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    Thread left speaker - no sound

    My left speaker makes no sound regardless of what app I use including a stereo audio test from the market.. is this common?? During the test if I click the left speaker test it plays very quietly through the right speaker. The right speaker tests fine. Im running zpad 3.0..
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    Thread Capacitive or Resistive display?

    Title says it all.. which does the S7 have? I find conflicting information everywhere I go.. is the display capacitive or resistive?
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    Thread G-Tablet still worth it, or..

    Alright, short and sweet; I'm in the market for a Tablet - this will be my first, although I'm not new to smartphones/android - and I'd decided to get the G-Tablet.. until I read about the Motorola Xoom. I like how clean the Xoom looks, how thin it is and how small the frame around the display...
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    Thread [THEME][MOD] MakMod v1.0 (Sense 2.2 Based Theme + Extras)

    This is intended for AvaFroyo v10, but should work on other Sense based ROMs (NOTE: It will NOT work properly on AOSP/CM builds). I'm now accepting feature requests for the next release Features / Mods Thoughts Flash at your own risk, I'm not responsible for anything bad that happens...
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    Thread [ROM] SimpleROM v1.0 [ Froyo w/ Sense Styling + Working Flash 10.1 ]

    Install Instructions (SPRecovery): Download SimpleROM v1.0 (mirror) Rename SimpleROM_v1.0.zip to update.zip (Do NOT Extract!) Place update.zip on the root of your sd card Reboot into recovery (Power Down, Hold X+Power On) Nandroid backup your current installation Wipe data/factory reset Wipe...
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    Thread Vanilla Android defaults..

    In Sense builds, there are plain-text files that contain the defaults for things like ringtones, input device(s), wallpaper, MMS, etc. In Vanilla builds, where does one find these defaults? I've scoured through a few Vanilla builds and can't seem to locate anything.. do the defaults reside in...
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    Thread ZenEXP-Eris users: Please read

    I'm looking for 3 beta testers. The job doesn't pay, it has crappy hours and you'll have to flash quite a few fixes and deal with many bugs in between final releases... but you get to test the newest stuff before anyone else :p I've created a special group on xda-developers for Beta testers. If...
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    Thread [APP] LG Socialite (Friendstream alternative..) [Updated:5/30]

    I'm starting this thread so people can keep track of my progress in rebuilding this for the Eris (or any other HVGA Android device, for that matter..), and also as a source for the download, once I have it closer to done. That said, here's the original proof of concept (running on my Eris w/...
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    Thread [ZenEXP-Eris] Alternative Keyboard Theme

    First, and foremost, I did NOT make this modification, all I did was bundle it up in a nice little update zip for ZenEXP-Eris users. I was given permission to post this by Zippy-Man, the creator of the theme. Please note that this is for the custom XDA-Developers HTC_IME keyboard, not the...
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    Thread [ZenEXP-Eris] Remove iPhone-ish Icon Backgrounds

    A lot of people have requested this, so here it is: Remove 'iPhone-ish Icon Background Boxes' in ZenEXP-Eris. At the moment, this will not work for Rev7. Rev7 patch will be up shortly after Rev7 goes live. Download RemoveIconBG_mak_signed.zip If you're using Rev5 or older ~~~OR~~~ Download...
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    Thread [ROM][12/03] ZenEXP-Eris Espresso ~Rev7~ [+] ~Rev8-RC1~

    ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* I am now without an Eris, but am looking to acquire one. If you have one you would like to donate, perhaps an extra or one with a bad ESN, or would like to contribute to my Eris fund, please consider donating so I can resume/rebuild this project and make it great...
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    Thread Devs - Verify something for me

    Regarding HBOOT; 1.46 and 1.47 can root, while 1.49 cannot, correct? Regarding the rooting process; Rooting the phone does not change the HBOOT version. The version originally on the phone will remain the same after root, this is assuming Ivan's guide has been used to root. That is all...
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    Thread /system/customize/MNS/default.xml

    <set name="plenty"> <!--4b7f5274-5658-4f5a-bcba-10167ab5d89f--> <item name="package">com.htc.calendar</item> <item name="class">com.htc.calendar.LaunchActivity</item> <item name="screen">2</item> <item name="x">3</item> <item...
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    Thread Desirec - Failed to load Wi-Fi driver. (logcat included!)

