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    Post 4K option or forced 1080p?

    For the XZ Premium apparently the following would have worked: In an ADB shell: wm size 2160×3840 wm density 820 In my case the wb size command gives me: Error: bad size 2160×3840 Probably we need another resolution
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    Post LiveView reverse-engineering effort

    I know I'm royally necroing this thread, but I believe I have a good reason: Today I've started on my NodeJS implementation of the LiveView server code. This means that I can now connect to the LiveView and decode most of it's messages. There is still plenty of work to do, but at least showing...
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    Post [FTF] Android Nougat Preview 4 NPD56N {Update 16/06}

    Thanks for this post! I searched for this option, but I cannot find it. Did you mean "Mobile data always active: or "Aggressive Wi-Fi to Mobile handover"? :confused: I attached a screenshot with the options I see, maybe you can point me in the right direction :)
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    Post Screen Mirroring from Xperia Z to Roku 3?

    Hi! I was just testing yesterday with a Philips 7800 series 4K tv and found that the same error occurred. I have used my Xperia Z in the past with a D-Link MainStage DHD-131 and it worked successfully (when my phone was running 4.3). Now with 4.4 it connects sporadically but it won't display...
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    Post Sony SBH20 little review

    Since the 4.4 Update I have the issue that volume control is synced between the SBH20 and Android Volume. The only problem is that the SBH20 has only a few steps (i believe 7) of volume, which are either too loud, or not loud enough to my liking. Am I the only one having this problem? Or is...
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    Post [Q] Google Play Services/Now Battery drain observations

    So the amount of battery drain has lowered significantly, but it is still there. I attached a screenshot from before the change and a screenshot from after.
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    Post Fixing Google play services battery drain

    Toggling 'Location reporting' also toggles location reporting to Google Device Manager I guess.
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    Post Fixing Google play services battery drain

    I believe that you did not fully understand what the OP has stated in his first post. I think he might be on to something. I'm going to test it on my phone and (if I don't forget) I will report back. Turning off location for ADM would actually be a better solution for me than turning off...
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    Post [Q] Google Play Services/Now Battery drain observations

    I did a factory reset and have the problem.
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    Post Stock App File Manager

    I didn't have a file manager in my stock rom. I do miss a Sony file manager that blends in with the rest of the UI... What region of rom did you have? Was it a branded rom or generic?
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    Post [ROM][XZ][05/07]KA02 Xperia Z Radioactive™|Honami Rom!! fast & smooth

    I have the same problem. Mega tells me there is a temporary problem...
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    Post DIY quick charge system

    My dock is finished (or at least, it works and I don't feel the need to finish it right now. I might finish the dock as soon as I have finished my midterms. Pictures of the progress are in here:
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    Post DIY quick charge system

    I am currently making my own... When I have more time I'll finish it :D To watch the progress please check this URL to the photo album where I post progress :P. I will add photo here and a link to the complete album every time the dock progresses. I have made a dock connector but I haven't...
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    Post [MOD] exFAT support for Xperia Z(non-Japanese verisons)

    Interesting. Maybe next time you post that something isn't working you could post - What the 'newest version is' - What isn't working I believe that most of the people have it working on the 10.1.A..434, and I believe that to be the newest firmware. You probably haven't followed the guide...
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    Post Screen mirroring to Linux

    This is some kind of adb hackary over usb. I think the TS wants to use the Xperia Screen Mirroring function. This uses Miracast (Intel WiDi 3.5). As far as I know there aren't any released Miracast Receiver applications. Searching for Miracast will help you understand what is needed for wireless...
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    Post SGP- SLIM Premium Tempered Glass protector.

    Can't wait for pictures ;D Also: I contacted spigen, but they seem to think that it does work on 'many of the Xperia Z phones' when in reality as far as I know every Xperia Z has issues with the proximity sensor when used with GLAS.t. Is this correct? Should I tell them this or just wait for it...
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    Post SGP- SLIM Premium Tempered Glass protector.

    I think somebody already posted that it didn't work in this thread.
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    Post SGP- SLIM Premium Tempered Glass protector.

    I purchased the 'normal' version on eBay, but found out about the proximity sensor issue. I'm still awaiting the package so I can send it back and request a refund. In the mean time I ordered a SLIM version, but I got this message from the seller: How can it be that Spigen didn't encounter...
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    Post [MOD] exFAT support for Xperia Z(non-Japanese verisons)

    You can format the MicroSD card externally. I did it and it went just fine. This means that you can skip the 'switch to msc mode' step and the switching back. I just did this with my locked bootloader. I haven't switched internal memory with microSD so I'm not sure about that, but if the...
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    Post [Q] Does anyone have working Miracast with XZ?

    Hmm... My WiDi adapter had no buttons at all, only a reset-button. I tried resetting and pairing, but that didn't help. Thanks anyway for your reply, at least I'm not the only one having problems using the Xperia Z's Screen Mirroring function with 3rd party adapters... I wonder if there are any...
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    Post [Q] Devices is keeping device awake? Is this DLNA? Can I disable it?

    Today I disabled Devices. Bluetooth worked as it should, and my battery is at about 56%. I guess it's okay if you don't use DLNA. Of course this is all subjective, but I do think that my battery is lasting a little bit longer. If you're not using throw I recommend disabling Devices. You can...
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    Post [Q] Devices is keeping device awake? Is this DLNA? Can I disable it?

