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    Thread Microphone Issues

    Hi, did anyone of you got this issue too? http://forums.androidcentral.com/htc-first/324460-htc-first-microphone-issues.html The microphone hole ist stuffed so if you make a call the other person doesnt hear you. There is a second micro which is activated if you turn on loudspeaker, maybe...
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    Thread Did someone manage to remove System Apps?

    Hi I tried to delete the following preinstalled system apps: MyATT MyATT Hotspots MyATT VVM Calendar The device is rooted and the apps I used to delete the apps (ES Explorer, Total Commander) have root permissions. I deleted the .apk and .odex files in the system/app directory. First it...
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    Thread [Q] Wakelock issue on stock

    I didn't have this problem for quite some time now, but now it appeared again. I am on stock sense with Android 4. Neither s-off nor root. It seems as if the media scanner server ran for some minutes and drained the battery heavily. As you can see on the second screenshot, the screen was turned...
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    Thread [Q] Volume adjuster

    Hello, I would like to configurate this thing, so that it works as an Volume adjuster. I didn't found a possibility in Windows Mobile, so I thought someone knows a trick how to make this. Thanks in advance.
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    Thread [Q]Gameboy Emulator

    Hello, does anybody use a Gameboy-Emulator? The feedback I have found in the internet always says, that the framerate of gba/gbc-games isnt very good.