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  1. manuelmagix

    Thread Clock, alarm and status bar expander header

    Hi, I modify sbeh,, rom stock D80230e and put clickable power, home, recent and calendary, all with keycode, but i don't know, do clickable clock for open alarm (as some cm/aosp) Any Idea for me? Txh
  2. manuelmagix

    Thread [ROM][KK 4.4.2][STOCK][D802]MagixRom XorBlaster V04 XE (06/14/2014)

    New MagixRom XorBlaster V04 XE Splitview. ! Integrated download manager! http://youtu.be/MRnCGPtanD8 How to download e install the ROM: 1 D-802 a).If you have installed MagixRom XorBlaster V1/V2/V3/V4 and D802, from the OTA, download the rom directly from MagixRom Control. b)...
  3. manuelmagix

    Thread [MOD] [HOW TO] "Change Background and Color Text Setting LG2"

    Hello guys,, in this mini-tuto, we will prepare our rom, to make it possible to change color text and background color/image setting wallpaper. Valid for all Stock Rom. Tools required: 7z to unzip. Apktool (or similar) for decompiling / compiling apk Notepad + + to modify xml files 1ª Once...
  4. manuelmagix

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Xorware 2G/3G Switcher (battery saver!)

    [APP][4.1+] Xorware 2G/3G Switcher (battery saver!) Xda users, I want to introduce the app, developed by my friend, Xurdep,and myself as betatester. What is it? It is a set of applications that allow the phone to automatically exchange mode 2G and 3G network based on a configuration...
  5. manuelmagix

    Thread Wanted, Change Colors Contacts AOKP, CM, AOSP

    Hi guys I'm changing the color contacts, but I need your help, there are two parameters, I don´t like change: until I got this: and now : UFT_Contacts_BlueWhite_AOSP_V1
  6. manuelmagix

    Thread HOW TO modify color Contacts CM/AOPK/AOSP

    Still in progress, I working in: http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww232/manuelmagix/ModificarContactos_zpse92b7bd9.png Fig. 2 Change Color Dialpad Text 1. Modify line 5 (Contacts\res\layout\dialpad_fragment.xml >>>>"textColorPrimary"" to "textColorSecondary" 2. Modify line19...
  7. manuelmagix

    Thread Mod, CM 10.1 Active Navkey, Icon Blue, Change buttons, etc

    Hi guys, my first minimod, for CM 10.1 1. Active Navkey, decrease dpi, and blue icon 2. Toggle icons blue 3. Change funtion buttons softkey: left: Power (no menu) right: Call (no back) Download: http://www.wuala.com/manuelmagix/Documentos/ Installation: 1. Backup 2. Install...