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  1. CornfedChris

    Post [ROM][SOURCE] CyanogenMod 11 [3/25/2016][STABLE]

    I appreciate your work on this, and I am anxiously awaiting the completed project! :good::D
  2. CornfedChris

    Post Any Suggestions? - Bricked AT&T GS3 i747

    So tonight while I was watching TV I looked down at my phone and noticed it decided to just go ahead and update itself to 4.4.2, haha. So apparently there's an auto-update defaulted in the settings somewhere. I haven't really noticed too many differences yet but I'm liking it so far. :good:
  3. CornfedChris

    Post Any Suggestions? - Bricked AT&T GS3 i747

    I flashed the files from the link you posted in Odin and now I am golden! I attempted to upgrade OTA to 4.4.2 and it's saying that I'm up to date and that there are no updates available for my phone and to check back in 24 hrs. After seeing that, I checked the system status and it says...
  4. CornfedChris

    Post Any Suggestions? - Bricked AT&T GS3 i747

    Ok, after playing with the phone for awhile I have found out that I can boot into download mode now. After rebooting, I was able to boot into the stock 4.3 ROM but I noticed I lost root access. Now the problem is I cannot enter the recovery to even flash the file you mentioned above (I flashed...
  5. CornfedChris

    Post Any Suggestions? - Bricked AT&T GS3 i747

    So, it appears that the issue was using the mobile device as the sd card reader. After writing the debrick file to the same sd card with an actual sd card reader, I am able to boot into the stock recovery. From here, I should just be able to flash a stock ROM to it correct or no?
  6. CornfedChris

    Post Any Suggestions? - Bricked AT&T GS3 i747

    Good to know, but just to clarify when you say it "fails"... what exactly fails - writing the image file, partitioning the card, or does it write everything to the card ok and then just not boot up? I'm just asking so I know what to look for if it ever happens. Thanks for the responses as I'm...
  7. CornfedChris

    Post Any Suggestions? - Bricked AT&T GS3 i747

    Ok thanks. I'm going to attempt this again tonight using an SD card adapter instead of using another mobile device as the adapter to see if that makes a difference. If that doesn't do the trick I will try the LinuxLiveCD method. I'm using a Lexar 16gb Class 10 micro sd card so I don't think it...
  8. CornfedChris

    Thread Any Suggestions? - Bricked AT&T GS3 i747

    Hey all, Was wondering if anybody had some time to help me troubleshoot why I cannot for the life of me get this method to work and maybe explain to me a few things that are confusing to me... Basically my phone is hard bricked: Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-i747 (AT&T) - Began with Stock 4.1.2...
  9. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] 4.4.2 debrick.img i747

    Unfortunately it did not work :( I was orignally on 4.1.2 and flashed task650's newest AOKP release with CWM but for some reason was bootlooping and could not get past the "Swagger Activated" boot animation. So then I tried to revert back to the stock rom via Odin but I must have tried flashing...
  10. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] 4.4.2 debrick.img i747

    Thank you... Here goes nothing.
  11. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] 4.4.2 debrick.img i747

    Anybody know where I can get a debrick image for 4.1.2 (i747) ?? - Guy in desperate need who's been googling for wayy too long now
  12. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] Need help debrick phone, SD card method

    I am also in need of the i747 debrick.img on version 4.1.2 I understand it's going to be hard to come by but if anybody can help me out that would be fantastic! Thanks!
  13. CornfedChris

    Post HTC First Miuiv5 UnOfficial 4.6.17(MiuiTime 4.6.13)又一次见证

    Sweet MIUI is a nice alternative but after using it for awhile I find myself going back to the pure android roms. I find them more fluid and know my way around them a lot better. Does anybody know if this guy has a Github or something of that nature? I'm curious to see what else if anything...
  14. CornfedChris

    Post HTC First 4.1.1 Sense4+ bt fix/nfc fix/Wifirouter fix

    Awesome. I will definitely be flashing that when it is released! :)
  15. CornfedChris

    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    How's the battery life on this rom? Is it worth flashing from the stock rom because of bugs or does anybody have some instructions on how to easily iron out the bugs? Thanks in advance!
  16. CornfedChris

