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  1. TheChampJT

    Thread [Q] WiFi tethering won't start

    Just got this phone, doubt I'm missing a setting, but the WiFi hotspot won't start. any ideas why?
  2. TheChampJT

    Thread Galaxy Tab freezes with bluetooth accessories [SOLUTION]

    Just wanted to throw this out here in case anybody else runs into this problem. I just purchased a bt keyboard, worked fine for a few days, then suddenly my tab started to freeze, even after rebooting. System panel would show full cpu usage, and it took minutes to simply scroll, but the time and...
  3. TheChampJT

    Thread Perfect app to hide soft keyboard, for those who use bluetooth keyboards

    Just wanted to post this to let everyone know. There's a new app on the market called Null Keyboard by darken. Its simply a blank kb to give a full screen view, perfect for bluetooth keyboards. Also has a widget to quickly switch the active keyboard. Most importantly dev is amazing! Had a small...
  4. TheChampJT

    Thread Anyway to display android passcode lock in landscape?

    I figure its possible because I've seen it in landscape sometimes when I unlock in landscape, but ends up going back to portrait. Also shows in landscape if you change the passcode settings in landscape. Sent from my SGH-I987 using XDA Premium App
  5. TheChampJT

    Thread Tab Compatible & Optimized Apps

    [thread moved]
  6. TheChampJT

    Thread Removing Brightness Bar from Notifications Panel, is this possible?

    I'm looking for a way to remove the brightness bar because it takes up too much room. I always use my tab in landscape, so that extra room would help with viewing notifications. Anyone have an idea if this is possible or how its done? Thanks!
  7. TheChampJT

    Thread Woooohoooo!!!! I'm coming back to WM!

    Just spent some time thinking about making a change from my Storm...........and I hate it! I tried so much to like it, but it's not possible. VZW doesn't even seem to support it, being that they are the only carrier that has yet to update the OS. Back to WM and xda!
  8. TheChampJT

    Thread YouTube Released Mobile App!

    From their blog a few days ago: http://www.youtube.com/blog?entry=tWasC8HWSnI I don't know exactly how well it works, or which devices it can work on. It looks very similar to my BB app, which works fairly well and is much eaiser to browse on.
  9. TheChampJT

    Thread Earth Hour, who's supporting?

    With a forum like xda where members are from all around the globe, I'd like to see who will help by participating in this. For more info: http://www.earthhour.org/home/ The idea is that this Saturday, for one hour, you turn all your lights out to help against global warming. At least that's my...
  10. TheChampJT

    Thread WM 6.5.........May not be so great

    Just read an editorial on Engadget about the upcoming 6.5. Doesn't seem they favor it too much. Just take a look here, there top 10 reasons why they think it won't be so great: http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/18/editorial-ten-reasons-why-windows-mobile-6-5-misses-the-mark/
  11. TheChampJT

    Thread Who uses Twitter?

    Anyone? At all?
  12. TheChampJT

    Thread FAIL!

    I was browsing around HP's site for some things, and looking at the monitor section I found this: Figure 1: Do not lay monitors down onto the face Really? How does someone eff that up?!
  13. TheChampJT

    Thread Blackberry Storm.........I love it!

    Well, at first I got the Omnia. Now don't get me wrong, that was a kick ass device, but I can't stand the constant problems with WinMo! So I swapped it out for the Storm today, and this phone is awesome :D! Forget all the bad reviews you may have seen, they were probably done by people who have...
  14. TheChampJT

    Thread Touch Pro vs. Omnia

    Here's the deal, VZW finally got their s**t together and now have these 2 devices available. But, which is best in your opinion? I currently have the Touch, and use my device for everything. Please vote!
  15. TheChampJT

    Thread Things you shouldn't buy!

    This is one of the dumbest things I've seen for PDA's. http://www.daydeal.com/product.php?productid=16138&cat=2654
  16. TheChampJT

    Thread [UPGRADE][Release 3][12/19/08] Project: Storm Theme Pack

    The Theme Setup Resco Radio Redone Icon Set The Plan -WAD2 Complete, but plan for one final release, any request please post -WA3 Will be attached shortly -Spb Calc Portrait attached, Landscape coming 12/19/08 -WMP Will be attached 12/19/08 -iContact [burt] -icontact [supbro] Will...
  17. TheChampJT

    Thread Have you returned your xv6900? [VZW]

    Never thought I'd have to do this, but I f'd up the USB port and soft reset button! I've read up and down and know what can be done. Just wondering who has returned it and what you did before sending it back. Thanks!
  18. TheChampJT

    Thread Thinking Of Posting A New Thread?? Read Here First!!

