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    Post [ROM][11.0][Beta] DerpFest R for OnePlus 7 Pro [OFFICIAL][Guacamole][2021-07-12]

    This Rom doesn't seem to work with Google Fi. I can't activate the software and I can't receive MMS. There is literally no option to edit the APN. Anywhere in my settings with Google Fi. Will there be a fix?
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    Post [ROM][11][OnePlus 7 Pro] PixelExperience [AOSP]

    Installed and is a smooth OS but when using the out of box charger it says the device is charging slowly. Anyone else see this same thing?
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    Thread TWRP issues with Android 11

    Is anyone else running into issue with pushing the latest TWRP with the new Android 11 update?? Whenever I push it with Fastboot boot img it just sits on the Fastboot logo and does not boot into TWRP
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    Post [MIUI 12][OnePlus 7 Pro / Guacamole] [PORT] [Sept.2020 SepBuild]

    Would give half my pay check to just have fingerprint work in next build ??
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    Post [MIUI 12][OnePlus 7 Pro / Guacamole] [PORT] [Sept.2020 SepBuild]

    Has anyone been successful in running Edxposed & CustoMIUIzer on the device?? I have tried to run it and enable mods for the rom but once the device is restarted, it goes into an infinite fastboot loop. If anyone got the cheat codes it would be greatly appreciated! :laugh::laugh: For those...