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  1. dgm_mixtoon

    Thread Original Battery for Mi6

    hello guys, Last year I bought a charger with fast charge, I damaged the battery, I bought a supposedly original one and the screen took off, I assumed that it could be the battery that has succumbed to the charger, someone can pass me a link to a 100% original battery and reliable ?, I will...
  2. dgm_mixtoon

    Thread MTP Windows 10 not working

    Hi guys, I have this problem, my mobile doesn't connect to MTP in Windows 10, I tried another PC with Windows 10 and it didn't work the same, I tried with Windows 7 and 8.1 and if it works, change the cable and I tried to installing INF archive but not working :( ,I also copied the Windows 8.1...
  3. dgm_mixtoon

    Thread video camera, question

    Is there any way to enable 60fps in video recording ?. Do you think it will come in the next Miui update?
  4. dgm_mixtoon

    Thread Any kernel for M919 6.0.1?

    hello I have a question , there are kernels for any rom ? I have resurection 6.0.1 ,or any rom with custom kernel support. thanks
  5. dgm_mixtoon

    Thread Motorola Mobility LLC: release the full firmware 5.0 for dead phones

    Title: Motorola Mobility LLC: Release the full firmware for Android 5 for Moto G 2013 With this, many users in a "hardbrick" on devices will be arranged and will again operate this wonderful phone. The full firmware version of Android 5.0 contains the necessary files to repair the corrupt...
  6. dgm_mixtoon

    Thread Moto g dont start help!!!!

    Hello fellow! I'm new! :) on this great page, I wanted to know how I can do to revive my moto g not passing of fastboot! everything bad is not Flash anything from nothing, stock formware nothing downgrade or even the recovery starts! This imei on zeros and the model also is there any way to make...