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    Post Is Samsung gear vr on note 4 dead? any custom rom with vr support?

    I found i way to sideload all apks :) first you can use "SideloadVR" app google apk and download it, you have a lot of apps to try there, but first you need to make "OSIG" file specific for your device on oculus site you must login with any account (even give number for developer) and go to OSIG...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 [tblte][trlte][trlteduos]

    Hi good people, will be ever this rom converted for exynos n910c version? i'm thinking about buying used n910f with broken screen and working motherboard to swap with this current n910c motherboard and hope it will work...
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    Post Is Samsung gear vr on note 4 dead? any custom rom with vr support?

    I found out i can only run samsung gallery app offline... i tried other apps to side load like i found apks online but it fails to start black screen usually, it need some signature i think and "Injector for GearVR" app on google play does not working, it fails on every apk to give signature...
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    Thread Is Samsung gear vr on note 4 dead? any custom rom with vr support?

    Hello good people, i have note 4 n190c version and i tried vr and oculus app goes in infinitive loading or sometimes it crash. i tried 2 different stock roms and it is the same... i tried everyhing... facebook services are enabled i checked... is there way to make it work? even offline? if...
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 06/30/2021

    Thank you agtherluyd for your respone... i don't care about official samsung gear vr apps anymore i heard facebook destroyed it for old devices, but why vr apps from google store don't detect any of my movements while on stock rom works normally and i tried lieange os 16 last night its the same...
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    Post [EXYNOS][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 06/30/2021

    Hello good people, i'm new to all this stuff... i have note 4 910c version and i installed in this order lineage-17.1-20210304-UNOFFICIAL-treltexx.zip, open_gapps-arm-10.0-pico-20210507.zip and Magisk-v22.1.zip problem is most of VR (virtual reallity) apps (google carboard, fulldive VR...) does...
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    Post Introduce Brevent - Black Prevent without Root

    I'm so sad this app is not working on 4.4 kitkat :( i hate all later android versions, i tryed 5.0 lolipop but its draining battery like crazy... nah i must now install xposed with old prevent running app :(