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    Post [MOD][Xposed] XGPM - Google Play Music mods

    You are the best dude this module is great
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    Post [MOD][2.3+] Remove "Downloaded Only" banner from Play Music (PMDOR)

    Hey man just a heads up that the update to GPM today broke your module, hope you can fix it. By far my most favorite module.
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    Post [ROM][Vzw] 12/03 | ViperOneM8 5.0.2 ◦ Tweaks, HUB, IconPacks, Themes, OTAs and more

    So I recently installed 4.3.0 Vzw to my M8 and everything is working well except the swipe down motion gesture isn't working. It isn't detecting a swipe at all but it is for every other direction (double tap, swipe up, left, and right). Is there any way to fix this. I have tried it with and...
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    Hey DH, ever since I got back from a trip to Costa Rica, my phone would say it had no service no matter where I went. I was able to fix that with the LTE On/Off app but now I do not have LTE. I suspected a corrupt NV partition so I flashed the 5.0.1 RUU with stock recovery and the did a factory...
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    4/19 still not booting for me. Stuck on DH logo on dirty flash ---------- Post added at 04:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:51 AM ---------- I think it's bootlooping, same thing happened last update
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    So is this a system issue that Hangouts isn't compatible with? Would you be able to get it working with something like Google Messenger?
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    I would LOVE to see this integrated. All I get is low quality 30kb pictures. None of those flashable zips work on this ROM sadly
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    Post [MOD] Kitkat/Lollipop AOSP Roms Low Quality/Resolution MMS Fix

    Ever make any progress on the GPe 5.0 rom?
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    GPS Broken Is GPS broken for anybody else? It has been broken for a while and VZW Lolllipop firmware hasn't fixed it. I'm on the latest ROM version. I've tried everything but it just can't ever seem to get a lock
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    Post [APP]Sense 6 and 7 Camera and Gallery for ANY M8 ROM [3/18/15]

    Any chance of getting the Sense 7 camera?
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    Post [Q] Push Notification Issues

    It is most likely a ROM issue, firmware shouldn't effect is. Maybe make a backup of your current ROM and do a factory reset to see if that fixes the problem
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    Post [Q] SD-EXT on lollipop not working?

    Just format it on your PC, pop it back into your phone and you should be good to go.
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    Post [Q&A/OT] •ᴥ• GPE •ᴥ• Android Lollipop •ᴥ• MULTICARRIER •ᴥ•

    GPS not working Has anybody else had problems not being able to get a PGS lock? I have tried restarting, reflashing firmware and radios, and changing ROM versions, but this has persisted for what seems like ever since Lollipop came out. Anybody know of any fixes?
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    Post [q] htc m8 verizon update lolipop

    Maybe contacting Verizon and giving them your IMEI to push you the update
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    Post [MOD][2.3+] Remove "Downloaded Only" banner from Play Music (PMDOR)

    Grey Bar on bottom of screen Hey man, love your module! But there is one thing that is kind of annoying me, after turning on Download Only mode, a grey bar appears at the bottom of the screen, assumingly the same size as the removed "Download Only" banner. Don't know if this is replicated on...
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    Post Any stock LP ROM?

    The new Skydragon ROM seems really nice but there are other Sense 7 roms with much more debloat
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    Post [Q] Move from LolliGPE to stock 5.0.1(rooted)?

    You should probably flash the firmware and radios before you flash any Lollipop Sense ROM
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    Post Are you getting the HTC One M9?

    I feel like the M8 will last solidly for at least another 3 years or so
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    Post Bad news for Google Play Music All Access users.

    IIRC it uses the same ID for your phone no matter what rom you are on
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    Post [Q&A/OT] •ᴥ• GPE •ᴥ• Android Lollipop •ᴥ• MULTICARRIER •ᴥ•

    Google Play Music being deleted after every update Every time I flash a new update for the ROM, my Google Play Music app gets deleted along with all my music, forcing me to redownload everything (4k+ Songs). I don't know if this is an issue with Aroma since Play Music isn't one of the apps...