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  1. hmsq

    Thread BTU and XEU from CPW UK

    Hi all, So I'm sending my Note 9 512GB to cpw for repairs due to issue with telephoto lens, while I'm setting up my OH Note 9 128GB also purchased from CarphoneWarehouse I noticed the firmware on both is different. The 512GB is BTU and the 128GB is XEU, my understanding is that BTU is direct...
  2. hmsq

    Thread Can I flash different region firmware from Single SIM on a Note 8 Duos?

    Hi All, So I've bought a device from Dubai as I travel there often but I live in the UK , everything works fine, but when I want to run Samsung Pay it keeps installing the UAE version so can't add my cards from UK. I remember when I had the S4 and S7 Edge I could install a different firmware...
  3. hmsq

    Thread Lenovo Media Cast App

    Anyone have the apk for this? After installing lineageOS on my yoga tab 3 plus, this is the only app I miss, I liked using my tablet as a Bluetooth speaker when using it with friends in the park or beach. Sent from my YT-X703F using Tapatalk
  4. hmsq

    Thread Xperia Z2 won't boot after flashing FTF .402 image, how can I fix it?

    Hi, I was running generic uk .55 firmware, I just rooted to backup TA, by mistake I press update to .402 OTA which gave me green android with red triangle. So decided to flash .402 ftf file to clean but the phone has not switched on since. This is my log from flashtool 16/031/2014 21:31:12 -...
  5. hmsq

    Thread MicroSD slot not working

    Yesterday I was taking some pictures and noticed the pics were being saved to the internal sdcard, went storage and I can see my Samsung class 10 (fat32)card is not seen, plugged card to PC and it was working there, tried another card on phone and it does not see it so cannot mount it. Anyone...
  6. hmsq

    Thread [Q] Repartition of Sony Xperia Z System memory discussion

    Hi All, I'm wondering with all these new phones receiving more bloat ware from Manufacturers, the data partition is getting smaller and smaller. I know Sony XZ is a lot less than most unlike Samsung GS4. So my general question for people is, how likely would it me to re-partition the XZ system...
  7. hmsq

    Thread Keyboard APK

    Hi, Anyone have the split keyboard APK that they could post here? I would like to have a look at it. Thanks
  8. hmsq

    Thread Not able to sign in to pocket MSN

    Hi, At last i got my T-mobile Vario II connect to the network, so today i was testing my 3g connection, so i tried signing onto pocket msn but it keeps telling me unable to sign in please retry i've tried over wifi/3g but nothing is tmobile blocking msn? I've unlocked the phone with the tools...
  9. hmsq

    Thread How long does it take for tmobile to register new sim? w/VARIOII

    Got my phone yesterday, thought my Vario II wasn't working phone CS TMobile UK and got told it still hadn't registered and it would take 24-72 hours to use my phone, i read a few threads where people had the same issue but noone answered back when theirs got activated. Would appreciate if anyone...