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    Thread [Q] won't connect to H+

    So I'm standing here using smartbro network in Philippines My wife's galaxy grand prime G530H will connect to h+ on 900, 1800, 1900. My note 4 910c will not and never did on any modem. Only will connect to H. The note 4 910c is capable of gsm900 And the other bands? I am running bob4...
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    Thread Upgrade to lollipop poll

    Given the fact that Xposed does not work on art how will that affect your decision to upgrade to Android L? Comments should include lots of beer for Rovo89.
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    Thread Gear VR Ownership poll

    Just getting a measure of the users here. Edit: if you are REALLY going to purchase one. Just answer yes.
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    Thread [Q] s pen odor

    Anyone else have a Strange melted plastic or solder smell on their spen after you remove it? My phone will be just normal temp but have this smell. Note 3 never had that. I have 910c