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  1. J

    Post Screen on time

    Can you just go to three dots at the top right and select to show full usage and post screenshot, or just check do you also have high android system usage
  2. J

    Post Screen on time

    I'm new to OnePlus, got my 8 Pro two days ago, with android 11 and notice some draining from android system after first setup, so i decide to do factory reset and try again and br more carefull what turning on, but same thing again. Does anyone else had this issue, or maybe I just need to let...
  3. J

    Post Screen on time

    Regular s20 exynos Can somebody compare this usage with yours regular S20 with exynos. Is my App usage to high? I use phone with 120Hz, wi fi always on, mobile data not used, gps off, bt off, always on is set to Tap to show, sync on for 1 account only to sync gmail, rais to wake and other stuff...
  4. J

    Post Screen on time

    Hi, I just want to check is this normal stats. At first I tought "App usage" is a bit to high but then I saw on couple places similar. I'm not really happy with battery, I think for me is problem that battery dropping when I dont use phone. Always on is set to show on tap, wi-fi is allways on...
  5. J

    Post Gcam recomendations for V35

    I have LG V30+ H930DS, and I use this two Gcams. One is 90% wokring (maybe panorama doesnt work) but all other is perfect (wide, noraml, portrait front/back, HDR+, SlowMotion) and its fast. (To chagne between lenses, just hold switch button, it will redirect to settings, after you close settings...
  6. J

    Thread S6 Edge - Keyboard Burn-in

    Keyboard on my s6 edg is burned in, is there any way to try to fix it. Can I use AMOLED Burn-in fixer, or it is only for status and navigation bar?
  7. J

    Post LG G4 - Display problem on Gray color

    And it inst always there, it knows to disaper. And one more thing, it constantly changin, for example now i see 12:30, and for 2 minutes i will see 12:32, not one picture burned in. Sorry for my English, i hop you will understand what i trying to say.
  8. J

    Post Marshmallow Battery life discussion LG-G4

    Im using h815 on V20a version, and battery life is terrible. Can I now flash V20c because I read it has best battery life time?
  9. J

    Thread LG G4 - Display problem on Gray color

    I will atach photos of the problem, and is there any way whic could help me, it look like some pixels are freezed. This is most noticable on gray color.
  10. J

    Post [ROM][G920/5] [12/5] XtreStoLite DeoMod Edition 3.3.1 MM [DPDP] [F/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S]

    How to make tweak to work for camera that allows listening music while recording video?
  11. J

    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.0][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.2.3-0 TeamWin Recovery Project

    I have problem with flashing TWRP on my s6 g920f, when i flash it, and try to boot into recovery it boot me into stock recovery, i treid couple times, with different versions, unchecking auto rebot but nothing. I will post screenshot with software version because i got s6 yesterday an I dont...
  12. J

    Post [TOOL/UTILITY][TWRP][3.0][RECOVERY] TWRP 3.2.3-0 TeamWin Recovery Project

    I flashed twrp via odin, and when i want to boot into recovery it show mi samsungs blue screen and after some time it boot into stock recovery? Can somebody tell me what to do?
  13. J

    Thread Problems with flashing TWRP

    I had flash TWRP via odin couple times but nothing, it again boot into stock recovery? Is there sombody who can help me about this problem?
  14. J

    Thread Best ROM / Kernel for S6

    Can somebody tell what will be the best solution for good battery life and good performance for s6, which rom, kernel and is there some tweaks?
  15. J

    Thread CM13 - Best kernel for battery life

    I Yesterday installed CM13 Nightlies and i am pretty much happy with it, works great, no lagg, but only thing which I would like to improve is battery life. I got jus about 3,5h Sot, screen brightness never go over 70%, i dont use intnernet over mobile data just wi-fi (i cant change network to...
  16. J

    Post [ROOT] LG G FLEX 2 (LS996-ZV6-ZV7-Sprint/H955-V15a-INT/H950-V11x-ATT) 5.1.1 Rooted!!!

    I have problem with roodetsystem.rar, i cant unrar this file. I downloaded it again, but same problem again. Im using windows 10.
  17. J

    Post Got the 5.1.1 update!

    How much screen on time you get with 5.1.1, I on my h955 and v15a-eur-xx got about 5 hours, is that ok or you get more. I sas one picture in this tehread where someone got 6 hours with 5.0.1.
  18. J

    Thread Best 5.1.1 firmeware

    Are there any difference beetwen firmwares for lg flex 2, i have v15a-eur-xx and i got only 50000 on antutu, and battery is not good like as others. Sorry on my eanglish :p Also is there root methode for 5.1.1
  19. J

    Post Note 4 camera port for S4 Stock lollipop 5.0.1 deodex Rom [update v2 29.3..2015]

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4/i9505-develop/rom-imperium-ll-v1-0-t3046889 I installed n4 camera on this rom and it force close.
  20. J

    Post I9505 [5.1.1r3][Development] Resurrection Lollipop v5.4.6][SaberMod OPT][06/06/15]

    When i unstal v5.3.8 (clean install) phone rebotes when use facebook for about 10-15 sec.This doesnt happend never before.
  21. J

    Post Firmware-update Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505XXUHOF2 (PHN)(Android 5.0.1) available

    Can i use ROOT files from this theme http://forum.xda-developers.com/gala...s-100-t3043983 on this firmware.
  22. J

    Post Official [i9505XXUHOB7] is out !

