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    Thread Made a video of the XA2 Ultra

    Over the summer I tried out the XA2 Ultra, I made several posts in Sony subreddit about it. I ended up not keeping it since it did not work with VoLTE or WiFi Calling on T-Mobile, however I really liked the phone. I recorded a bunch of stuff and then never made a video for it, but I figured...
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    Thread I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday

    I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday in San Francisco. I am traveling for my for real job, and while I avoided stepping in homeless people's ****, I was not able to avoid the temptation of a new phone. I made an unboxing video in my hotel room: oNS_3rmemK8 TL;DW I unbox the T-Mobile variant, but I...
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    Thread Updated my T-Mobile LG V20 to Oreo

    It's been out for almost a week, but I have been traveling and didn't have time to get to it. At this point my Note9 is my daily driver, and I just use the V20 for the video camera and as a backup phone. My install was pretty quick, less than 20 minutes. All of my apps were there and my data...
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    Thread I got my AKG headphones in today

    Just came in today u0RuKd1z39g I made a video comparing the new NC60 with the Y50BT they sent out with the S8+. I think the headphones are pretty good. The Note9 I am in love with though. Still no movement on Fortnite. I pre-ordered through T-Mobile on the 15th, using the payment plan...
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    Thread Added some heat sinks to my Dasaita PX5

    Obviously nothing scientific here, but I ordered some stick on Raspberry Pi heat sinks from Amazon and added them to my Dasaita: https://youtu.be/LMNV4iMlExg TL;DW Temp seems to bounce around a lot, but I dont think it ever gets over 80 C during my very non-scientific testing
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    Thread Dasaita Hot Audio - Android 8.0 - 4GB of RAM - PX5 overview

    I know there are various threads open discussing various items, but I figured if anyone doesn't have an Oreo unit with 4GB of RAM, you might want to see how it looks. This is Model number HA2162-V840-8 for a Jeep which has a 7 inch screen, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a Rockchip PX5 Octa-Core...
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    Thread I made a video of my S9+ and 3 OEM cases

    I made a video of my S9+ and some OEM cases: https://youtu.be/mANYw7-1YAM I show a size comparison of the Samsung Galaxay S9+ with the Moto Z2 Force. I try out both the Blue and Black S-View Flip Case with Kickstand, Black LED View Wallet Case, and the Silver Rugged Military Grade Protective...
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    Thread A tale of two extended batteries...

    I ended up getting both the PowerBear and the Hyperion, and I made videos for both: PowerBear - https://youtu.be/f6KwnfrzPMY Hyperion - https://youtu.be/h5m1H0jE2ek TL;DW - at first I thought I liked the Hyperion better, but after a week with each, it is easy to tell the PowerBear is the...
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    Thread I made a video of my Oreo update - Mate 9 - OTA in the USA

    If you already updated there is probably not much to see here, but if you have yet to get an update, or you are interested in the Mate 9 and/or EMUI 8.0, then you might see something here: https://youtu.be/-t0qug0QfyE
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    Thread I made a video of my V20 and some accessories

    I bought the LG V20 from a T-Mobile franchise store on November 29th, 2017. So for $384 I got a phone that was $800+ a year earlier. It still is pretty solid, and has been my daily driver since purchasing it. In this video I do an unboxing, go over a few features, and show off multiple cases...
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    Thread Adding a heat sink?

    Sorry for the noob question, but I have this new "core board" in the attached picture. Do I just need to glue a heat sink to the silver part, obviously moving the cord out of the way? Is it that simple, or are there certain spots to avoid?
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    Thread Annoying notification after Android 8.0 update

    for anyone who already updated to Android 8.0, there is an annoying persistent notification. i made a video of the install: https://youtu.be/u2GfAJMAjT0 But more importantly, this app gets rid of the annoying notification: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iboalali.sysnotifsnooze
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    Thread Got a Dasaita Hot Audio V600 for a 2012 Toyota Camry

    After seeing my Joying, Dasaita, and Seicane in my Jeep, my buddy wanted an Android head unit for his Camry. Dasaita seemed to be the only one to make a compatible model for 2012. I got it in today, did an unboxing: https://youtu.be/VSZDEMj0PLI will post an install video when I get it put...
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    Thread I got the Gamepad Mod

    As the title says, I got the Gamepad Mod on my Moto Z2 Force and I made a video overview 8zndTsQgKf0
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    Thread how do I find out what is causing pop up ads?

    I have a super annoying issue where I randomly have ads pop up. It is very random but driving me mad. I have the Moto Z2 Force and I got the Gamepad Mod, so I downloaded a ton of games at once. I assume i could just uninstall all of them, but I would like to figure out which one actually...
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    Thread just got a Dasaita Hot Audio V600 for a Jeep Wrangler

    So i have posted several times on this board about my various Joying units, and I have a thread about my Seicane: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android-auto/android-head-units/seicane-10-1-inch-android-6-0-head-unit-t3656383 However it lacked the Dormancy that Joying had and the sound...
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    Thread Joying Octa Core RockChip PX5 Android 6.0.1 Car Radio with Cortex-A53 CPU

    Joying posted this video: https://youtu.be/m3uigkTsHGQ https://youtu.be/m3uigkTsHGQ Maybe they are moving away from Intel?
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    Thread Joying EQ overview

    I made a video overview of the new EQ on the Joying units with the Digital Amplifier YT3BnKvLSo8 I don't know what half those settings mean, so feel free to explain it to me
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    Thread Seicane 10.1 inch Android 6.0 head unit in a Jeep Wrangler

    So I have used Joying for over a year, but when my last unit died, I decided to pick up a Seicane and see how it compares. I had my eye on this unit for awhile: 10.1 inch Jeep Wrangler head unit I made an unboxing video: https://youtu.be/mHTSLw4HBUw be warned it is pretty shaky, but i think...
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    Thread Got my pre-order today, made an unboxing

