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  1. cookremier

    Thread Nougat on SM-T660/561

    Have found this, have installed Nougat on his SM-T560 and it works. :D http://www.gearappsnap.com/2018/03/14/how-to-install-android-nougat-on-the-galaxy-tab-e-sm-t561/
  2. cookremier

    Thread ALE Number...

    I have an P8 Lite 2017 PRA LX1. How can i find out which ALE Number i have ?
  3. cookremier

    Thread [Q] Installing Stock ROM WITHOUT any number...

    Like the title says, i do not have any numbers, cause *#1234* gives me only the message: Connection problem or false MMI Code. What should i do now ?
  4. cookremier

    Thread A510 APX Mode

    Hi folks, i had installed CWM and forgot to root it before installing Nothrills WW Rom, incl. clearcache ect... Now the Tablets screen is black all the time and when i connect it to my PC the device manager shows an APX device, but i cannot find a driver. I have an acer Stock update.zip...
  5. cookremier

    Thread Gain ROOT on Jelly Bean 4.1.2

    Is it possible to gain ROOT on a JB 4.1.2 Stock ROM ? AIO Toolbox is not working.
  6. cookremier

    Thread HTC One X+ bricked... NEED HELP :(

    I have a HTC OneX+ o2 branded Germany with hboot 1.30.xxx. I have tested out different recovery´s and in all of them i do not have access on my internal SDcard, so i cannot flash a rom ! ADB is installed and i can see it in the device manager in my Windows 7 SP x64, but i cannot use...
  7. cookremier

    Thread [Q] Odys Xelio bricked...

    Hi, i have an Odys Xelio 7" Tablet (A10 Allwinner) and after some testing i have accidently bricked my Tab. When i push the Power button, it does NOT start, no booting, no boot logo and the Display remains black. When i connect it via USB to my PC, the display is black, but the Background light...