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    Thread Diffrence between Desire HD and Inspire 4G.

    Hello, Okay, there is tons of this, everywhere. But, still, what I know untill now is that Inspire have better screen then Desire HD. But I've did read something about mics, which I'm intrested in. The in call quality with my Desire HD is really really poor. Also Inspire 4G, can I use 4G...
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    Thread Sync Hotmail Contacts.

    Hello! I've just found the therad about how to set up Hotmail as Exchange so my contacts could get synched. Now, I have used GMail entire time but had to update my changes manually. Which is pritty annoing! Here is the link I've followed...
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    Thread Best movie convert settings.

    Hello DHD owners :) I've got my DHD today. I'm familiar with Android as I have used Leo and Desire with same OS. Now I really like the screen on DHD! I want to convert movies and other epic movies/clips I have on my PC. Last year I've ripped all my DVDs to my external hardrive. Which settings...
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    Thread Diamond, should I?

    Hello guys! I've got nice price for my Desire, so I'm going to sell it. Since my Leo took a shower few weeks back it is dead. But, I've found a Diamond, not used. And the price is very low. About 1/3 of what I get for my Desire. BUT, I only want this if I can install Android on it. I've found...
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    Thread Official 6.5.x

    Hi. Is there any official/stock WM 6.5.x for HTC Leo? I've seen those cooked "home-made" ROMs but I want it "stock" just so I can install it on my Leo. Thanks in advance! :)
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    Thread Import SMS to Leo.

    Hello guys! I've have one question. Now, I want to use my Leo as my main phone again over my Desire. I've got a backup of my messages in Desire, but can't restore it on my Leo. When I click import, it says "Messages sucessfully saved" or something like this - but when I go to messages it is...
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    Thread Can I synch Desire with Hotmail?

    Helle guys! I'm most likely going to buy Desire tomorrow. My HD2 changed the Lockcode automaticly today. And I'm so tired of the SMS bug and all that other things so I'm going to trash it. My question is, can I synch Desire with my hotmail? I have everything over there, Calendar, Contacts...
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    Thread Messages to memory stick

    Hello guys! I wonder if there is any patch/mods to use the memory card as memory for sms's ? The main reason is that so I don't have to worry about losing anything important when I flash ROMs, easy to forget when all my concats and other stuff is synched with my mail... Thanks for reading :)