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    Post UMIDIGI F1 Play

    Hi all, which version of modded GCamera is usable on this F1 Play? I had MGC_6.1.021_M18_V2e on it, tried some others as an update, none worked and when I went back to reinstall this version... it doesn't work and I'm stuck. Anyone can recommend a version they're using? Thanks
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    Post Onda V972 Allwinner A31 Quad Core 9.7inch Retina IPS Screen Dual Camera Tablet PC

    repartitioning onda v2 internal drives Hi all, I still have this old Onda v972 v2 that I still use for comics, youtube, watching series on VLC when travelling or at the kitchen table. Sure, it's ancient but has a nice screen, I replaced its battery a few years ago and it still does the few...
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    Post [APP][MOD][4.4+] Instagram without ads and annoyances

    works like a charm (no sponsored posts on Timeline, Stories or Browse) on UMIDIGI Play F1 on Android 9, thanks for taking all the sponsored crap out of IG! :) :) :)
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    Post UMIDIGI F1 Play

    waiting for Android 10 on this one too and indeed when I heard F2 is on its way it seems F1 will be left on Android 9 and that's it. Oh well.
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    Thread Current status of 1080p playback on original MK808?

    Hi all, just got me a benq w1070 projector and tried some 1080p 3D files on xbmc 13 and performance was abysmal. I have the Finless 1.7 installed since last year and although 1080p files play more or less ok, 3D content is simply unwatchable. Performance is kinda better on MX Player but there...
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    Thread [Q] "sh: applet not found" when trying to install TWRP

    Hello all, I'm trying to install TWRP on my onda v972 tablet (has Android 4.2.2 on and is rooted) and instructions say that I should copy these three files install-recovery.sh reboot-recovery.sh recovery.img in the root of the internal flash memory /sdcard and execute the following commands...