    Can i use ROOT files from this theme http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4/general/i9505xxuhoa7-odin-files-100-t3043983 on this firmware.
  23. J

    Post [ROM][5.0.2][STABLE] AntaresOne & Alucard24's optimized CM12 builds [EOL]

    Ir remote dont working, i use galaxy universal remote. Will that be fixed?
  24. J

    Post is twrp version available for one x??

    I have problem with twrp, i flash and and have same problem, Touch screen dont work. How i can fix it?
  25. J

    Thread [Q] HTC One X- Poor Wifi signal

    I get a HTC One X. Softvare informations: Android veriso: 4.2.2 Softvare Nuber: 4.18.401.2 Kernel veriosn 3.1.10-g7f360be... Baseband veriosn: 5.1204.167.31 And my Wifi signal is bad, i can just move about 5 meters from router. Speed is good, but signal is bad. Is this software fault or...
  26. J

    Thread HTC Sensation XE ROMs

    Can i install ROMs for HTC Sensation on HTC Sensation XE, because on this forum doesnt has a specific forum for Sensation XE,
  27. J

    Post [ALPHA][ROM][4.1.2] CyanogenMod 10 for Samsung Galaxy SL - Alpha 4

    How to back on android 2.3.6, i now using cm10 a4
  28. J

    Post [ROM][4.1.2][A4] Slim Bean v3.1 final 01/05/13 (Powered by loSconoscuito) [03/05/13]

    I have problem with external sd. When i in file manager open external sd, folder is empty but i have lot of things on memory card And when go in settings-storage memory card is not empty.
  29. J

    Post GTA III + Samsung Galaxy S I9000

    I hav problem with GTA 3 on samsung galaxy sl i9003. Im download sd data and put to ANDROID/DATA/.... and then instal app. I run game click Acept and then press home button and from notification bar run game again then pres back and for 5 seconds game just close. Can somebody tell me hoe to fix it.
  30. J

    Post Instaling games with data on Memory Card

    Im hav try with directory bind but I dont know how to do that, if someody can explain how to do that
  31. J

    Thread Instaling games with data on Memory Card

    Can somebody explain how i can put data of games like gta 3, nfs most wanted,... on my external sd card.
  32. J

    Post DSLR_JENA v 2.5 [LIVE] Updated

    Google play store, dont work on my phone, i have download last version but again dont work.
  33. J

    Thread HTC Hero problem, wont turn on

    I have install some zip via recovery and after that my phone wont turn on just came to HTC logo and stay, and wont turn on into recovery
  34. J

    Post [rom] ice blast rom

    Have you some better quality screenshots?
  35. J

    Thread Motorola defy+

  36. J

    Post [ROM] Peter's rom Final

    I install that, and now working
  37. J

    Post [ROM] Peter's rom Final

    i dont wipe dalvik cash and data after i have install this ROM just befor instaling a wipe data/factory reset
  38. J

    Post [ROM] Peter's rom Final

    I have instal that firmeware and now wverything worsk, but MENU button not working when is phone turno on i can go into revocery mod and there button works but in normal mode not working.
  39. J

    Post [ROM] Peter's rom Final

    i have gt 6500D and i have some bugs with this ROM. 1.Camera not working 2.Music Player 3.When i doing something in System settings then phone vibrates and close settings 4.Sometimes when a do nothing phone again vibrates and show me some problem I have delete nfc.apk and tag.apk I instal this...
  40. J

    Thread Peters ROM, (android.process.media)

    I have one problem with Peters ROM, show me some mistake The process android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again How i can fix this problem, i have 6500D and this is my firmeware S6500DXXLD3_S6500DXENLC3_XEN
  41. J

    Post CyanogenMod 10 for Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

    I have instal this, and its nice, buet when all bugs be fixed this wil be great.
  42. J

    Post Overclocking SGM2

    and which is the normal temperature of processor
  43. J

    Thread Overclocking SGM2

    How long i can hold my samsung overclocked on 1ghz when i play games like gta 3.
  44. J

    Post [CUSTOM][ROM][GT-6500D][MINI 2] ReGiNa Version III [update3+][Ultimate] release!

    I have one problem, when i try to move apps and games to sd card, shoe me SD CARD IS FULL but my card isnt full.
  45. J

    Post [ROM] Peter's rom Final

    Can someone explain to me the whole procedure how to insert this rom and what needs to download. I have odin, I installed a recovery mode before because i had instal some other rom.
  46. J

    Post [Q] Acer Stream S110 rom development/leaks

    Can somebody give me link with Acer Stream s110 custom ROMs