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    Thread [Q] Any development on how to fix a bricked, bootlocked A100?

    I've been using my Acer A100 nonstop since I got it, a month ago the camera went got that fixed at the Acer Service Center. Now the other day I was running too many apps and It was performing sluggishly so I pressed the reset button and It hung on the android logo. Being impatient as I am I...
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    Thread [Q] Camera Bug

    Hello XDA, Back when Ice Cream Sandwich leaked for the A100 I eagerly updated my tablet to ICS. Since then whenever I use my camera It works a quarter of the time it generally flickers green and when I take a picture a green image is saved. Does anyone out there know how to recover the tablet...
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    Thread [Q] Acer ICS Leak to Acer ICS Official

    I have the leaked version of ICS installed on my A100, I didn't get the Official version over the air. Is there any way to downgrade to Honeycomb to get the official as the leaked version has been giving my tablet camera issues with green flickering etc.