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  1. spike.trickster

    Thread Phone not showing up in computer.

    Ive connected my S6 to the computer but it doesnt show up in My Computer. It shows that the MTP USB Device driver has failed to install. Any solutions? Ive tried everything available on the internet. Even kies and smartswitch and samsung drivers installed. Nothing seems to work at this point.
  2. spike.trickster

    Thread The VGA Front Camera

    Is there any possible way to increase the quality of the front camera. Yes, I know its VGA but look at the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4s. I mean the got some really god VGA camera quality.
  3. spike.trickster

    Thread Neo L Camera Glass Scratched.

    ive been using my Neo L from 3 months, on the date 08-2-2012 i clicked a few photographs in the daytime and the photos came crystal clear, but suddenly during the nighttime i seen that my pictures were blurred out from the center, i checked the glass behind and to my notice i seen it was totally...
  4. spike.trickster

    Thread Continuous Autofocus on Neo L

    I know there is no continuous autofocus in our Neo L devices! But is it even possible for it! in mornal image mode, because Video mode has it and the hardware maybe capable! thank you :)
  5. spike.trickster

    Thread Asphalt 7 crashing on Neo L

    Trying the new asphalt game on my device, keep crashing back to homescreen as soon as the race starts :/ anyone tried this game yet? btw im on rooted stock kernel and rom
  6. spike.trickster

    Thread In need of Music player files

    I need the Musicplayer apk files etc from Neo L system files please :) thank you
  7. spike.trickster

    Thread Lost my stock music player

    I wanted to try the walkman player mod but it seems like it isnt working that well, it gives a error saying download info has stopped, i cant find the original music player files and i was hoping if anyone could help me with this because flashing isnt gonna be a good option for me. Thank you :)
  8. spike.trickster

    Thread Flickering flashlight one Xperia Neo L

    Hey guys its been 4 days since ive bought my Neo L, during video recording and using the flashlight app, the LED just keeps flickering. But if i turn the airplane mode on it works normally! anyone else with a Neo L facing this problem?