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  1. Smasher816

    Thread [Source] Variable Size Pattern Lockscreen

    For those who don't know, my pattern lockscreen modification has been merged into CyanogenMod 10. This thread is designed to explain this modification so it can be enjoyed on more roms and devices. I will also consider other lockscreen modification sugestions. This addition is now in any CM10...
  2. Smasher816

    Thread [ALPHA][RECOVERY][2012-04-27] TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) 2.1.2 - Touch Recovery

    Based off of my work in #twrp on documented at Team-Win-Recovery-Project-Samsung Team Win Recovery Project 2.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate THIS IS AN ALPHA RELEASE Install at your own risk! Be prepared by making a backup before installing and being prepared with...
  3. Smasher816

    Thread CM7 Lockscreen Mods

    Alright. Now that Cyanogenmod has fixed the sync errors, I have continued my CM7 Development (lockscreen stuff for now). There are currently four new features: 1) Changeable pattern lockscreen size (3x3 - 5x5). 2) Visible dot toggle, for pattern unlock screen. 3) Custom...
  4. Smasher816

    Thread Severe Battery loss

    Sorry for another thread on battery life but u need help. I am loosing severe battery while idle. Just lastnight I lost 60%. I have a I897 using cognition3.04 with firebird kernel. I have wifi,Bluetooth,GPS off. Using juice defender, and no task killers. And have callibrated my battery, and do...
  5. Smasher816

    Thread [Q] Custom Boot Splashscreen

    I have a captivate running Cognition 2.3b8 and want to change/remove the ATT kernal boot splashscreen. I have found tutorials for many other devices but not the captivate. Most use bootloader/fastboot which to my knowledge does not exist on the captivate. Some use a modified PDA file thing with...
  6. Smasher816

    Thread [Q] Developing on Device

    I have programmed in java for quite some time, and am decent at android apps. However, i have two questions about developing on my device (rooted samsung captivate). First, how can i get dev tools to run correctly on my phone. I have installed it as stated in "