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    Thread [UNOFFICIAL][10.0] LineageOS 17.1 for cepheus

    DOWNLOAD PRE-INSTALL 0. Make sure your bootloader is unlocked. 1. Flash and boot into MIUI 2. Flash vbmeta.img using the following command. fastboot flash vbmeta vbmeta.img --disable-verity --disable-verification 3. Flash TWRP. INSTALL 1. Reboot to recovery. 2. Install ROM. 4...
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    Thread [UNOFFICIAL][9.0.0] LineageOS 16.0 for perseus

    DOWNLOAD INSTALL 1. Reboot to recovery. 2. Install ROM. 3. Install Gapps. (optional) 4. Format data. 5. Reboot. DONATE SOURCES DEVICE: https://github.com/Demon000/device_xiaomi_perseus https://github.com/Demon000/device_xiaomi_sdm845-common KERNEL: https://github.com/Demon000/kernel_xiaomi_sdm845
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    Thread [OFFICIAL][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 for sagit

    DOWNLOAD INSTALL 1. Reboot to TWRP. 2. Wipe cache, dalvik cache, data and system. 3. Install 8.4.19 firmware. * 4. Install ROM. 5. Install 8.1.x Gapps for ARM64. ** 6. Install addonsu for ARM64 for root. *** 8. Reboot. * you only need to flash this once ** optional, either MindTheGapps or...
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    Thread [STABLE][8.1.0] LineageOS 15.1 for libra/aqua

    DOWNLOAD INSTALL 1. Reboot to TWRP. * 2. Wipe cache, dalvik cache, data and system. 3. Install firmware. ** 4. Install ROM. 8. Reboot. * suggested TWRP ** you only need to flash this once SOURCES DEVICE: https://github.com/Demon000/device_xiaomi_libra/tree/lineage-15.1 KERNEL...
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    Thread [RECOVERY] TWRP 3.1.1 for libra/aqua

    DOWNLOAD (works on both lollipop and nougat bootloader) HOW TO INSTALL SOURCES DEVICE: https://github.com/Demon000/device_xiaomi_libra/tree/twrp KERNEL: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_kernel_xiaomi_msm8992
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    Thread [OFFICIAL][7.1.2] LineageOS 14.1 for libra/aqua

    ATTENTION if you flash this on aqua the fingerprint sensor won't work this ROM works on both lollipop and nougat bootloaders DOWNLOAD INSTALL 1. Reboot to TWRP. * 2. Wipe cache, dalvik cache, data and system. 3. Install firmware. ** 4. Install ROM. 5. Install 7.1.x Gapps for ARM64...
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    Thread [ALPHA][7.1.2] AOSP for libra/aqua

    ATTENTION if you flash this on aqua you will have an aqua without fingerprint reader and without sdcard DOWNLOAD (newest: aosp-caf-n-mr2-20170505-2337-libra.zip) HOW TO FIND BOOTLOADER VERSION You get Nougat bootloader if you update to MIUI Nougat or flash the Nougat firmware zip...
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    Thread [KERNEL][DEVELOPMENT] Adding msm8992/msm8994 support in msm-4.4 kernel

    Are there any developers interested in adding(porting) msm8992/msm8994 support to the msm-4.4 kernel used by Qualcomm in sdm660/msm8998? I'm looking for some help in doing this, since it's not a one-man-job for sure. I don't have a Nexus 5x but I have a Xiaomi Mi4c, which has msm8992 too...
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    Thread [OFFICIAL][7.1.2] AICP 12.1 nightlies

    . . . . AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can find!!! Until Lollipop, the Rom has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately, since AOKP...
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    Thread [KERNEL][DEVELOPMENT] Help us make a good kernel!

    ANNOUNCEMENTS This kernel is already included in AICP, and it will not work on ROMs which use Nougat bootloader(RR by AndropaX, LAOS 14.1 by HnT). KERNEL DEVELOPMENT After the problems the entire community encountered using kernels based on Xiaomi's release, like the battery problems and...
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    Thread [DEV] I extracted the updated touchscreen firmware from MIUI Nougat kernel

    Haven't managed to test if it fixes the bug because I had to sleep lol. https://github.com/Demon000/libra/commit/b5067833797cd1eb207cd976bf2419c58ca8c7ed If anyone can test if it works, I would be very thankful. How I did it? Get a hex file editor. Compile kernel with old touchscreen firmware...
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    Thread [INDEX] [UPDATED] Xiaomi Mi 4C [30/11/2016]

    Xiaomi Mi 4C INDEX Links Manufacturer's Device Home Page (in Chinese) Basic Device Information Stock Firmware Tools Custom ROMs Kernels, Recoveries Mods, Guides, and Misc
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    Thread Building kernel error.

    Trying to build a kernel from source for ZTE Vec 4G(msm8226 with 4G), but I'm getting an error I don't know how to fix. I've already fixed some, as I have quiet a bit of C/C++ knowledge, but not this one: CC drivers/media/platform/msm/vidc/msm_venc.o...
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    Thread ZTE Blade Vec 4G - Guide - Links - FAQ - Discussion

    General discussion topic and Guides for the ZTE Blade Vec 4G/Orange Rono/Sosphone 4G/Turkcell T50. Root 1. Activate Developer Options, and tick USB Debugging. 2. Install from Google Play: -BusyBox -RootCheckerBasic 3.Install the 2 apps in the attached archive. 4. Open the app with a chinese...
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    Thread [Q] TWRP not mounting internal storage

    Phone memory( internal SDcard) in TWRP shows as 0MB and backup function desn't work. Log: E:Unable to recreate and-sec folder Updating partition details... ...done E:Unable to mount storage E:Unable to mount /sdcard during GUI startup Full SELinux support is present E:Unable to mount...
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    Thread [Q]Can a wrong bootanimation cause the phone to stop while booting?

    So, after rooting my Orange Rono (finally), and getting the most of my phone, I decided to change the boot animation. I changed one time, the phone rebooted ok, but it was pretty low-res, so then I tried an Android L 1080p 60fps boot animation, after reboot it slowly shutters and then freezes...