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    Thread Any Google Pixel 4 / 4XL case directing speakers to the front?

    As it's such a disappointment that Google 4 / 4XL doesn't have duo front firing speakers any more, does anyone manages to find any cases that redirects the sound to the front? Eg. for iPhones there's always a case from X-Doria: Defense Series that does this. Was wondering a similar case feature...
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    Thread Download mode on Razer Phone 2?

    Hi all, I feel like my Razer phone 2 has been a bit buggy like 60 fps option in Cortex for some games doesn't work, so I want to flash a factory image to hopefully cleans it up. Thing is I can't figure out how to get to download mode to show up like the first phone, any ideas? When following...
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    Thread Custom Ringtone?

    Anybody know how to add a custom ringtone to the Razer Phone? I can't seem to find the option anywhere. Thanks!