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    Thread Speaker pop.

    Anyone else notice a pop coming through the speaker after any sounds? Watch a video or listen to some music, pause it and listen for a pop. Seems like the amp isn't cutting off cleanly. First time I've had this happen on a phone.
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    Thread Downloaded Apps Icon

    So I assume this is a bug and not on purpose. The app icons from downloaded apps are cut at the corners. You can see in the theme previews that the default icons should have white backgrounds and the other two themes should be left alone. Anyone know if this is fixed in a newer build or is set...
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    Thread Idol 3C

    Just got done watching Android Authority's hands on with the Idol 3C. They added an news stream to the far left panel of the launcher (like HTC). Wonder when the OG Idol 3 is gonna see that update. Would be nice if 5.1.1 came with it.....
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    Thread AT&T Kit Kat Bug Report Thread

    Report any and all bugs you've come across while using the Kit Kat update. I'll update the OP when things get verified by more than one person.
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    Thread Improve Bluetooth Audio On Stock 4.1.2! (Must have root)

    Using your favorite Root Explorer (I use Root Browser) go to: /system/etc/bluetooth Open audio.conf Find line: SBCQuality=MEDIUM Change it to: SBCQuality=HIGH Reboot. Enjoy BT Audio how it should've been from the start. Sorry if people already knew this, but I couldn't find anything.
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    Thread Improving Bluetooth audio on stock 4.1.2?

    Delete thread.
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    Thread Widgets stop working?

    Anyone else have a problem with their widgets not updating? Happens to me on CM9 and stock ICS. BeWeather, DoubleTwist, Apollo player on ics, lg weather on ics. Sent from my LG-P930 using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Maybe someone can figure this one out?

    Okay, so I was having a hell of a time trying to install Roms after unlocking. All the usual ways didn't work. Flat out. What I found out: I have to use Clockwork Mod (TWR can't restore the nand it creates and Flash_Utility GUI doesn't work) I have to flash a kernal within Clockwork...