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  1. CherryFarmer8

    Thread [HELP] Cannot find stock firmware for Karna (Non- NFC) version

    I'm sorry if I posted it in the wrong thread, but I just didn't find the latest firmware of karna. Every thread i looked for, the download page says 'Surya'. It'd be great if someone posted the link to the archives/latest firmware for Karna. Also, did Karna get official (MIUI) Android 11? I am...
  2. CherryFarmer8

    Thread Latest stock rom needed

    Hello all, Im on stock pie V10.0.2.0.PDLMIFJ version. I need the latest version as many custom rom needs base version newer than this. i have searched a lot in google but unable to find. Can someone help me with this?
  3. CherryFarmer8

    Thread [HELP] Android Q beta 3 bootloops

    Hello all i have followed this guide to install the android Q beta 3 rom when i tried to flash vbmeta.img it cannot find table anyway i continued and flashed system.img and erased userdata and rebooted, but my device is bootlooping on the new bootanimation. Can someone help me with that? I tried...
  4. CherryFarmer8

    Thread [FIXED] J7 pro J730G/DS not booting

    Texts in odin mode ODIN MODE DOWNLOAD SPEED: FAST PRODUCT NAME: SM-J730G CURRENT BINARY: Samsung OFFICIAL SYSTEM STATUS: Custom RMM STATE : Prenormal FRP LOCK : OFF OEM LOCK : OFF Secure Download : Enabled WARRANTY VOID: 1 (0XO30c) AP SWREV: B:5 K:2 S:3 This is the phone of my friend, i had...
  5. CherryFarmer8

    Thread [HELP] MI a2 lite Fastboot Exits aAutomatically

    I have a mi a2 lite and i want to unlock its bootloader, i have alrready enabled oem unlocking on developer options, when i boot my device in fastboot and connect to computer, command window says waiting for device and after 15-20 seconds of connecting my device to my pc, fastboot mode...
  6. CherryFarmer8

    Thread [BUG] on Lineage OS 15+

    Hello Everyone, I own a galaxy grand prime g530H fortuna device and this is what happened to me, Due to lag i flashed an custom rom which was lineage 15.1 oviusly, The rom is great but i faced an issue, which was, I am a web developer and i need dual sim and i use both equally, After trying...
  7. CherryFarmer8

    Thread Mic and speaker not working

    Hi I have a problem with my Grand Prime G530H fortuna FZ recently my mic and earpiece are not working anymore with regular calls - even if I plug a headset mic no sound and the other person cant hear me. But skype and hangout works fine earpiece mic or mic headset. what I tried install...
  8. CherryFarmer8

    Thread Root Grand Prime without PC

    I don't have PC and I want to root my Galaxy Grand prime So, is here anybody who can guide me to do so? I tried kingroot, kingoroot, towel root
  9. CherryFarmer8

    Thread Sony Xperia m4 aqua e2303

    Someone please help me root my device I don't have PC, Tried Kingroot and Kingoroot both but failed,