at a corner where there is an IHOP and I got a $#@! Samsung Pay notification alerting me to deals at IHOP. If I go in a Publix, I always get alerts about deals at Publix. How can...
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    Thread Ad plays audio out of nowhere?

    I finish using my phone, I turn off the screen, I put it down and a few seconds later it plays the (quite loud) audio for a probiotic gummy ad. Anyone know what I have to drive a stake through so this never happens again? No indication of anything on the screen or notifications after I picked it...
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    Thread Does wifi go to sleep even when you tell it to stay on?

    I leave my phone near me and not charging while I'm asleep. In the morning after sitting all night I pick it up and try to poke some buttons on a web page that controls the lights in my room. This never seems to work until I've been trying for a while, as though the network isn't talking any...
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    Thread Samsung secure wifi?

    Just got a notification today saying I should turn on samsung secure wifi. After much googling, I finally got the impression that it is a VPN server operated by samsung which you can force apps to use. Is that really it, or did the vague marketing web pages confuse me? Why would I be more...
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    Thread Is there an app to lock the screen with timeout?

    I'd like the screen to stay on long enough to give me enough light to see how to put the phone in a little niche at the head of my bed, but I'd like to be able to put it there without accidentally activating something on the touchscreen. Does any app exist to lock the screen in N seconds and...
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    Thread Weirdly inconsistent Notifications settings

    Some recent update to the "Google" app has started making it create notifications for news stories it is just sure I'm dying to read (I'm not). I went to Settings > Notifications and the list of apps there doesn't include "Google". I went to Settings > Apps > Google and it does exist and has a...
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    Thread Is the samsung keyboard autocorrect the most annoying feature ever in a keyboard?

    I just typed "dill" in my shopping list, and when I hit space, it magically changed to "fill" :( Fortunately I was able to find the settings icon on the keyboard and figure out how to turn it off. This was about the umpteenth time something like this happened to me, but I wasn't absolutely sure...
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    Thread Protect notification from being cleared?

    There were a slew of notifications on my phone earlier, and I just hit the "clear" button at the bottom to make them all go away. Turns out one of them was for an upcoming alarm I had set and didn't notice, and apparently clearing the notification dismissed the alarm so it never went off. (I'm...
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    Thread Prevent distracted walking

    I see the s9+ can tell if I'm looking at the screen, and it can also act as a pedometer to tell if I'm walking. Obviously it should combine those two features to make the screen lock with the message "Hey! Don't look at me, look where you are going!" when you are walking and staring at the...
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    Thread Media server, make it stop!

    For a brief period of time, I was able to get the "Media Server" that constantly ate my battery to go away by creating a .nomdeia file in /sdcard. Now I see "Media Server" coming back to haunt me, and someone has deleted the .nomedia file I made. If I create it again, it eventually goes away...
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    Thread Totally limp and relaxed USB cables?

    Does anyone sell a USB cable that is as limp and relaxed as a piece of yarn or perhaps a cooked spaghetti noodle (just as an example). I'm tired of the cables that fight back, twist one way when I need them to twist another, refuse to stay where I put them, etc. They are all too stiff and have...
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    Thread What the heck is "media server" in the battery consumption info?

    Every time I look at the battery info under settings, when I open the detailed consumption info it tells me "media server" has used 50 or 60% of the power. There is no app named "media server". Does anyone know what the heck this is and why it is eating the battery? (I have the BTV-W09 model...
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    Thread Installed apps not in the launcher?

    I just got my M3 this weekend (from amazon), and it updated to android 7 and emui 5 as soon as I told it how to talk to wifi. I've been gradually getting used to it (I've finally learned how to use the fingerprint sensor rather than looking for soft buttons), but there are scads of apps...
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    Thread Does anyone want Bixby?

    I've just been reading about all the "helpful" things the Bixby assistant will do. Perhaps I'm just an old fuddy-duddy, but I'd pay extra to have Bixby bound, gagged, and thrown in a closet somewhere. Does anyone find anything in the descriptions appealing? It reminds me of the smartphone...
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    Thread Beedle beedle?

    An totally unimportant question for curiosity only: Why is the "beedle beedle" noise generated so randomly when I put my Nexus 5 (and 7 as well) on a wireless charger? It has no problem making the lightning bolt appear on the battery icon every single time I put it on the charger, so why is the...
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    Thread Apparently I've got a new spam call blocker from google

    Just got a call from a spammer hawking credit cards, and after hanging up in disgust, the phone popped up a dialog that said something like: "This is the first time this number has called you. If it was spam, you can block the number and report it". Oh yes, please do block the number and report...
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    Thread Is it dead?

    After installing CM on my cheap "amazon day" fire tablet, it worked fine and I figured I'd use it as an emergency backup if my Nexus 7 ever died, but instead, the fire tablet seems to be dead. All I've done is charge the battery every day or so to keep it topped up and apply any app updates that...
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    Thread Why is background data disabled?

    Every once in a while, my Nexus 7 will claim that "background data is disabled" when I open the play store to get updates. I'm certainly not changing the setting, and if I power cycle the Nexus 7 (rather than digging up the background data setting) it works fine after it reboots. I wouldn't...
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    Thread Which way is "on"?

    The new marshmallow app settings (and no doubt other places as well) use a GUI button that looks like a cylinder in a slot and the cylinder slides back and forth when you toggle it. When the cylinder is on the left, the color is grey, when the cylinder is on the right, the color is green. So I...
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    Thread Screen comes on but touch not working?

    In the few weeks since I got the marshmallow update, I've only seen this twice, and I just wonder if it is another marshmallow bug that others might have seen? The screen will be turned on, looking perfectly normal, but nothing will respond to touch. I'll hit the power button to turn it off...
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    Thread One Marshmallow user's impressions

    http://tomhorsley.com/rants/doze-mode.html I'm definitely reverting back to 5.1.1 when I get the time and energy to fool with it :(.
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    Thread Guide to reverting to 5.1.1?

    Is there a guide somewhere to reverting my Marshmallow Nexus 5 back to the previous android 5.1.1 while keeping all my apps, data, and settings? I'd like to know what I'm actually doing so real steps with adb and fastboot and twrp would be appreciated, not a pointer to some toolkit that does God...
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    Thread Has Marshmallow made it harder for alarms to go off on time?

    Using the Alarm Clock Plus app, since I got the Marshmallow update, alarms in the morning have been hit or miss. Seems like it used to go off within a minute (which is also not really very accurate). This morning it was 4 minutes late. Yesterday, the alarm didn't go off at all. Has Marshmallow...
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    Thread Latest updates busted magnetic cover wakeup?

    I've been getting a lot of android 5 updates recently, and on both my 2013 and original Nexus 7, the magnetic covers no longer seem to wake the tablets. I wouldn't think the sensors in both of them would break at the same time :). I remember the tablet had this problem when it was first...
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    Thread What the heck just happened?

    I'm waiting on hold, I finally get a person and read my account number, then suddenly the phone makes a loud beep, the call is disconnected, and the camera LED comes on full brightness :). No power on earth seemed to be able to turn off the LED, so I power cycled the phone, and it appears to be...
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    Thread [Q] wigi breakage with 5.1?

    I got the 5.1 OTA on my nexus 7 and a few days later I was trying to use it and wifi wasn't working. I disconnected and reconnected and it still wasn't working. I checked my phone (on the same wifi network) and it worked fine, so I power cycled the nexus 7 and wifi worked perfectly once it came...