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  1. nxtwrld

    Thread [Q] Browser user agent

    Does anybody know if it is possible to chance Hex browser user agent with a custom string?. I tried about: debug with no luck I have also tried to locate some kind of configuration file, but nothing seems to be browser related files. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  2. nxtwrld

    Thread Sleep Mode

    My Sensation enters sleep mode and refuses to quit it. Unlike my Flyer, it has no sleep mode settings, that would allow me to turn it off and the only way to reset it is it is to reborn the device. Apart from the annoying notice message, however, it seems to sync even with the screen off...
  3. nxtwrld

    Thread Skype video apk

    Did anyone had any luck installing the leaked Skype video apk on Flyer? I always end.up with Application not installed. :( http://www.mediafire.com/?bh9bppx7bi25ohn Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e
  4. nxtwrld

    Thread Tablet <-> Phone interoprability

    I am starting this thread to point out apps, that integrate the phone-tablet combo experience and make it seamless to switch between phone and tablet. A lot of things are sync automatically thanks to google account, but there are still small things, that require extra settings. Phone calls ...
  5. nxtwrld

    Thread [Q] Browser Mobile View

    Is there any way to add site specific settings for website regarding the view? I'd like to get google.com in mobile view, but for the rest, I am pretty happy with classic view on the Flyer....
  6. nxtwrld

    Thread [Q] Dock

    Anybody knows a good (or at least any) car and table docking station for flyer?
  7. nxtwrld

    Thread [Q] DoubleTwist AirSync

    Did anyone have any success connecting Desire HD with DoubleTwist AirSync. DHD seems to disconnect every few seconds, but it works well with other devices (Samsung etc.), the problem seems to be affecting only the new HTC models (HD and Z). Any tips?
  8. nxtwrld

    Thread [Q] Browser and notification bar

    Is there a way to keep the notification bar visible while using DHD browser. It appears when I press menu, but I would prefer to keep visible at all times. I was not able to find anywhere in browser settings. Any tips?
  9. nxtwrld

    Thread [Q] Notification Power Widget port

    Hi, Has anyone managed to get the Notification power widget running together with the recent apps on DHD? Original post here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=836721 Sent from my Desire HD using XDA App
  10. nxtwrld

    Thread [SOLVED] openvpn on DHD? tun.ko?

    Has anyone managed to get openvpn going? compiling custom tun.ko file for DHD?
  11. nxtwrld

    Thread [SOLVED] CIFS support

    A noob question support. Is there a CIFS support in the kernel or a suitalbe cifs.ko file that one could use with the Cifsmanager app? I am a bit lost here. I downloaded the DHD kernel source released, but had no luck locating the cifs.ko file. And I have no idea how to...
  12. nxtwrld

    Thread Home Networking Setup

    I have been wondering what kind of setup for home networking and media access people use, as they have been trying to build one of my own and I would interested in other ideas on how to improve it or what alternatives people are using. This is what I came up so far: Router: Linksys WRT320N...
  13. nxtwrld

    Thread [REQ] close dialer on call end

    [REQ] Does anyone know if there is a way to close the dialer on call end? I always have to turn it off manually, which is a bit annoying. Thanks!
  14. nxtwrld

    Thread [REQ]Opera Skin

    Sorry guys, I am complete idiot and managed to accidentaly delete Opera skin file, placed in \Windows\Opera9\skin directory. So I wanted to humbly ask you if any can upload the file as Opera does not seem to be working without and installing the new beta does not restore the file....