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    Thread Note 4 Softbrick, Odin fail, Newest firmware. Help?

    Couple of nights ago my Note 4 (American T-Mobile SM-N910T) started boot looping. I've rooted, flashed recovery and all that jazz so I did what I assumed was the fix. I tried to reflash the stock rom and reset the entire system. Boot to recovery Cache wipe Factory Reset Didn't work...... Load...
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    Thread Galaxy S5 SafetyNet (Pass before Magisk install, Fail directly after?)

    So I'm in the process of getting a GPS spoofer going and I flashed pre March 17' stock firmware (Safety net still passes), Installed TWRP (Safety net still passes), install Magisk Manager APK (Safety net still passes), boot into TWRP and install Magisk and Safety Net fails. All the guides I've...
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    Thread Unlock Bootloader p769 20f

    I have an LG P769 software version 20f (OTA) build JZO54K that I would love to put Cyanogen on. I have it on my p509 and I love it. My understanding is that I need to unlock the bootloader, flash a proper recovery image and then flash over the Cyanogen Rom. I did my P509 so I'm not a complete...