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  1. d1srupt3r

    Thread First Thing First. :)

    Hello guys! I just got my defy and it's really cool. I was reading the wiki to start customizing and rooting the phone but I am afraid to start because of luck of informations. I tried to search but everything became more complicated. lol. Though I am not new to this because I came from Galaxy...
  2. d1srupt3r

    Thread Maximum GB that works smoothly in Elf..

    Hey guys, I tried to search about this topic in the forum but I don'y anything about it or was it just already in pit of the forum? Anyways, I would like to ask the maximum capacity of memory card for Elf(in)? I am planning to buy a micro-sd and I just want to buy the best available. :) Does it...
  3. d1srupt3r

    Thread Disabling Message Sent notification but vibrate when sent.

    Is it possible to make the phone vibrate when an sms has sent successfully but the sent message notification is disabled? Thanks!
  4. d1srupt3r

    Thread GroupSMS 1.4.3

    Group SMS v1.4.3 (Freeware) Requirements: PPC WM5, WM6 Overview: As most Windows Mobile devices lack the functionallity to send the same SMS to a group of contacts i decided to make this small application. It can be started from the Start menu or by the right menu in the messaging application...
  5. d1srupt3r

    Thread Touch Dual Comm Manager

    I can't find here in the forum the cab file for Dual Touch Comm Manager just like what being used in Touch X. Can anyone please point the thread or the link where I can download it? Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas to all. :)
  6. d1srupt3r

    Thread Changing the color/skin of HTC Action Screen

    Anyone knows how to change the color or skin of the HTC Action Screen? I would like to adopt it on my spawn skin (red/orange theme). Thanks in advance!
  7. d1srupt3r

    Thread Spawn Theme (Boot screen, Splasher and Theme)

    Okay guys I am a spawn fanatic and decided to make my own theme, splash and boot screen. My device is G3 so I don't know if this works in G4. Thanks for the people who contributed their knowledge in this forum. :) More power to xda-developers.com. :D
  8. d1srupt3r

    Thread Change the wait cursor

    Does anyone here who has the link of the website for the softwares that changes the waiting cursor animation? I found it here in the forum weeks ago(I forgot to b subscribe in the thread) but now I am having a hard time to get it... anyone here can help? Thanks in advance!
  9. d1srupt3r

    Thread The Phone is Not ready--can't send sms often times..Help!

    Hi guys! I always have this problem when sending sms. I searched everywhere in this forum about this problem but there is no specific answer for this problem. Has anyone of you experiencing this problem too? I read that there is a compatibility issue? How true is it? I am from Philippines and...
  10. d1srupt3r

    Thread Help! Can't transfer files through bluetooth/infrared!

    I have upgraded to Big Storage version and everything works well but one thing I really can't find solution after upgrading is the problem when transfering files through bluetooth or infrared. Please help me, I can't find any answer in the forum. Thanks in advance.