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    Post S pen off position

    @mthlisboa Found this in the Note 20 forum, perhaps it'll help:

    Post T Mobile diagnostics spyware.

    @Limeybastard How ya liking the Sprint-TMo merger so far? My phone hopping has slowed down somewhat, phones are getting too pricey & the pace of innovation has slowed a bit vs 2-3 yrs ago. 5G compatibility w/the imports is my biggest deterrent ,too bad,lot of cool devices from...

    Post T Mobile diagnostics spyware.

    @blackhawk Which one are you using? If from the Google Play Store, can you post the link? I'm currently using the PC tool ADB App Control. It's an awesome tool, but, neither it nor regular ADB commands are working in removing the T-Mobile Diagnostic Tool app.

    Post T Mobile diagnostics spyware.

    Right back at ya. Yeah,it's been a while,not on as much as w/previous phones (equally because the site changes a while back were buggy,better now,but,still getting used to the new look & feel). New to the Note 20 Ultra,I probably wouldn't have gotten it if not for a generous Mother's Day...

    Post T Mobile diagnostics spyware.

    @raul6 Not quite getting how Insular would help. Sounds like a copy of the app is sandboxed, but, the other copy is still active. If I'm missing something, please elaborate. @elmor0 Not rooted, SD Maid/Titanium are of no help in this situation. Most any other bloatware is able to be...

    Post T Mobile diagnostics spyware.

    Same here on both the Note20 & Ultra versions. I even tried to uninstall via ADB to no avail. Seriously considering installing the US unlocked firmware.

    Post Ccswe not working, again

    Back to ol' skool ADB package disabling... hoping that still works, been a while since I've used that.

    Post Sprint, T-Mobile Releasing Android 11/UI 3.0 Stable Build For SM-N981U & SM-N986U Carrier Bound Handsets!

    The update renders some GoodLock modules inop & the hide FFC option is missing from the display settings.

    Post Root Access?

    Which button combination did you use to get into fastboot?

    Post Plz share lg wing camera apk

    It was worth a shot. It's been downloaded over 300 times since I uploaded it to APK Mirror, perhaps there's some developers working on modding/porting it w/the features intact to work on other devices.

    Post Plz share lg wing camera apk

    Did the LG Wing Camera app work on your LG G8X?

    Post Plz share lg wing camera apk

    [email protected] Here's the link, uploaded to APK Mirror.

    Post Dual Screen home eating battery

    It is a nice phone. I'd like to see the pop-up FFC become standard fare on the V series. Hoping LG reaches out to more app developers to incorporate uses for the 2nd display.

    Post Dual Screen home eating battery

    Yeah, exactly. This is what I have disabled ATM (Using Package Disabler Pro for LG devices) :

    Post Launcher choice

    It allows for orientation on a per-app basis. Basically, you select a default orientation, whatever that may be (say, automatic). Then, if you want certain apps to remain in something else, say, portrait mode, you can select that app to ignore the default orientation & remain locked in portrait...

    Post Screen Protectors?

    THX for the link, just ordered. I typically don't use screen protectors at all, just the liquid sealers. I'm actually more interested in using to cover the back of the phone. Did you cut out a hole for the cameras,& if so, how did you go about doing so? I plan on using my Spigen case to trace...

    Post Dual Screen home eating battery

    I've got this phone, the Wing, & a Note20 (both T-Mobile US models, FWIW). I haven't totally disabled the 2nd display, just restricted background data usage & optimized battery setting enabled. Haven't actually checked usage, I don't keep track on battery at all after I go through the new...

    Post Dual Screen home eating battery

    I don't see why you couldn't restrict it running in the background,can't think of anything that would be adversely affected by doing so. To (possibly) help in curbing unnecessary apps from running at all, I'm using this Package Disabler...

    Post Launcher choice

    kaluna00 Same here. I always select auto rotate for any phone w/Nova Launcher. Another tool I use is Ultimate Rotation Control (Pro) from the Google Play Store. It has a basic default selection & you can customize on a per-app basis. Been a good while since the app was last updated, but, it's...

    Post LG Wing Cases?

    That's what I ordered today,it's the only one that's somewhat available ATM. No cases in stock at any of the carriers in my area. Spigen quality is always top-notch, definitely no worries there & the price on it is reasonable.

    Post Stock Apps

    A bit off topic, & will start a new thread myself, if needed, should I get the phone : Have you used an alternative launcher app (Nova/etc....)? If so, is the 2nd screen activity/app pairings the same as when using LG's launcher, or, is some functionality lost? EDIT/UPDATE (11/07/2020) ...

    Post Ccswe not working, again

    Apparently it's been updated again, I also got it working. However, yesterday this same trick (ignore) did nothing for me. PDP was inop yesterday as well, so, I suppose the back & forth between Samsung & the package disabler app developers is going to be the status quo, at a more frequent pace.

    Post Ccswe not working, again

    Loojs like Samsung put the smack down on the rival app, PDP, as well, it's not working either.

    Post ccswe app manager not working anymore

    Version 6.1.1 (currently Beta) is working.

    Post ccswe app manager not working anymore

    I had a similar issue about two weeks ago, it's a Google Play Store issue. What worked for me was changing my method of payment & then, putting the same method of payment back on the account (same one that I used to purchase the license).

    Post Sd Card pop up message

    Never heard of the brand of SD Card you're using. My guess, since it's brand new, it's defective at best. I'd return it for a refund & get a better known brand such as SanDisk or Samsung.

    Post on T-Mobile phone

    It's part of the T-Mobile app. If you're not interested in using the ADB commands, or, using a package disabler app to "freeze" the app, this is the next best thing to do (probably seen this when you initially set up your phone when new/after a factory reset). It basically/supposedly turns off...