    I ordered from T-Force on T-Mobile on July 27th, got it delivered today, made a video: https://youtu.be/ONvPUrMXZmE Also, i highly recommend a Verizon Flexible Glass Display Protector:
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    Thread Front camera? Not DVR

    Anyone got a front camera to work on a Joying or other newer Android head unit? I dont want a Dash Cam or DVR, just a camera I can switch to when parking to see what is in front of me
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    Thread Ordered Sony XAV-AX100

    i currently have a Joying in my Jeep, but it quit working. I'm going to try to fix it, but i figured if I am going to have the dash apart, I should have a backup or something. So I picked up the Sony XAV-AX100 from Amazon. Going to put it in tomorrow. It will be my first experience with...
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    Thread Joying "Digital surround sound amplifier"

    on the Joying forum, Rambo posted a teaser: and some pics: here is the original post: http://forum.carjoying.com/thread-1040-post-5911.html#pid5911
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    Thread KEYone cradle?

    Back in the day of my Bold and Style they would have cradles: something like this for the Bold: https://www.amazon.com/BlackBerry-Charging-Pod-Bold-9000/dp/B001GJECR6/ref=sr_1_1?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1494248447&sr=1-1&keywords=bold+9000+cradle And for the Style: I would like something...
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    Thread Joying Intel update - Feb 22nd

    Looks like there is a new Feb 22nd update: https://www.carjoying.com/Joying-blog/59.html
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    Thread Eonon - GA2162 - Anrdoid 6.0

    Eonon has a new Android 6.0 unit posted: http://www.eonon.com/Android-Car-GPS/2-Din-GPS-Navigation/GA2162.html However it is only 1GB of RAM, so I'll skip it, looks good though
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    Thread January Joying update for Intel units - new UI

    there is an update available that has a new UI for the newer Joying units: https://www.carjoying.com/Joying-blog/59.html You can see how to install it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLqEj0cSAi4 And another video showing it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r035E6_PeI
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    Thread Bench testing a head unit?

    Pretend I am a big dummy.. how would I test my Android head unit (Joying JY-JL001), without installing it in my Jeep? I have the JY-JL001, I have the Jeep wiring harness from Joying that goes from the Joying to the Jeep. I have the Metra 71-6522 reverse wiring harness for a Jeep... So...
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    Thread Play Store launchers ?

    I'm on the new Joying 2GB RAM, Intel unit, 8 inch double din. Sometimes I find the Joying default launcher boring. I wish I could get the KLD Launcher to work on it, but I'm not sure how. So I tried a few from the Play Store. I used Nova, but it keeps the Dock on the right hand side, instead...
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    Thread AutoPumpkin has a 2GB ram unit

    looks like Autopumpkin has a 2GB RAM unit with a physical knob up on their site: http://www.autopumpkin.com/pumpkin-7-inch-android-5-1-lollipop-head-unit-2gb-ram-car-gps-stereo-with-built-in-3g-modem-supporting-3g-wifi-obd-rear-camera-steering-wheel-control.html
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    Thread Mark as Read option for SMS

    Any suggestions for text apps that allow the S2 to "Mark as Read"? the stock Samsung messaging client does not have this. you have to open it in the actual app for it to be marked as read. Textra does have it, but I am bored with Textra. For example, with Textra, I get a text, it buzzes my...
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    Thread Anyone recognize this Seicane unit?

    Does Seicane.com make their own units? And yes, I know none of them make their own units, Joying sells JY, etc. However Seicane.com definitely sells the S160 from RoadNavi.com Sometimes i can recognize the ROM and see who would be the official reseller, but I do not in this case...
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    Thread Bluetooth fix - Joying update available for 4.4 - one speaker

    I was on the Joying website and saw this post: https://www.carjoying.com/Joying-blog/12.html Date: 2016-03-28 These android 4.4.4 kitat system firmware fixed the Joying bluetooth(Only front speakers have sound) and other problem. Has anyone tried this one? I have a Joying MTCD, Android 5.1...
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    Thread Malaysk FUSE?

    How does FUSE on Malaysk's work? I thought it combined the SD card and internal memory sort of like Adoptable Storage on Android 6.0. I just installed V4 of the Malaysk ROM from the MTCD thread. I installed it on a Joying Android 5.1 MTCD. Before install: After the Malaysk ROM installed...
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    Thread Get rid of icons?

    Is there a way to get rid of the Volume icon, Eject icon, and whatever icon this is with the x in the screen? Sent from my SM-G935V using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Thread GPS card slot apps

    So I have the Joying Jeep specific Android 5.1 unit. Until today I was using Google Maps for Navigation and it was ok. Today I got another micro SD card and Joying sent me iGo. I installed that on the card per their directions. It works great and is very snappy. I don't know if it is...
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    Thread App on SD card?

    I got my Joying Jeep specific Android 5.1 unit to recognize a 128 GB Samsung EVO card. What is the best way to get apps to work on it? Some apps say "Move to SD Card" And after you move them it shows as "Move to Device" But on Google Play Music the option to Move to SD Card is grayed...
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    Thread Remote start - boot time?

    If you have a car with remote start, and you use the remote start, will the Android Head Unit start booting up? For example, most people say it take around 30 seconds for the Android Head Unit to boot up. If I was to remote start my Jeep as I was walking to it in a parking lot, then got into...
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    Thread Car Joying calls out xda

    I was looking at the Car Joying site, at this model I keep looking at...
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    Thread Anyone order JBL Legend CP100?

    When the JBL Legend CP100 it looked pretty great, but it seems like the release keeps getting pushed back. Did anyone pre-order?