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  1. J

    Thread S6 Edge - Keyboard Burn-in

    Keyboard on my s6 edg is burned in, is there any way to try to fix it. Can I use AMOLED Burn-in fixer, or it is only for status and navigation bar?
  2. J

    Thread LG G4 - Display problem on Gray color

    I will atach photos of the problem, and is there any way whic could help me, it look like some pixels are freezed. This is most noticable on gray color.
  3. J

    Thread Problems with flashing TWRP

    I had flash TWRP via odin couple times but nothing, it again boot into stock recovery? Is there sombody who can help me about this problem?
  4. J

    Thread Best ROM / Kernel for S6

    Can somebody tell what will be the best solution for good battery life and good performance for s6, which rom, kernel and is there some tweaks?
  5. J

    Thread CM13 - Best kernel for battery life

    I Yesterday installed CM13 Nightlies and i am pretty much happy with it, works great, no lagg, but only thing which I would like to improve is battery life. I got jus about 3,5h Sot, screen brightness never go over 70%, i dont use intnernet over mobile data just wi-fi (i cant change network to...
  6. J

    Thread Best 5.1.1 firmeware

    Are there any difference beetwen firmwares for lg flex 2, i have v15a-eur-xx and i got only 50000 on antutu, and battery is not good like as others. Sorry on my eanglish :p Also is there root methode for 5.1.1
  7. J

    Thread [Q] HTC One X- Poor Wifi signal

    I get a HTC One X. Softvare informations: Android veriso: 4.2.2 Softvare Nuber: 4.18.401.2 Kernel veriosn 3.1.10-g7f360be... Baseband veriosn: 5.1204.167.31 And my Wifi signal is bad, i can just move about 5 meters from router. Speed is good, but signal is bad. Is this software fault or...
  8. J

    Thread HTC Sensation XE ROMs

    Can i install ROMs for HTC Sensation on HTC Sensation XE, because on this forum doesnt has a specific forum for Sensation XE,
  9. J

    Thread Instaling games with data on Memory Card

    Can somebody explain how i can put data of games like gta 3, nfs most wanted,... on my external sd card.
  10. J

    Thread HTC Hero problem, wont turn on

    I have install some zip via recovery and after that my phone wont turn on just came to HTC logo and stay, and wont turn on into recovery
  11. J

    Thread Motorola defy+

  12. J

    Thread Peters ROM, (android.process.media)

    I have one problem with Peters ROM, show me some mistake The process android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again How i can fix this problem, i have 6500D and this is my firmeware S6500DXXLD3_S6500DXENLC3_XEN
  13. J

    Thread Overclocking SGM2

    How long i can hold my samsung overclocked on 1ghz when i play games like gta 3.