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    Post [APP] CommandCenter (6 versions) [xhdpi/xxhdpi] [9/4/2015]

    Great remake! Works flawlessly on my droid mini. How did you make it? :)
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyAlguHgWVc Great thread by the way! I am following this since one or two years :)
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    Thats not exactly what he meant. These are devices that run Android. They have nothing over the nexus 7 custom installation, indeed. What he is talking about is Android Auto which will be launched soon. And that OS is specialised on in-car usage. I still got hope, though, that someone will port...
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    Is there a chance Android Auto will run on the n7 2012?
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    +1 Droid Mini XT1030
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    Post HTC First Sense5 work

    GPS lock has been very slow for me as well a lot of times. I guess it could be that the device does not load the xtra data for quick gps lock. I used GPS Status to get a faster gps lock.
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    Post The Casetop - EVERY phone becomes a Laptop - Android/iPhone/BB10

    Great to hear that you are still working on it! :)
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    Post How to disable AT&T check for update

    I had the same issue but it's gone since I rebooted, so not really a big thing I guess...
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    Post [Q] Unlocking unactivated HTC First

    Yes. Proof is my own phone. :) Concerning your second question, I am not sure. I bought mine in mint condition, so it had been unlocked beforehand. But I guess it should work if yiu just put your sim card in the slot abd do the unlock procedure.
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    Post PC Quick Commands | Android 4.0+ | 1.4 BETA

    +1 And a cursor would be nice. Check this app, it has nice and simple controls: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cafbit.valence Tap = Click Double Tap = Right Click Two finger slide = scroll Keyboard plus Modification Buttons (STRG, SHIFT, ALT) plus special keys (ESC, TAB...)
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    How did you manage to turn the amplifier on and off with ignition? Or could you generally explain, when the amplifier is turned on and off because I don't know how to manage the fact, that it consumes too much power to stay on all the time. For the tablet it is not necessary to turn it off as...
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    Thread Microphone Issues

    Hi, did anyone of you got this issue too? http://forums.androidcentral.com/htc-first/324460-htc-first-microphone-issues.html The microphone hole ist stuffed so if you make a call the other person doesnt hear you. There is a second micro which is activated if you turn on loudspeaker, maybe...
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    Post CM 11 Timeframe?

    I agree with you. The thing that devs complain about concerning ETAs is, when development threads get cluttered with this sort of posts and when people ask the same question again and again although it was answered already. I think there is nothing bad about discussing possible dates for a new...
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    Post Google experience launcher apk on their HTC first?

    I tried to install it as well. The lib file you have to replace does not exist. The only thing that worked for me was google now.
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    Post Did someone manage to remove System Apps?

    I made a mistake and didn't have S-Off :| I got it now and write protection ist removed. Thank you for helping out, issue solved.
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    Post Did someone manage to remove System Apps?

    I got Moonshine S-Off. I know it does not contain all off the S-Off functionalities but it should be enough, shouldn't it? Edit: in the moonshine thread it says, it removes write protection.
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    Thread Did someone manage to remove System Apps?

    Hi I tried to delete the following preinstalled system apps: MyATT MyATT Hotspots MyATT VVM Calendar The device is rooted and the apps I used to delete the apps (ES Explorer, Total Commander) have root permissions. I deleted the .apk and .odex files in the system/app directory. First it...
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    Post Trying to port sense5

    Thou shall not dispond!
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    Post [TOOL] HTC First All-In-One Toolkit V1.0 [4-20-2013] [PERM ROOT][Noob-Proof]

    S-Off is an abbreviation for "Security Off" which means that you can rewrite every part of the phones storage such as bootloader, data and system, gain root, repartition the device. Root refers to the Operation System and means that you have a lot more access priviledges. Part of this toolkit...
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    Post 4300 mah finally came in

    There should be a sticky which simply says: There is no normal-sized third party battery that exceeds the original manufacturer ones capacity.
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    Post LG PC Suite Version Hacker v1.0 - Install your KDZ files with LG PC Suite

    The PC Suite method didnt work for me (Upgrade cancelled with error on Win7 x64) so I searched for an alternative and found this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2069723 It works.
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    Post Horrible battery drain

    Hello everyone, I didnt want to open a new thread so I picked this one up. What is this? I bought the device in 2012 and the battery has lost 700 mAh capacity? How are your batteries performing? I know the information delivered by this app is not very reliable but I cant get the phone through a...
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    Post [Q] Wakelock issue on stock

    Ok I think it's this: http://minixforums.com/threads/android-media-process-android-process-media-hogging-my-cpu-50-load-all-the-times.1231/ MediaScannerService => android.process.media
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    Post AOSP Browser 4.2

    I tried to install the browseractivity.apk on my (unrooted) evo3d. Unfortunately the installer closes with an error message: "Failed to parse package". Is there a way to make the apk universally applicable.
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    Post [Q] Google Chrome browser for Android lag

    Not anymore, since with the last update they messed the whole thing up. I experience drastic lags during the most simple tasks (scrolling mobile sites).
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    Post The Casetop - EVERY phone becomes a Laptop - Android/iPhone/BB10

