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  1. flyboyovyick

    Post [Guide] Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Debloat Without Root-Info

    Been a while since I've been able to have a look but I've managed to find it using DiffTool The package is com.sec.android.app.soundalive, now in Settings > Sound > Advanced Sound Settings > Sound Quality and Effects. Then in there you have Atmos. It's now working again!
  2. flyboyovyick

    Post [Guide] Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Debloat Without Root-Info

    Yes thank you for sharing it. Atmos is missing from the notification quick toggles and in the Settings under Sound > Advanced Settings. Will have to look through the disabled apps. Have you since uninstalled the apps completely? Just need to get that working now. Had an issue with Evie when...
  3. flyboyovyick

    Post [Guide] Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Debloat Without Root-Info

    I did end up caving and buying that package disabler, used your latest script and re-enabled some apps. Found that now the icons are missing from the notifications drop down which is fantastic! It was cluttered. Couple of things to note: Dolby Atmos has gone, I used this when watching Netflix...
  4. flyboyovyick

    Post [Guide] Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Debloat Without Root-Info

    I just got this tablet today, my last one was a Galaxy Tab S 10.5 before switching to a Surface Pro. I missed Android multitasking and the apps which I'm pleased to have back but what's not nice is the amount of clutter that still exists in Samsung's ROMs. I hope we can get AOSP or Lineage...
  5. flyboyovyick

    Post [Q] Issues with WiFi/Bluetooth on replacement housing

    Unfortunately not, I replaced the daughter board located at the bottom of the phone. The rear housing and the antenna cable. None of which resolved the issue.
  6. flyboyovyick

    Post [Q] Issues with WiFi/Bluetooth on replacement housing

    Yeah I was looking to fix it myself, I've seen the daughter boards which i believe connect to the housing for the WiFi and Bluetooth antennas on eBay for like £10
  7. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Issues with WiFi/Bluetooth on replacement housing

    I've been through a lot of hassle with wanting the black back from a 3T for my 3. I received the black back and it didn't have the buttons, camera lens, vibration switch or NFC antenna. Everything was working fine at this point with it fitted I was unable to find a black back with all the...
  8. flyboyovyick

    Post OP3 won't unlock 'Wrong PIN'

    Any link to the thread please? Edit: Found it, deleting the password files has worked https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/fix-wrong-pin-pattern-when-restoring-twrp-nandroid-backup.452384/
  9. flyboyovyick

    Post OP3 won't unlock 'Wrong PIN'

    Yep it sucks, I'm trying to avoid that :(
  10. flyboyovyick

    Thread OP3 won't unlock 'Wrong PIN'

    So I backed up stock OxygenOS with TWRP, copied that backup to my PC, flashed the CM13 nightly to test it, wiped the device, restored original backup from TWRP. Boots up, asks me for my PIN, this works and so it continues to boot Android. At the lock screen it says 'Wrong PIN' when it's correct...
  11. flyboyovyick

    Post [TOOL] WinDroid Toolkit | Unlock | Root | Flash | Install | Moto X (2014)

    I tried WinDroid 3.0 and went through step by step, flashing SuperSU bricked my device. It was hit or miss whether it would boot into recovery, finally got it into recovery after flashing it again through fastboot and then had to adb sideload cyanogenmod to get it working again. Not sure what...
  12. flyboyovyick

    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod 11.0 - KitKat 4.4.4 - 08 November - UNOFFICIAL

    I'm having problems flashing your latest build, 20th June. I get Status 7 error in CWM Touch and Revolutionary CWM 4.x.x.x I've tried downloading from two different sources and i get the same error Anyone had the same problem? EDIT: NEVERMIND HAHA
  13. flyboyovyick

    Post [Q] Always listening?

    There are some people on here that have it working by the looks of it but i can't seem to figure it out
  14. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Always listening?

    Hi, I've tried Open Mic+ for this and it just isn't working for me Anyone know how i can get the always listening feature? Don't really care about the impact on battery life Thanks
  15. flyboyovyick

    Post [ROM][PMEM+ION] CyanogenMod 10.2 - Jellybean 4.3.1 - 04-February - UNOFFICIAL

    Can't get the cameras to work! Rear camera did work then i switched to the front camera and now when i start the camera app, i can't use either camera and the phone becomes unresponsive Any ideas guys?
  16. flyboyovyick

    Post [Q]Beats Audio On Windows 7?

    Go get yourself an Asus Xonar soundcard, then go on eBay or something and find a decent amp and speakers. EQs are ****.
  17. flyboyovyick

    Post Goo.im problems

    Oh yeah its me haha :) I haven't been on here in ages! Can't believe that thread is still going :eek:
  18. flyboyovyick

    Post Goo.im problems

    Err what? And yeah, the site is down now haha :)
  19. flyboyovyick

    Post Goo.im problems

    And again... http://puu.sh/3bKDt.png
  20. flyboyovyick

    Thread Goo.im problems

    Not sure if right section or... Whatever Anyway, goo.im, took me 4 tries to get the rom to start downloading, i got a "We are currently experiencing technical issues..." thing. So the rom is downloading now and it says 2 hours left. Anyone know whats going on? Thanks
  21. flyboyovyick

    Post S-OFF problems-ish...

    Right, managed to downgrade the HBOOT but still, when i flash AOKP it stays on the splashscreen forever....
  22. flyboyovyick

    Post S-OFF problems-ish...

    So i am now S-OFF, i need to downgrade my HBOOT still... How do i do that?
  23. flyboyovyick

    Post S-OFF problems-ish...

