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  1. Daveee10

    Thread [MOD] SRS Audio Effects | True Bass (CM10)

    Hi guys. Here almost real SRS Audio Effects for Android 4.1.2 This is a ported mod. Originally made for Android 4.0 by paul-xxx (Original topic) Screenshot Whats need: 1) Android 4.1.2 2) Remove some old libs and apps -- 1. /system/lib/soundfx/ and remove libcyanogen-dsp.so (If you have...
  2. Daveee10

    Thread [KERNEL] | JB Mini Project | v06 | 11/02/13 | Dual recovey (JBMP and TWRP)

    Jelly Bean Mini Project | Kernel Info: This kernel is part of JB Mini Project Team Members: Stelios97, Daveee10 Features: Forked from nAa-ics-04 (all ICS features are already in there) Built with linaro-4.7.1 toolchain JBMini Recovery Custom mtd partitioning scheme suitable...
  3. Daveee10

    Thread [DISCUSSION][ROM][JB-4.1.2] JB Mini Project

    Please talking here from the ROM, not the DEV thread
  4. Daveee10

    Thread [ROM][JB-4.1.2] JB Mini Project | Final Release 5 | 2013-06-30

    Jelly Bean Mini Project | Android 4.1.2 Info: This rom is part of JBMiniProject Team Members: Stelios97, Daveee10, Ngoralph This rom is compiled from CyanogenMod sources for Armv6 It working ONLY with kernel Use [DISCUSSION][ROM][JB-4.1.2] JB Mini Project...
  5. Daveee10

    Thread [ROM][ICS-4.0.4] AOKP (KangXperiaProject) | Build 40 | Fixed release

    AOKP (KangXperiaProject) for Xperia X8 This Rom is part of KangXperiaProject Check out the KangXperiaProject Github here! Use this rom with nAa-ics kernel. Download from here KangXperiaProject members: championswimmer, pikpok, stelios97, Supervenom, Daveee10 Check out the ROM Feature list...