    For me this is the most interesting project I have seen on kickstarter. I am following it since 2 weeks and it is very sad to see that it hasn't reached the goal yet. I think the people don't realize the extent of it's usability. I really hope you will try to get this through even if you don't...
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    Post HTC First Discontinued

    This is one of the best phones I have seen for years. I dont understand why so few people bought it, it even has stock android... It should be easier to develop a working cm for this one than for all these galaxies out there. I would even get over the small storage for all the advantages.
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    Post [Dev] [CM10] Fixing in call audio bug for CM10

    Stable yes but there are still some serious bugs left: high wifi drain, stock keyboard bugged
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    Post [Q] Wakelock issue on stock

    I would guess the battery readout is wrong if you have it in deep sleep for a longer period of time. But for me the problem isn't the wrong reading but the cause for the high drain and the reboot. And I think it is a wakelock issue.
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    Post [Q] Wakelock issue on stock

    A reboot could have occured, which I would regard as critical already since I didn't do it myself and my phone was subsequently disconnected from cellular network for quite some time after. But still: What happened afterwards seems to be even worse: I think it must have been the 17 minutes of...
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    Thread [Q] Wakelock issue on stock

    I didn't have this problem for quite some time now, but now it appeared again. I am on stock sense with Android 4. Neither s-off nor root. It seems as if the media scanner server ran for some minutes and drained the battery heavily. As you can see on the second screenshot, the screen was turned...
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    Post DISGUSTING battery life

    Androids usage readings are inaccurate. Please consult this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1179809 From what the picture shows I would guess its your 4G connection. A Hardware fault is improbable. And forget these things like "eco mode". Even if they underclock your cpu it...
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    Post White battery trap

    There actually seems to be a slight difference between cdma and gsm housings. Look at this And read this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-OEM-HTC-EVO-3D-HOUSING-BACK-COVER-FACEPLATE-P-/330707218278?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cffafaf66 Did anyone buy one of these covers already? They...
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Huawei Ascend D Quad XL
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    Post Restoring stock ROM

    If you need another guide, check this one: http://androidadvices.com/lg-optimus-2x-p990-install-stock-rom-tutorial/
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    Post [ROM][CM10] ParanoidAndroid v2.23 Hackfest JB [build8]

    Beter Battery Stats is free. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1179809
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    Post Black leather case for EVO

    I searched for a case you are searching for, too, when I bought my evo. And the closest one to match my needs was this: http://www.amazon.de/Krusell-schwarz-Incredible-Sensation-Ericsson/dp/B006GLP0NE/ref=sr_1_4?s=ce-de&ie=UTF8&qid=1351778962&sr=1-4 It actually fits the size of the device very...
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    Post Ricardo Cerqueira aka RC aka arcee support/donation - Donated: 568€

    Good idea :) I sent him 7€ too. I don't even own this device but this money is well invested! Amazing how many people donated!
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    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    4.0 and 4.1 are not that similar. As far as I know from Evo 3D development, WiFi on 4.1 works different than on 4.0. It is not 1:1 transferable. But concerning camera you might be correct.
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    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    We can expect anything from LG these days. I really question this company's probity by now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS96RjxxU7A
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    Post Help.. Noob Here..

    First of all, a good indicator is to sort the threads by "views". You will see that temaseks ROM is the one with the most clicks i.e. the most popular of all ROMs. From that you can deduce that it should be one of the best. To come to your question: After trying temaseks ROM, I would recommend...
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    Post What is Media acceleration?

    This might also be of interest for you. https://plus.google.com/105051985738280261832/posts/2FXDCz8x93s
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    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    I don't want to defend LG but this simply is not true. Just a few days ago they told us 1) ICS will not come to Canada and 2) there are still issues with the update to be solved. If you mean ETA by news then of course you are right.
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    Post Which RIL? (Nova HD, BB1035.21_20120521)

    I never had any problems with mine: 1035.21.20110725. (RIL is the last 3 numbers: 725)
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    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    Just posted this in another thread, but I think it will get closed. Hi this is a statement that was just posted on the official Facebook site of LG Germany: http://www.facebook.com/LG/posts/10150959202798093 Translation:
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    Post No oficial ICS for Optimux 2X

    Hi this is a statement that was just posted on the official Facebook site of LG Germany: http://www.facebook.com/LG/posts/10150959202798093 Translation:
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    Post HTC confirms Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for HTC EVO 3D

    Look at the source: http://m.engadget.com/2012/07/20/htc-confirms-jelly-bean-for-one-x-one-xl-and-one-s/ :/
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    Post [Ended][ROM/DEV][CM9/?][05.08.12] CyanogenMod 9 for EVO 3D (5+2, 5+5 - 99% - try it!)

    I thought 5+5 means 3D and 5+2 means 2D back + Front cam. Please devs explain such terminology in the first posts.
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    Post All question and answers for optimus 2x

    Mount SD Card as USB Storage Hello, I am desperately trying to mount the sd card of the phone as usb storage on windows. It worked before but since I flashed WIUI it won't show up. Now I have gone back to cm7 and it is still not working. Here is what I did: I thought it had to do with the...
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    Post [ROM][Sense 3.6/4.1][16.09]TeamGenesisROM3D v7.0||Beats||Tweaks||Xloud||Bassmod||

    Does the notation in the changelog mean that in the senseless version, the phone cannot go into usb storage mode?