    Post Ccswe not working, again

    Both things could have happened as time went on. I have no problem with it. I look at it like this: Most here pay a monthly subscription fee for at least one service or another (Netflix/Hulu/Cable TV/etc..) The fee, $2.49,isn't a monthly recurring fee, I don't mind paying it, it's well worth it...

    Post Ccswe not working, again

    THX for the update, just bought the new license. Again, my 2¢ regarding purchasing the license, $2.49 is a fair price to me, whether you've bought the license before or not. I have no problem rewarding/thanking a developer for their work, considering most/all of us use our phones daily. His...

    Post Spen can't come out, it's stuck

    Have you checked YouTube? There's several videos on how to get the pen to come out. The simplest method I found was the 1st result of googling "How to remove a stuck S-Pen". Most other videos are variations on the same method/principle.

    Post Ccswe not working, again

    Just my 2¢: The developer has been nothing less than excellent in supporting this app, especially given the circumstances/conditions surrounding the Knox license. The price of admission is miniscule given the functionality of the app, a lot more flexibility/ease of use vs ADB commands...

    Post Smartview Not Mirroring Properly

    Try using the SmartThings app instead of the SmartView app.

    Post Does US variant come with dual sim active?

    I checked Motorola's site earlier today, in the specs section, down in the fine print notes, it states Dual-Sim capabilities will be introduced at a later date & may vary depending on carrier model. At the minimum, sounds like you may have to wait for a software update to enable Dual-Sim...

    Post Problem After Update

    THX, turning off the Power Saving mode icon did the trick, along with the regular Battery Icon toggle. (both are hidden now)

    Post [Bounty] SM-N975U1 Note 10+ (USA unlocked version) bootloader unlock and root method

    Just thought I'd ask, as pointless as the question may seem. If not for the price of admission, I'd never given the idea a thought.

    Post [Bounty] SM-N975U1 Note 10+ (USA unlocked version) bootloader unlock and root method

    Last Samsung I had root on was the Note5 (AFAIK the only US Note that had an Exynos processor), I'm seriously considering taking the plunge. As long as the B/L unlock survives a full factory reset (before I eventually re-sell the device), I'll likely go for it on at least one of my Notes (Note...

    Post TMobile 5g update and standalone 5g sim

    I've read that SA 5G has not been widely deployed just yet. IIRC, the T-Mobile support page for the SA 5G SIM Card says to call & ask if it's deployed in your area. They don't have a map that specifies SA 5G (yet), hopefully, that'll be incorporated into the existing 5G coverage map.

    Post Note 20 Wireless Charging Not Working When Phone Is Powered Off

    I think I figured it out. Granted, the solution doesn't make sense (to me), or, chalk it up to a coincidental unknown bug: I found Wireless Power Share was turned off. Turning it back on seems to have done the trick, as wireless charging is now working fine, whether the phone is powered on or off.

    Thread Note 20 Wireless Charging Not Working When Phone Is Powered Off

    Just as the title states, my Note 20 (T-Mobile US) wireless charging is not working when the phone is powered off. Once I turn on the phone, it works fine. My Note 10+ 5G, also a T-Mobile branded phone, wireless charging works just fine, whether it's powered on or off. I've tried with &...

    Post Air Command with SPen not a Circle

    Also, once the phone gets UI 2.5, the Pentastic app/Goodlock module has a lot of customization for the S-Pen shortcuts layout.

    Post Buying N975U (US Cellular) and using in the UK

    As for getting updates with a non-US Cellular SIM Card, I'd definitely ask about that as well. Hopefully, someone here @ XDA will chime-in with their experience.

    Post Buying N975U (US Cellular) and using in the UK

    Give this a look & then contact US Cellular with the device IMEI, they'll likely need it to check for unlock status.

    Post Check Sim Card Tray message

    I was going to go that route (hard reset) & good chance that may have done the trick. I also tried removing/re-installing the SIM Card & just resetting the network settings, seemed like a logical step, along w/a recovery cache wipe & it persisted. My SIM Card was several years old & figured it...

    Post Samsung Said S20 Trade In Arrived Cracked

    I myself haven't, I've sent back several trade-in devices (to T-Mobile) over the years and never had an issue. I always shipped it back in the original packaging & packed that box w/protective wrapping in yet another box. In the future, I'd take a pic (or video) showing the about phone/IMEI...

    Post Check Sim Card Tray message

    Try a new SIM Card. I had the exact same issue on my Note 10+ 5G & activating a new SIM Card cleared it up, haven't seen the pop-up message since, going on a month now.

    Post ATT N976U firmware hard to find

    Years ago, I had the same issue with a Note 2,an AT&T version, but using it on another network (T-Mobile). I had to go so far as to getting a month's worth of service w/pre-paid AT&T to connect to their servers to pull the update. Same a bit later with an LG device. Fast forward to a year or...

    Post fingerprint scanner

    Try decreasing the sensitivity........

    Post Dual SIM

    Got a link to the eSIM thread? THX. :svetius: Edit: NVM, I found it, however, thank you for mentioning its existence, much appreciated. ✌️

    Post N975F I have yellow tint shad in my LCD

    I see nothing resembling the OP's display yellowing on my Note 10+5G. I've been using mine as a daily driver for over six months & no kind of uneven coloring whatsoever. (Using dark mode) At minimum, I'd suggest the OP contact Samsung customer service for troubleshooting, if not offer a...

    Post N975F I have yellow tint shad in my LCD

    You're speaking as if we can all see your issue/experiencing the same problem. A screenshot or, a pic would probably get more looks......