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    Thread Location request popup after unlock

    Hi Guys Could you please help me? Ever since the last update of my 5T, when I unlock my phone weather is open and keeps asking for location permission... Any ideas how to fix this? it is annoying as hell Thanks!
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    Thread Issues updating OTA - Rooted + TWRP

    Hi Everyone Can anyone please stop my suffering? :D I tried everything and I am lost... My phone kept asking me to update to KAS254 which I finally managed to do by flashing stock recovery...but now it is giving me another OTA, some weird alphanumeric combination, around 60MB. Thing is I...
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    Thread [Q] How to "virginize" HTC Touch HD?

    Hi People I am not sure whether this is the correct section, but it is still ROM related. Recently, my phone does not want to wake up sometimes...I press the button and the screen remains black..after few minutes it goes back on but is unresponsive..I have to reset my phone...this is very...
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    Thread HD Turns off in sleep - any help?

    Hi people My HD suddenly staretd to turn itself off in sleep - probably. I pick up my phone, press the wake up button and nothing. I never waited longer, but it seems it is off - so I have to soft reset. It happened to me few times, but I thought, no big deal, I pressed the soft reset button...
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    Thread [Q] How to get ringtones from another ROM?

    Hello People I would like to put ringtones from Duttys ROMs on my Topix ROM..especially the ones you have a message and email :rolleyes: Can anyone tell me how can I do that without flashing the ROM and copying the desired content? Thank you.
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    Thread [Q] Any working WVGA Panoramic Bkgrnd for Sense 2.5?

    Hello I googled a lot but could not find any... Did someone ever make a Panoramic WVGA Bkgrnd for Sense 2.5? Thanks.
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    Thread [HELP NEEDED] Data connection random drops

    Hi I noticed that suddenly my data connection drops from no apparaent reason. Before it used to be on like forever (I remember not turning it off and after I checked the stauts it showed more than 70 hours of connected to data). Till now I was using Duttys HG 2.1 (I was using this one from...
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    Thread [Q] Data connection drops

    Hi I noticed that suddenly my data connection drops from no apparaent reason. Before it used to be on like forever (I remember not turning it off and after I checked the stauts it showed more than 70 hours of connected to data). Till now I was using Duttys HG 2.1 (I was using this one from...
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    Thread To admins and mods: NEW XDA PORTAL IS AWESOME!!!

    Hello I just wanted to say thank you.. The new portal looks totally awesome :) Whole site's new features are very usefull and it is very good :) THANKS!!!
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    Thread DooM II RPG WVGA is out and Kicks A$$

    Hello Do you remember an awesome game called DooM RPG?? I used to play it on my N73 and I loved that game. I always wondered if it possible to play it on HD or port it or whatever. So, there we go...DooM II RPG is out and works WVGA flawlessly :) YEAH!
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    Thread [DEV] XDA FaceBook App for WinMo

    Hello We are at the very beginning stage of development of new FaceBook app for WinMo. If any developer/graphic designer wants to join, please feel free to do so :) Please reffer to this google code project site: To join the group, PM xda...
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    Thread [POLL]Appubator to make a new Facebook app for WinMo.

    Hello fellow xdarians.. I browse WMexperts and WMpoweruser daily and I found this article: Has anyone already heard about it? They simple take ideas of people and if it is good enough they will make the app and even share the profit with you :) but money is not...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Cant send SMS!!

    I solved this finally.. There was a wrong SMS Service Center set...dont know why though cos neither I or my sis was not touching it. Maybe hero configured itself incorrectly? Hello people My sister got a new HTC Hero for Xmas. I helped her a lot with the phone - although I am a hTC HD WinMo...
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    Thread [Q]Any way to display tasks on manila homescreen?

    Hello Did anyone find out how to display tasks on manila homescreen on the same place as appointments do? Thanks. PS: I am running Sense 2.1 with WeatherAnim.
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    Thread [Q] Has anyone figured out how to have trannsparent bottom curtain on HTCSense 2.1?

    I am desperate.. I spent searching a lot and I can't find a solution. I want to use transparent slider and slider icon from C07 but I still have the bottom curtain and it is ugly. How can I get rid of that on Manila 2.1 with weather clock? If anyone has cab or a way to do this please let me...
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    Thread [Q] How to enable Weather Animation in Duttys HG R0 2.1?

    Hello people You can have weather animation on the homescreen in Dutys Holy Grail Sense 2.1 if you set the "Default wallpaper" from settings tab. My question is how can I enable weather wallpaper with wallpaper of my choice. Did anyone find out? I was searching through the registry but could...
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    Thread [??? TO DEVs] Is it possible to port Maemo on HTC devices?