    Look for your answers before posting a new thread! Click to be directed to the Question forum!
  19. TheChampJT

    Thread Live Mesh

    Anyone try out the new Live Mesh yet? I just read about a few days back, so don't know how "new" it is, but it's still in beta. But, after trying it, it is f'n sweet!!! It's a web server, similar to Live Workspace, but you can upload any file you like. If you don't know what Live Workspace is...
  20. TheChampJT

    Thread Sync Album Art to the SD Card

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sync Album Art to the SD Card...
  21. TheChampJT

    Thread Sprint Diamond!

    Has anyone else seen that Sprint released the Diamond? I didn't see it posted anywhere else. Why can't Verizon get the Touch Pro!!! http://www.sprintenterprise.com/newphones/diamond.html?id9=SEM_Google_P_Sprint_HTC
  22. TheChampJT

    Thread New Technology, but they still use old Hardware!

    I found some images on this "Notebook Replacement", but I had to laugh when they show this keyboard with an old Palm :D!
  23. TheChampJT

    Thread Plantronics Pulsar 260

    I'm really not sure how many people watch this part of the forum, but for those who do, have you ever tried this headset? Looks nice, but for $110+, I'd like some reassurance, thanks!
  24. TheChampJT

    Thread Real Dice Mulitplayer Poker - Who Plays???

    Hey folks! I'm just about to purchase this game, and was wondering if anyone else plays it. I thought it be cool to have a little xda Hold 'Em tournement :D! If you do play, my username is ChampJT.
  25. TheChampJT

    Thread Dell Inspiron 1520 with Vista

    First, I was just wondering if anyone else uses this same notebook. Also, if you do, do you ever have any memory errors?
  26. TheChampJT

    Thread Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Check out this great theme at a great price!

    A flower theme for $1000! Check it out: http://www.handango.com/PlatformProductDetail.jsp?siteId=1&osId=1898&jid=D53DFFXA4FF39FA4F36E4CX12968CX9C&N=4294907478&R=169767&productId=169767
  27. TheChampJT

    Thread Really?

    The ad was displayed a bit bigger, but when did the Touch get a slide out keyboard, or is this some device I don't know about? If your fortunate enough, the ad is probably displayed up top right now :D!
  28. TheChampJT

    Thread Skins & Themes!!! [Request New Skins & Themes Here!][Mar 5th 2009]

    BIG THANKS TO ALL CREATORS FOR YOUR HARD WORK! FOR THE USERS, ENJOY! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newest Additions...
  29. TheChampJT

    Thread HA! I really got a kick out of this!

    Just a useless thread, but I can't help but share :D! So I'm sitting at my desk yesterday at work, with my Touch just sitting out in the open, and along comes a fellow sales rep. He picks up the phone, looks at, and says, "HA! I heard this phone sucks!" I wanted to tell him to f*** off, but we...
  30. TheChampJT

    Thread xda Chat

    Anyone know of, or interested in using an IRC for an xda chat?
  31. TheChampJT

    Thread [VZW] Data Connection "Error 13"

    WTF?! Anyone ever recieve this error code during a data connection, or when attempting to connect: error code: 13 service not activated on the network I think I got it once before, I'm wondering if it has something to do with my ROM change, but I doubt it. After a hard reset, the connection...
  32. TheChampJT

    Thread [WIP] Touch: The Beginning LE ROM

    Here is a preview for my first ROM. My keyboard is currently broken, so I'll give some more info when I get a new one. The basics planned: Plan for both a lite and full edition, currently working on the LE. GPS & Rev-A, so 3.35+ Radio will be needed. Page Pool set at 12MB, may be changed...
  33. TheChampJT

    Thread Touch Tips, Tricks, & Tweaks [Nov 8th, 2008][More to come!]

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR DEVICE! EDIT & CHANGE @ YOUR OWN RISK!!! Personally, the Touch is the best phone I've used to date. But, there is always a way to make it run faster and custom to your needs. I figured I start a thread here with all available and possible system...
  34. TheChampJT

    Thread [QVGA Only] TheChampJT's iContact v0.76 Vistas Skin

    Here is my first skin for iContact, currently in v0.76 by supbro. As you see below, it has the icons, and different font color to match. I used an all black background for the main list and the grid. To use the theme, simply unzip the three files, which are the skin graphics, settings file...
  35. TheChampJT

    Thread The new Samsung....I want it!!