    Flashed the stock RUU, now i'm trying to unlock the bootloader again via HTCDev.com and when i copy the Identifier Token it says its too short. I am pretty sure i'm copying it correctly solved... There were spaces in the box
  24. flyboyovyick

    Post S-OFF problems-ish...

    This is what i get: http://puu.sh/2ndCW EDIT: Now says relocked in HBOOT gonna flash RUU
  25. flyboyovyick

    Post S-OFF problems-ish...

    I have downloaded RUU_SHOOTER_U_ICS_35_S_HTC_Europe_3.28.401.1_Radio_11.77.3504.00U_11.25.3504.06_M_release_262714_signed And i get Error 155 when flashing. I have also downloaded the .zip version and when i try and flash it from recovery it says it cant and the file is bad.
  26. flyboyovyick

    Post S-OFF problems-ish...

  27. flyboyovyick

    Thread S-OFF problems-ish...

    Hi guys, Bought a Evo 3D second hand... GSM version. Got it home, had a custom stock rom on it and had Revolutionary Recovery on it. I flashed a MIUI rom to it and have been using that fine for a few months, now i have come to install a different rom and it installs fine but won't boot. It...
  28. flyboyovyick

    Thread Open webOS

    Just seen the Open webOS ported to the Galaxy Nexus on xda's front page. Really interested to know whether someone would be porting it to the nexus 7? I know its early days for Open webOS now but, I really enjoy using it on my Pre. Thanks
  29. flyboyovyick

    Post Having a few problems.

    Still having them problems, but they aren't that bad. Still using my Nexus 7 all the time. If I open the device, won't that void the warranty? Thanks
  30. flyboyovyick

    Post your sim card does not allow a connection to this network

    I have the same problem as the OP. Ive used the Ace Hack Kit and it still wont work with my SIM. I contacted my Network provider and they said my IMEI wasn't blacklisted or barred. Any ideas?
  31. flyboyovyick

    Thread Having a few problems.

    Got my Nexus 7 a few weeks ago... Here's my problems: Rear casing creeks on the right hand side of the device (where the buttons are) but only slightly, Lower half of the touch screen stops responding sometimes, After exiting a game or app it takes me to the far left home screen instead of the...
  32. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Decided im gonna sell this DHD and maybe get another one. No one has helped me with it so im guessing no one has had this problem. Ive tried everything, so the phone is going on ebay.
  33. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

  34. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Ive contacted htc with my problem and they just said hard reset, which didnt change anything. Still have the same problem... And i cant find any solution... Can anybody help me!?
  35. flyboyovyick

    Post The all-in-one Play Store orders/shipping/etc thread

    Ordered my N7 on Friday 3rd. Shipped the following Monday Awaiting delivery... But my TNT tracking number doesn't work. Any ideas? Thanks Sent from my Desire HD using xda app-developers app
  36. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    I need multiple forum assists as i dont know if it to do with the network and my sim or the phone. The APN is set correctly, my phone shows no signal, all the time, with a giffgaff sim inserted. But the very strange thing is that, sometimes it will let me use the internet. And i am not...
  37. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

  38. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Right, i have SuperCID, and that means unlocked? (hope i am right) I shall check it again.
  39. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Oh ok. I wanted to try and flash anither radio to see if my giffgaff sim would work then, will it make a difference?
  40. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Bump. My DHD is running: Android 2.3.5 Sense Version 3.0 Software number 3.12.405.1 Kernel version: [email protected] #1 Wed Nov 9 14:04:03 CST 2011 Baseband version: 3.12.405.1 CL199157 release-keys And it still says no signal with my giffgaff sim. But works fine...
  41. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Yes it is rooted. Well, it wasnt but it is now.
  42. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Now, I don't get this. I'm replying to this from my Desire that says "emergency calls only" without the WiFi on and not connected to anything. What the heck???? Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191
  43. flyboyovyick

    Post No service?

    Ive tried choosing 02 UK as the operator and it says "Your sim card doesnt allow connection to this network"
  44. flyboyovyick

    Thread No service?

    This is a weird one. Just bought a Desire HD, the guy said it was unlocked. It come with a Orange sim card inside. It had a signal. I took it out and stuck my giffgaff sim card in there and it says no signal, not "network locked". So i tried texting my mate, and it sent some how after saying...
  45. flyboyovyick

    Post Keyboard Case Under $10!

    Nice, usb to micro adaptor?
  46. flyboyovyick

    Thread [Q] Dudes, i need your help...

    Hello, Not been on here in a while, i think my signature is out of date :D Here's the deal, my mate has a HTC Sensation on a 24 month contract (i think) with 3 in the UK. He updated to ICS not long ago and he hates it, like really hates it. He wants to downgrade to Gingerbread, which is...
  47. flyboyovyick

    Post Post what you're doing right now!

    OMG Its nearly been two years since i started this thread! WOW! And its still going!!!! So: Iam: Installing ubuntu on a netbook. Just tweaking my hackint0sh laptop. And i am very hungry.
  48. flyboyovyick

    Post Why isnt Playstation Vita a phone?

    Because its the replacement for the PSP, that's why its not a phone.
  49. flyboyovyick

    Post Post what you're doing right now!

    Looking at this thread and thinking "Holy crap!" i posted this ages ago!!! And its still going.
  50. flyboyovyick

    Post Mum needs new phone.

    Well, its lower resolution than my G1 which i find is pretty bad. If i tell her to get a ZTE Blade which is an orange San Francisco over here she will have to get it unlocked. I will see what she says... Thanks