    Hello Title says it all. Do you think it is possible to port Nokia's MaemoOS ( from the new Nokia N900 to hTC devices? Thanks for answers.
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    Thread How to customize the date format in Manila?

    I think the title says it all.. right now I have 19 XI 2009 Instead I'd like Nov 19 or 19 Nov or 19.11. or similiar... does anyone know? thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Birthdays shown twice on manila homescreen

    Hello Just a quick question Few of my contacts are synced with my FB account. I have birthdays synced with those FB contacts (with facebook only) and then this shows in manila homescreen. Always twice. Example: #14th November -Svetlanka's Bday (All Day) -Svetlanka's Bday (All Day) Can this...
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    Thread [Q] Issues in Opera DuttysR15

    Hello I have Duttys R15 and I use the Opera (the one in the ROM, I haven't installed any new). I have problems downloading files. When I click the link white screen appears with the icon of the file, filename and link under it saying: Open...clicking on it does nothing and the Save dialog does...
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    Thread [Q] Spb Finance / Entry getting Can not initialize main dialog! error - any fix?

    Hey there I just installed Spb Finance on my blackstone with duttys R14 and when I open the spb finance entry app (already modified for my resolution with the dskin file) it shows error: Can not initialize main dialog! Does anyone else encounter this? Is there a way to fix that? Thanks
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    Thread Blackstone - falling into oblivion?

    Hello Xda fellows Does anyone else have a strange feeling that our beloved blackstone is slowly but for sure falling into oblivion? sigh :(
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    Thread SilverMoon - new GUI possibilities / openGL?

    Look what just showed up on WMPowerUser: Maybe there will be a whole lot of new possibilities :)
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    Thread [WALLPAPER] F..K YOU Wallpaper made by me :)

    Just want to share my newest wallpaper for blackstone..already in 800*480 enjoy
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    Thread Is there a *.cab to install TouchFLO 2.5 (on duttys R12)?

    Hello people I was just wondering cos I can't find any cab for this. can Manila 2.5 can be installed by a *.cab file or it needs to be flashed with a ROM? I want to try it out but dont want to flash a new ROM...and anyway I am afraid of loosing my SMSs and other stuff (read somewhere that...
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    Thread [WTF] Messaging on wake up...

    Hey there Can somebody help me? I have flashed Duttys 6.5 R8 recently and everytime I wake up my phone (or even turn on) the messaging app displays...what is this? it is annoying... Thanks...
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    Thread [ISSUE]1 or 2 seconds mute after picking up a call! People complain :)

    Hey guys.. I have this weird problem. I have flashed Duttys 3.9 and whenever someone calls me I pick up and say hello, but the other side does not hear for 1 or 2 seconds...and then people complain: WTF? You have the best phone ever and still it is a shyt..and stuff like that...and that is...
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    Thread Is blackstone's processor bad?

    Hey there This might be a bit stupid question but I am curious. I already own blackstone for some time and I love it.. But I am curious. Is blackstone's 528 MHz processor bad? There aer new devices coming with 600 MHz. Of course they are faster and newer but in comparison with blackstone, is...
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    Thread Can somebody pls advice a good music player?

    I guess thread name says it all :) thanks.
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    Thread [GAME-IDEA]Something like uplink...

    Hey there Does anyonw remember perfect game called Uplink? Did you like it? Because I did :) Is there anything like this for winmo? Is it possible to make such a game? Do you think it is a good idea? :)
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    Thread [REQ]Need something like HD Tweak for WM6.5

    Hello I just installed 6.5 on my HD and noticed that HD tweak does not do the job. Could someone please advice some alternative? Thank you.
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    Thread [WTF] My SN is not recognized on official HTC page

    Hello Dunno if this is the corect place to post this thread but anyway. I went on the official HTC Support page to download the EU ROM Upgrade. I input my SN and this text comes out: This update is not suitable for your device. WTF? I have that ROM already downloaded from different page, I...
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    Thread Is it possible to remove scratch? :(

    Hello Guys I know taht this is stupid, but is there any way to remove a scratch from the display? I am soooo pi$$ed about it :'(
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    Thread [REQ-GAME]Darkest Fear for Blackstone

    Hello people dunno if anyone has played darkest fear trilogy before...but this game was so extremly awesome that makes me ask: Is it possible to port this or make this or whatever to our Blackstones? or WinMo devices...but rather WVGA:p What do you think people? Maybe we could write to Rovio...
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    Thread Terminology