    I've been working on getting Wifi working in my port of ZenEXP for the heroc, on my desirec (Eris). This is the error I'm getting in adb->logcat, and I'm not sure where to go from here: E/WifiService( 101): Failed to load Wi-Fi driver. D/SettingsWifiEnabler( 646): Received wifi state...
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    Thread ZenEXP-Eris - Old thread

    Please see my new thread located here. Mods: If you see this before someone responds to my PM, please merge the replies from this thread into my new one, if you wouldn't mind :) Thank you. PS: Please DO NOT bump this thread. Let it die off into the archives.
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    Thread First android build, please be gentle..

    I'm throwing together my first android build and am stuck on a couple of things. I'm working with the Eris, and leak #4. I'm trying to setup the ROM so it creates a folder on the sdcard during installation. I thought I could simply insert /sdcard/(folder or files here) in the root of the...
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    Thread How does it feel?

    I'm considering upgrading to the Incredible from my Eris since my NE2 is ready, which brings the cost of the Incredible down to $99 for me, but I'd like to know; How does it feel? Does it have any weight to it? Does the housing fingerprint up easily? Is the finish glossy, or flat? I'm not...
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    Thread Getting a new microsdhc card, what about Recovery?

    I'm currently using a 4GB MicroSDHC card in my Eris, and will soon be ordering a 16GB Class 10 MicroSDHC card. How do I go about getting the recovery partition on the new card? Do I do it as if I were installing a recovery for the first time, as shown below: Courtesy: ivanmmj's Thread. Thanks...
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    Thread Nandroid restore..

    I installed this to get Live Wallpapers on my Eris. I decided I didn't care for it and used the nand backup I previously made to restore. I thought all was well until I cleared default on Sense again and saw the Nexus Launcher was still there, and it's still functional. Live Wallpapers is still...
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    Thread HTC Sync w/ Rooted 2.1 Eris

    Ok guys, I tried searching but couldn't find an answer. I'm running Windows 7 x64. I previously have a non-rooted, 1.5 Droid Eris. I also had HTC Sync installed and working properly, and was able to sync my contacts and calender back and fourth. I followed the guide HERE, with two exceptions...
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    Thread Just updated to MightyROM 11/10/09 - WiFi greyed out..

    I just updated to MightyROM 11/10/09. I selected the Verizon carrier cab and that fixed my keyboard layout issue, but in TF3D when I slide to the Settings tab, then go to Communications, WiFi is greyed out and cannot be selected. It was initially greyed out but you could see the slider was set...
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    Thread BestSkinsEver for VZW TP2 is out!

    Sorry if it's been posted already, I couldn't find it. LINK! Enjoy..
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    Thread Internet Connection Sharing - continued..

    I was getting much response in the Rhodium forum, so I thought I'd post here; Link to the original thread for reference. Please reply here, and not in the other thread. Thanks guys.
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    Thread Opera registry mods not working for me..

    I've done the following fixes; Opera in Task Manager (Thanks to Quarintus) * Go to: HKCU\Software\HTC\TaskManager\ExclusiveList\System * There delete Opera9.exe (now it will show in the task manager) To close opera by pressing the X-button instead of minimizing it follow these...
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    Thread Black screen where TF3D should be at startup..

    I'm not sure what happened, but I've been noticing that now when I boot up my VZW TP2, the launching touchflo 3d screen pops up, then goes away and there is nothing but a black background and the windows taskbar. The black screen looks like a program with an all black background and no...
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    Thread Internet Connection Sharing..

