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    Thread Which Galaxy Note 4 to buy with rooting in mind?

    Hi, I want to buy a Note 4 and absolutely need root on it. I just found some ugly stuff about rooting it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4-att/help/root-samsung-sm-n910a-5-1-1-build-t3355869 quote: ---------------------- forgot to tell you the two U.S. carriers that put locks on their...
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    Thread How to deinstall media (server) on Jellybean?

    I have had it, after struggling with the media server for months now, the damn thing consistently wastes and kills my battery. I downloaded rescan media root, which supposedly deactivates it, but not really. It keeps coming back and usually when I see it, it is already too late and the battery...
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    Thread [Q] Crash notifier and logger?

    Hi, Is there an app that notifies me the user about that my jelly bean phone has just crashed, with the exact time and date and is also logging in a database, so I can look it up later? Is there an app like that? My phone, ever since moving to cyanogenmod 10.1 (considered stable) is rebooting...