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    Post [KERNEL] [V1.0|2021-01-19] PaperKernel

    Work perfectly with ROM EU Android 10, MIUI 12 (xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMAX3_20.9.3_v12-10). Do you keep update this project? ;)
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    Post [ROM][KK 4.4.4][U/L][C530X] XperianZe ROM v3.0.5 = A Taste Of Lollipop = 8.3.15

    Does this ROM support the light effect when playing music ? :confused:
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    Post RomAur v9.1 [ LB-UB ] - KK4.4.4- c690x - .108 - FAST-STABLE - AROMA - DISCONTINUED

    Same trouble. I see a message when installing Rom: "some changes failed. meta_data..." :crying:
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    Post [ROM] iHackers v3.0 [Xperia Z1]

    Same idea :good:
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    Post RomAur v9.1 [ LB-UB ] - KK4.4.4- c690x - .108 - FAST-STABLE - AROMA - DISCONTINUED

    That's exactly what I did. With Stock ROM, recovery still working. But with RomAur v6.0, I can't use recovery. (Power on, press Vol +.. But nothing happened) :crying:
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    Post RomAur v9.1 [ LB-UB ] - KK4.4.4- c690x - .108 - FAST-STABLE - AROMA - DISCONTINUED

    I have installed regarding your way. But, recovery still NOT working. I think I misunderstood step #4. Could you show me the details of step #4? Thanks :D
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    Post RomAur v9.1 [ LB-UB ] - KK4.4.4- c690x - .108 - FAST-STABLE - AROMA - DISCONTINUED

    I tried v6.1 in the link below. But CWM still doesn't work :crying:
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    Post RomAur v9.1 [ LB-UB ] - KK4.4.4- c690x - .108 - FAST-STABLE - AROMA - DISCONTINUED

    Where is the download link for v6.0 ? I can't find in http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/?id=1121#downloads
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    Post RomAur v9.1 [ LB-UB ] - KK4.4.4- c690x - .108 - FAST-STABLE - AROMA - DISCONTINUED

    This ROM is awesome :good: But, sometimes, I reboot my Z1. It's stuck on boot animation :rolleyes: One more point, what about the battery lifetime? I see my phone gone from 100% to 15% so quickly :crying: Anyone has same trouble like me???
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    Post [Q] ROM Xperia V for Xperia VL? Possible?

    No one could answer my question? :crying:
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    Thread [Q] ROM Xperia V for Xperia VL? Possible?

    Hi everybody, Now, I'm going to buy Xperia VL (Xperia V for Japan). I have one question. Could I install kernel & rom (in Xperia V Android Development ) for my Xperia VL? Thanks, Best Regards!
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    Post [ROM][ICS][GSM]Hyper Gamer V1.5

    Look nice. I'll try this ROM now ;)
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    Post [KERNEL][PLAY][LINARO]ExtremeKernel-r3 And r4(Beta)[GB][09-05-14]

    Anyone show me how to get into Recovery? When I press Vol+ (or Vol-), my phone'll get a boot loop! :| So, I can't flash Wifi Module to fix Wifi (I'm using Gin2JB Rom).
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    Post [KERNEL][PLAY][LINARO]ExtremeKernel-r3 And r4(Beta)[GB][09-05-14]

    A lot of apps. Opera, Facebook, Line... Any app >8MB. Back to LuPuS v12, i can download, install those apps again :( What happended with me???
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    Post [KERNEL][PLAY][LINARO]ExtremeKernel-r3 And r4(Beta)[GB][09-05-14]

    I've gone to Recovery, and Wipe Cache. But error again @@! Cache Fixer show me Cache Max: 8MB => When i want to download apps > 8MB, Google Play show the error (Code 498). Only me got that error? :crying:
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    Post [KERNEL][PLAY][LINARO]ExtremeKernel-r3 And r4(Beta)[GB][09-05-14]

    Yes, i see. I know what is VRAM. I've a clean installation ExtremeKernel r2 + ROM Gin2JB. I have a trouble with my Google Play: Can't download the app >8MB??? (Code 498) I used Cache Fixer, and see cache is only 8MB??? => That is problem???
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    Post [KERNEL][PLAY][LINARO]ExtremeKernel-r3 And r4(Beta)[GB][09-05-14]

    How can i expand cache? Only 8MB, i can't download apps from Google Play @@!
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    Post [KERNEL][PLAY][LINARO]ExtremeKernel-r3 And r4(Beta)[GB][09-05-14]

    Install r2 over LuPuS v12. Get bootloop??? :silly: Just me got trouble. Or i have to have a fresh install?
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    Post Extreme Kernel information

    Create thread and let me see your kernel :good:
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    Post [MOD] The Super~Nexus™ Project v2

    I think Pizza_Dox has posted wrong link for ver 2. He posted: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uf8lzu97b24uo91/The_Super_Nexus_Project_v2.zipp I've tried again & again. But no download. After editting link to: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uf8lzu97b24uo91/The_Super_Nexus_Project_v2.zip It's...
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    Post Mod please close/hide/delete this thread.