    Looks awesome!
  36. TheChampJT

    Thread Taking apart the Vogue

    My camera button works but the positioning is a bit off, so I need to dig in here and fix it. So I'm wondering if any of you have taking one apart, maybe a carrier tech, and could let me know if I should take any specific precautions. Thanks!
  37. TheChampJT

    Thread Palringo

    I'm probably a little behind on this Palringo deal, but how many of you all actually use this? I'm on the "xda-developers" group, but don't really see too much activity on it. I think having a chat setup for support, or one like this "off-topic" would be pretty cool.
  38. TheChampJT

    Thread Threads you shouldn't download from!

    Just wanted to put here that I have seen one specific set of users posting in the forum for "packs" of software or themes, and personally it looks a bit odd. There was one for a game pack, 4 games that are already free, and some for themes. Most of you have most likely already have seen it and...
  39. TheChampJT

    Thread The Vogue Owners Club

    I know, I know, this is probably a useless thread. But I am inviting all the Vogue owners to The Vogue Owners Club! Click here for the page! Seems to be a new addition here, so though I would let you all know! :D
  40. TheChampJT

    Thread Can anybody help here! HTC Touch/Vogue/xv6900 Custom ROM Flash

    Alright, I've been in the process of trying to flash the ROM on my Vogue. I've been doing this over at PPCGeeks, and thought I try my luck for help with good people of xda. Here is the comment I posted over there: Alright, I've been reading and reading, can't find the answer, so hopefully...
  41. TheChampJT

    Thread Notification Icon in Taskbar

    I'm not going to lie, I don't feel like googling this, so hopefully someone has seen this before. Regardless of the notifications present, the default group icon is the one for voicemail. Even if I don't have a voicemail, that is the icon shown. So, for example, if I have multiple...
  42. TheChampJT

    Thread Audio Manager Today Plugin Question

    Anybody know if there is a way to keep this plugin expanded, instead of having to tap on it to expand it to show the info. It would make it easier to add it to the Today Screen without it shifting all the items on the screen. Thanks!
  43. TheChampJT

    Thread Total Commander 2.5

    Not sure if you all have seen this updated version of the great Total Commander, but had to share! Released on April 24th, a few new features added, and the toolbar looks better. Download version 2.5 of Total Commander for Pocket PC What's new in 2.5 (April 24, 2008): -Windows installer now...
  44. TheChampJT

    Thread Jabra BT320s

    Anybody ever use, or hear any comments on this headset, looks like exactly what I want. http://www.jabra.com/Sites/Jabra/uk-uk/products/Pages/JabraBT320s.aspx Thanks!
  45. TheChampJT

    Thread Movies!!!! What your favorite?

    Very simple and topic, what's your favorite movie? I know it's quite random, but I enjoy watching good movies and want to see what others think are a good flick. I'd say for myself, The Bourne Trilogy is on the top of my list.
  46. TheChampJT

    Thread Need some suggestions please!

    While there are excellent programs created here by developers, there are always some that you may want to purchase. So I'm asking here, what apps have you purchased that you use quite often and found the cost well worth it for the product. I'm willing to bet there are other threads, as I have...
  47. TheChampJT

    Thread Awesome Search App!

    It's called Boopsie, go check it out! There is a demo part of the page, so you don't have to install to see if you like it. Just something I felt like sharing. http://live.boopsie.com/home/index.html
  48. TheChampJT

    Thread TV Guide Mobile, it's now FREE!!!

    Thought I would go ahead ad share this with you all. TV Guide is no longer on my channel line up so I really like this app. Why it's great: 1. Free!!! 2. Choose Fav Channels 3. Search feature 4. Setup an alert for any show you want a reminder on 5. Free!!! Here is the link...
  49. TheChampJT

    Thread SMS Application Idea

    Thought I would show this to you all, maybe someone would be up to the challenge of making an app similar to this for our WM phones. Quick vid here at YouTube. If I even knew where to begin I would attempt to create it, but it's not something I'm able to do yet. Anyways, thought it would match...
  50. TheChampJT

    Thread [CLOSED][Samsung SCH-i760 ROM] What would be best???

    *THIS "PROJECT" IS CLOSED ON MY PART!* If you wish to still follow this, please visit the below link, I believe alquimista and some other folks are still giving this a try. http://pdaphonehome.com/forums/samsung-sch-i760/108112-sch-i760-rom-r-d.html Samsung SCH-i760 ROM **UPDATE...