    Post AOKP

    Looking forward to this! Sent from my HTC first using xda app-developers app
  17. CornfedChris

    Post NULLDCE (Sega Dreamcast Emulator For Android)

    Why was this port canceled? I've read that the developer was upset that his earlier builds were being leaked and he seemed to be making progress on his code over 2 years ago. Why did he suddenly stop development on this? I've tried going to his blog and it seems to be shut down... I realized...
  18. CornfedChris

    Post [MOD] Custom Boot Animations & Logos (Flashable w/ CWM)

    CUSTOM BOOT LOGOS Please visit my thread over at AndroidForums for instructions on downloading and installing. CM7 G60 Style CM7 G60 Style 2 CM9 Stock Motorola Metallic Motorola Google AndroidForums Powered If you like my work, please let me know by clicking the...
  19. CornfedChris

    Thread [MOD] Custom Boot Animations & Logos (Flashable w/ CWM)

    Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damages to your phone while flashing these logos & animations. If you don't know what you're doing, DON'T TRY IT. Use at your own risk! Please visit my thread over at AndroidForums for instructions on downloading and installing. CUSTOM BOOT ANIMATIONS...
  20. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] 3G speeds and whats with Wichita, KS

    You can change which server you are testing through. I don't think it makes much of a difference what that says. I think that is just the server the app happens to be running on at that time, but I could be wrong.
  21. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] Triumph Camera Issue

    I would try installing a custom ROM on it such as CM7 (CyanogenMod 7) and if that doesn't take care of the issue then you know it's hardware. You would be surprised how much a new ROM will do for this phone.
  22. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] Triumph Rom or Visual custumization

    I would look into flashing the MIUI rom. I know it has a pretty sweet music player and hundreds of lockscreens & themes you can download. Either that or find a launcher with customized lockscreens such as 360 launcher or GoLauncher and you might find something you like there. I don't know off...
  23. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] How to free up more internal phone storage?

    If you are using the original software that came with the phone, there are "a log" files that will build up and need to be deleted. I would recommend installing a customized rom to help free up some space and performance, as well as a lot of other cool features to make the phone better. Stock...
  24. CornfedChris

    Post Virgin Mobile and my Evo 4g

    You realize that even if you get the Evo 4G activated on Virgin Mobile, it's not going to be "4G" anymore? I would wait until the EVO 3D comes out for Virgin Mobile, and until we actually have WiMAX setup and working (if it's available in your area).
  25. CornfedChris

    Post Asking for a friend

    If it is the Motorola Triumph that you are referring to, yes she can use it as a mobile hotspot, but I believe it will need a custom ROM installed such as CM7.
  26. CornfedChris

    Post Replacement

    I believe since you bought the warranty through Best Buy you can just go back there and have them replace the phone for you. Just mention the hardware problems to them and I don't see why they wouldn't. From what I have heard, a lot of Best Buy associates are familiar with the Triumph's problems...
  27. CornfedChris

    Post [Q] Sixaxis Controller app on the Triumph

    Yes, I have also successfully paired and played a Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, and PS1 games with my PS3 controller. It takes a lil while to first setup the bluetooth pairing and then mapping the controller to the specific buttons (which you may have to change for certain games to play...
  28. CornfedChris

    Post What case are you using?

    I use the Black (Argyle Interior) TPU Crystal Silicone Case Cover For Motorola Triumph on for about 5 bucks. I have dropped the phone a few times and have no dings or scratches anywhere. It is thin enough to not affect the size of the phone and does it's job. I would recommend it over the...
  29. CornfedChris

    Post Replacement

    The soft key non responsiveness is a hardware problem on all triumphs. I've heard alot of ppl say that happens to them. Mine does it too but not too often, and I also have a lil bit of dust under my screen but I can only see it when its extremely bright outside. If those two things really bug...
  30. CornfedChris

    Post Getting ready to sell Triumph

    I have had the phone for about 7 months now and I am still happy with it. Of course coming from a Blackberry I should be, but with the amount of customization and development available for this phone, you can fix ALMOST all the bugs or glitches that most ppl were complaining about on Froyo...