    Hello Could someone please kindly explain what does SPL mean? And why ROM is called ROM? Is it the firmware? Doews HSPL void warranty and USPL not? I searched at google for a while but didnt get a proper answer. Sorry to ask this here. Anyway, I am sure there are a lots of people who would...
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    Thread [REQ] Omnia Today screen for HTC devices (WVGA)

    Hello I know that this thread was here somewhere but I can't find it :confused: Is there any possibility to port the Omnia Widget today screen to Blackstone for example (or other devices as well - but mainly to WVGA)? I would really like this todayscreen (I don't like FE Widgets). Please...
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    Thread [REQ]Dummy guide to make themes for mobile shell

    Hello People and mostly skinners! Could someone please give me or us a dummy guide how to make themes for mobile shell? I know there is some already but it is not dummy guide. By dummy guide I mean to write: 1.Which files to open and how...and then I guess just edit in Photoshop. 2.What...
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    Thread [Q] Is there some kickass Today screen?

    Hey there Could someone give a really good advice with link to themes for it so I can see... I have tried so many plugins that my eyes are bloody already... Maybe I just didn't find good combination of plugin/theme...please someone.. thank you.
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    Thread [REQ] Original Stock YouTube PLEASE someone!

    Hello I have updated my blackstone's ROM to 1.56 wth USPL recently. And I guess I have installed the newest youtube app (or maybe it was in the ROM, I don;t remember) This new youtube app looks stupid and is MAXIMALY laggy. In the previous version I could buffer movie within 30 seconds and...
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    Thread Is the display replecable?

    hello guys I was just wondering... When I look at my display into the light I can see it is little bit swirly... Question is, if anything happens (and the phone is in warranty) to the display is it replecable by the support guys or It is needed to replace whole device? Does somebody know or...
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    Thread [HELP]Can somebody pls give advice with Backuping?

    Hello I would like to upgrade my blackstone ROM to the newer one from the HTC support site (is it good thing to do?). But I don't want to loose any of my data - I don't have lots of them but i don't want to loose them (this counts SMSs, MOSTLY apps, settings and pics). My questions is: What...
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    Thread Download to StorageCard by default in opera - is it possible?

    Hello Is it possible to somehow tweak opera to make a default location for downloads in storage card? It has to be changed every time I DL something and I want it to DL straight to card... Is this possible? Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Can anybody confirm if this two things work on Touch HD? (Flas Lite3&OmniaToday)

    [Q] Can anybody confirm if this two things work on Touch HD? (Flas Lite3&OmniaToday) Hello people In the development and hacking section are these two threads about Flash Lite 3 and Omnia Today screen plugin. Can anyobdy if these two work on blackstone? I really would like to have a...
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    Thread [Q;maybe today screen idea]Desktop-like today screen?

    Hey there I tried to google but didn't find anything interesting. Is'nt there any today screen that looks like a normal desktop? The one where you would icons and some widgets like drag&drop clock, weather and stuff? Is there something like this? If not why? Is it even possible to something...
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    Thread Apps are confusing...

    Hey there I love balckstone...I have no problems with it...only sometimes some bug or lag or sometimes battery dies sooner than I would like it to due...but it is OK...I bought this device because it has huge display and looks awesome... This type of question was asked before...but not like...
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    Thread Is it possible to scratch the screen with stylus?

    Hello people I am using Pocket Artist to draw and I love it. But I am just little worried that I may scratch the display - which I would not like at all. is it possible to make some scracthes with the stylus? Thank you people.
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    Thread What are tmail.exe and poutlook.exe and gwes.exe processes?

    Hello I don't remember having them on before... Now I see them in my processes list - do you have it too, is it normal? Thanks.
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    Thread [SOLUTION]To change today screen softkeys (non touchflo?)

    Hello I have found another useful key in registry which you can change your left softkey (I didn't find a key for the right softkey) on your today screen - I am not using TouchFlo so dunno if it works there. Here it is: HKEY_Current_USER\Software\Microsoft\Today\Keys\112\ There you go... as...
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    Thread [SOLVED] How to remove an item from the remove programs list?

    WIPPIE I have solved it...I have quickly read something somewhere and the memmaid really helped me in the end.... if you will have the same problem here it goes: 1.install memmaid 2. open it and open the second tab in it (bottom) 3. then where it says notification queue, select databse usage 4...
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    Thread Analog Clock in Status Bar :)

    Hello People I hope nobody found this yet - don't want to fill the boards with sh*t. Anyway, I came to this registry key. If you use the clock to display in your status bar when you have opened some program or etc you can switch it to analog thanks to thi key. It is...