    Hi DiKeJ, I'm very interested in your kernel. But one thing, the boot splash image isn't nice @@! So, i want to change it to another image. Can u show me how to do that? Or, i'll attach my picture i want to add. Can u replace it for me? Thank you so much & Best Regards! P/S: Sorry for my bad...
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    Post [MOD] The Super~Nexus™ Project v2

    Hi Pizza_Dox. I've flashed your project. It's really awesome :good: But something isn't good for me. 1. Your font look very nice. And it's also support my language (Vietnamese). But it's so small :silly: Can you make it bigger? :D 2. "Super" mode is very usefull when playing games. But one...
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    Post [ROM][PLAY][2.3.7] Gin2KitKat v3.3.0 [OTA]

    I've downloaded and flashed update 2.4.0 manually. Ram is improved :D But, i can't find "Sound Recorder". Is that a problem?
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    Post [ROM][PLAY][2.3.7] Gin2KitKat v3.3.0 [OTA]

    Wait. Check update. And, wait... :silly:
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    Post [POST YOUR BENCHMARK] Xperia Play's Rom/Kernel/User Ranking [UPDATED 10/07]

    Gin2JellyBean must rank into top 2 :good::fingers-crossed:
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    Post [ROM][PLAY][2.3.7] Gin2KitKat v3.3.0 [OTA]

    Oh, sorry. I forgot about 720p or 480p kernel :silly: Yup, I'm using 720p kernel :D Anw, u and me are agree. This version is very great :good::fingers-crossed:
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    Post [ROM][PLAY][2.3.7] Gin2KitKat v3.3.0 [OTA]

    ~300MB Free RAM @@? Are you sure about that? I have had a fresh install. After booting, about 250MB Free Ram (I'm very sastifed with this :good:) And after install some apps, my ram free about 230MB. Never > 300MB @@! :eek: To vokal, this version is very good :fingers-crossed: No overclocking...
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    Post [Q] A little help here

    That's the way to clean install (Recommended by me @@!) Ỏ u can just flash the kernel. Then boot into recovery, and wipe everything. Last, flash the ROM :D
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    Post Gin2jellybean

    Yeah. I have been satisfied with version 2.1.0 But when vokal post newer version, i just want to test :victory: Now, I came back to 2.1.0. Very performance, very stable :good:
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    Post Gin2jellybean

    Anyone check newest version - 2.2.0? Perfectly flashed. But Ram... :( With 2.1.0, Free Ram > 210MB. But 2.2.0, Free Ram is only ~160MB :silly:
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    Post XPERIA PLAY Beat Galaxy SII, Note, and others big ones in AnTuTu Benchmark

    With me, Xperia PLAY "beat" all others with his gamepad! :victory:
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    Post [GUIDE] Bootloader Unlock Status: No / No Fastboot

    Kerneis ftf updated, awesome! :good: But, i'm using LuPuS GB v6. If i want to flash version 7, will i lose anything (data, app,...)? In wedgess's OP, he said: "If coming from version before v7, you need to wipe all partitions..". But i don't know how to do that?! Recovery into CWM, Wipe cache...
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    Post What ROM's/Kernel's are you guys using? Making a poll

    ROM: Gin2JellyBean Kernel: LuPuS GB v6 Android Version: 2.3.7 Optional additional information: Mix of performance and appearance :good:
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    Post For people looking for a 2600mha extended battery that works awesome

    Tks for information. I'll get this battery soon :D
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    Post Adreno booster ?

    I have used 2 ROMs had "Adreno Booster". The increasing in gaming performance is too less to i see. But, when i used Oprera to access the websites has many image, photo with high resolution, i got the reboot instantly >_< So, i don't believe this booster. I have removed it from system, and...
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    Post Best Kernel

    LuPuS GB v6 is best for me :D
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    Post Repulze (Xperia Play Optimized)

    Very nice game. Downloading... Tks for Instruction :D