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  1. klomann666

    Post opera 9.5 crash problem

    had the same problem, after removing ati 3d driver the problem was gone
  2. klomann666

    Post Polaris 3D Driver *discontinued*

    trying to explain "noobs" (hate this word) what a driver is and does but not knowing that a 3D driver will surely not speed up 2D bitmap drawing,poor... and your "test" isn´t slower, it´s just a normal variance
  3. klomann666

    Post Kaiser Video Driver Bounty - ~$7,808.55 Raised As Of Mar 7

    10$ from me (if these drivers will also speed up the polaris)
  4. klomann666

    Post o2 XDA Polaris 2

    you can find some real pictures at http://www.ppc-welt.info/community/showthread.php?t=119965&page=41
  5. klomann666

    Thread error message when connecting to computer

    hi guys when i conntect my neo to pc an error message occurs: ("ip-adress from server can´t be received...").wifi can conntect to my fritzbox 7050 and activesync works also fine.it´s just this error message that annoys me... btw,great board :D
  6. klomann666

    Thread wifi encryption

    does the xda neo support the wpa2 encryption?