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    Post Is it possible to remove the A/B partitioning? (to save space?)

    Well, I have an phone from 2017 and this damn A/B partition scheme clogs up all the storage, it uses 16 GB of 32 GB, which is is absolutely insane. This is twice the 8 GB that Android 9 normally uses. I will not get any more updates, Android 9 is the last update that this phone (moto X4) will...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] LineageOS 16.0 [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    Now this rom does not work anymore with T-Mobile, because it does not include an upgrade that you need to access the T-Mobile network. https://bgr.com/tech/t-mobile-phones-losing-service-support-confirmed-2021-5899926/ Do you know if there is any way to get this rom working again? I don't want...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] LineageOS 16.0 [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    Unfortunately no, I just have to reboot constantly, because bluetooth keeps crashing. I also can't use it to interface with a bluetooth OBD2 interface.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] LineageOS 16.0 [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    That must be another issue, that has nothing to do with this rom.
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][9] LineageOS 16.0 [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    Works great, but some bugs remain Hi, First I wanted to thank Ripee for the great work with this rom, it works really great on the Note 4 (I have a 910T3). I'm so glad I don't have to use Samsung Stock, the phone is a lot faster with your custom ROM. I'm sure a lot of hard work went into this...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Bootloop after installing Xposed Framework via Magisk Hi, I have been using Magisk for a long time now successfully, but need the Xposed framework. After installing it, I get into a boot loop. Disabling the module does not work, when flashing the mod disabler and then executing uninmod in...
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    Post Which Galaxy Note 4 to buy with rooting in mind?

    Thanks guys, that helps, I will go for a 910t then.
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    Thread Which Galaxy Note 4 to buy with rooting in mind?

    Hi, I want to buy a Note 4 and absolutely need root on it. I just found some ugly stuff about rooting it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4-att/help/root-samsung-sm-n910a-5-1-1-build-t3355869 quote: ---------------------- forgot to tell you the two U.S. carriers that put locks on their...
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    Post How to deinstall media (server) on Jellybean?

    Wow, nobody??? Shocking how something as trivial as this gets no answer. Android has strayed far from its Linux roots, where people are a lot more knowledgable about how their OS works. Well, if somebody runs into this problem, I now kill it on a regular interval. I will post the script in...
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    Thread How to deinstall media (server) on Jellybean?

    I have had it, after struggling with the media server for months now, the damn thing consistently wastes and kills my battery. I downloaded rescan media root, which supposedly deactivates it, but not really. It keeps coming back and usually when I see it, it is already too late and the battery...
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    Post [Q] Crash notifier and logger?

    Thanks guys, but correct me if I am wrong, both these apps don't provide the functionality I asked about.
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    Thread [Q] Crash notifier and logger?

    Hi, Is there an app that notifies me the user about that my jelly bean phone has just crashed, with the exact time and date and is also logging in a database, so I can look it up later? Is there an app like that? My phone, ever since moving to cyanogenmod 10.1 (considered stable) is rebooting...