    I installed ICSinstall.cab (January, 2008 version) on my TP2 (Verizon), rebooted, connected USB to my laptop, connected the application a VOILA! I'm online! Awesome, now I just need to know if this is safe to use on my Verizon TP2. Will Verizon see that I'm tethering my laptop? EDIT: Added the...
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    Thread Windows Live Mobile (Including Messenger!) v10.6.0034.0800 (.cab)

    This is the same version I posted on samsung-omnia.org for my old Omnia i910. It works great on my Touch Pro2 as well, so I thought I'd share it here. I don't recall who originally packed the cab. I only take credit for weeding through all of the WLM versions available back when I had my Omnia...
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    Thread Camera - Post your pictures!

    I thought the button on the back of the phone was a flash, I guess I was wrong.. I mean, why would HTC put a camera flash in a $600 phone :rolleyes: Anyways, it's too late now, though.. Verizon is sending me my TP2 as a free replacement/upgrade to my Storm, which I've replaced 27 (not an...
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    Thread Clock sets itself ahead..

    Anyone else have this issue? The clock on my XV6900 sets itself an hour ahead everyday! My Qwest Mogul did the same thing when I had it in use, but I assumed it was a bug in the DCD rom I was using.. but my XV6900 is stock :confused: Constructive help/input is greatly appreciated! -mak
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    Thread New XV6900.. need some help & advice

    Hey all.. I recently switched from Qwest to Verizon and they gave me a Blackberry 8330.. needless to say, we didn't get along - the Blackberry and I - so they sent me the XV6900 and now I'm wondering what all I can do with it :D I used to run DCD's roms on my Qwest Mogul, but had to warranty...
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    Thread ROMS: Official vs. 3rd Party

    What makes 3rd Party ROMs better than Official ROMs? For the longest time I ran dcd 2.1.0 (IIRC, it was the WM6.1 Beta ROM..) soley for GPS use on my Qwest Mogul. I also liked the dialer and comm. manager layouts, but can't those be added to the Titan (Mogul) without flashing a 3rd party ROM...
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    Thread Qwest Mogul: How to restore original ROM?

    Hey guys, I'm getting my Mogul replaced under warranty from Qwest and I need to know how to restore the original Qwest ROM before shipping it back to them. TIA, -mak
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    Thread How to disable data from auto-connecting?!

    I've been using DCD 3.0.1 for a bit now, it's the only custom ROM this phone has seen, and I use TomTom Navigator 6 for trips, it works great! However, anytime I try to use TomTom Navigator 6, something in my phone tries to connect to #777 (data), then, because I don't have a data plan, it comes...
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    Thread AstroGPSLauncher - how to rewrite shortcuts?!

    Hey guys, I've been trying aimlessly for the past hour to get this application working for me, but I can't figure out how to rewrite the shortcuts to point to TomTom 6, which is installed on my 4GB MicroSD card.. If possible, I'd also like to remove the icon/shortcut for iGuidance, since I'll...
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    Thread ESN curiousity..

    Say I lose my phone, and I pick up another Mogul online or something, could I edit my old ESN into the new phone through ##778# ? This is something I've been wondering about for years, but never knew how to access that menu on other phones.. -mak
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    Thread Qwest Mogul Upgraded.. now I need..

    Hey all, Thanks to you guys, I was able to upgrade my Qwest Mogul by installing (in order); titan_SPL_2.40-olipro.exe 3.35.651.2 Official Sprint ROM DCD_3.0.1_Qwest.exe So far, everything appears to work.. I haven't (yet?) encountered any GPS, Bluetooth, Contacts or WiFi issues as I've been...
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    Thread Qwest Mogul - Need GPS Navi. but am very confused..

    Hey all, Not new to electronics, but am very new to the Mogul and PDA/Pocket PC flashing.. My new Qwest Mogul will arrive tomorrow and, from what I've read, GPS is not enabled out of the box.. I've been reading that I can re-flash the device to somehow enable the internal GPS chip for use...