    Hmm... interesting. Thanks for sharing your insights! Tomorrow I'll disable the 'Devices' application and see what it means in terms of battery usage and loss of functionality. I'll report back at the end of the day.
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    Thread [Q] Does anyone have working Miracast with XZ?

    I have a D-Link DHD-131 Mainstage WiDi adapter, supporting Miracast because it runs WiDi 3.5 firmware (correct me if this is not correct). I can find the device, but when I try to connect the D-Link says that it has found a device that wants to connect and after a few seconds the message...
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    Post [Q] Devices is keeping device awake? Is this DLNA? Can I disable it?

    But does using a Bluetooth Stereo Headset qualify as 'using Throw'? Because it shouldn't have anything to do with dlna, right?
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    Post [Q] Devices is keeping device awake? Is this DLNA? Can I disable it?

    I have used throw once on a Bravia TV, but I have turned media sharing off after that. This was about a week ago, and I have rebooted the phone at least two times since. My bluetooth headset has been connected for about an hour, and when it connects it is in the 'Throw' list. But is this a...
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    Post [Q] Sony Album App/Gallery

    Yeah, I was thinking about where I would store white/blacklists for media if I would be ignoring the tools that have been given to me by Android OS (given the fact that they are ignoring the .nomedia files). As my phone is not rooted I am not able to explore the sqlite databases, but maybe...
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    Thread [Q] Devices is keeping device awake? Is this DLNA? Can I disable it?

    When using the phone with 'Stamina Mode' switched on I got the message that the phone was kept awake because of 'Devices'. I went into my Pwer Management > Battery Usage, and to my surprise Devices is at the top of the list, it has used 19% of my battery. It has a red icon (round circle) with a...
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    Post [Q] XT910 VZW JB Leak -> Global Mode causes Radio to crash?

    JB works! No radio crash. So my solution was: Reflash CID to the saved cid.img Reflash Radio from ICS fastboot (this fails when CID is erased) Follow the guide... I had a booting JB from here :D. The only thing bothering me is the prompt "AT Command mode stop" or something like that...
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    Post [Q] XT910 VZW JB Leak -> Global Mode causes Radio to crash?

    I can't root my phone, so I can't install a Boot Manager. Sometimes the phone doesn't even boot to ICS, so the rooting process fails most of the time. Until my failure of yesterday I have been using BMM 0.2.7. What have you been using? SS3 or BMM? I feel so stupid for NOT making a Nandroid of...
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    Post [Q] XT910 VZW JB Leak -> Global Mode causes Radio to crash?

    I reflashed the ICS Fastboot files for XT910 if that's what you're asking. While flashing the script (Fla****) said that it would flash the radio, so yes I did flash the radio.
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    Post [Q] XT910 VZW JB Leak -> Global Mode causes Radio to crash?

    Well... at least I'm not alone... Let me know if you find new information...
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    Thread [Q] XT910 VZW JB Leak -> Global Mode causes Radio to crash?

    Hi! I first successfully flashed JB as per this guide. While sitting in the train I suddendly got a message asking me whether I would like to switch to global mode, because there was no signal available. Stupid as I was I answered yes. Nothing changed, and within a few seconds I was within range...
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    Post How to update you Razr (Gsm) To Official Jelly Bean

    Moved my question to here because I thought it would be better to start my own thread...
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    Post Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection

    They're not anti-bacterial.
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    Post [ROM] [5/25/12] 4.0.4 - 2.5.25 Ice Cream Sandwiched!

    I installed gapps from an AromaInstaller in Nexus One Development section ( and the Gmail worked.
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    Post [ROOT][WIN] GUI Tool for rooting the Motorola RAZR

    The refresh button is the button next to root ;). I'll put a tooltip on that button. Glad to hear all is fine. I'm uploading to polish out the small annoyances and update SuperSU. Thank you so much for testing :). Edit: is out :). The download link is now public. Please leave...
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    Post [ROOT][WIN] GUI Tool for rooting the Motorola RAZR

    Yeah, the installer should be extra user friendly. I should probably just advice users to use the .application link. But the link will only work if .NET client profile is already installed. I'll adjust the message about root, It seems that the library that I use does not query root status from...
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    Post [ROOT][WIN] GUI Tool for rooting the Motorola RAZR

    Hmm... I will have a look at this. What are your reasons for using this except that it's simple? It's just a matter of preference, right? Thanks man! Much appreciated!
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    Post [ROOT][WIN] GUI Tool for rooting the Motorola RAZR

    I have sent you a dm :).
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    Thread [ROOT][WIN] GUI Tool for rooting the Motorola RAZR

    This is my first attempt at creating something for users on xda, so be gentle ;). Eternityproject has released a fine script for rooting our Motorola RAZR phones on the 4.0.4 update. As a windows-user that used to use batch scripts for everything I could not help but want some more output than...
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    Post [Q] Recovering pictures/videos from a Droid Razr with a broken screen

    You obviously already checked whether the pictures were not on his external SD card, right? If so: Mini-HDMI is indeed your best bet. Of the touch screen does not work (and you are desperate) you could try to borrow/buy the dock with USB. The RAZR would make a nice Android TV box :)
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    Post [KERNEL MODULE] Extra modules pack v0.1.3 (feat. overclock) [OMAP4 kernel 3.0.8]

    Will this work on an XT910? Is the kernel source any different from the 67.42.17.XT910S.SKT.en.KR?
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    Post how to 'shut down' correctly webdock?[ics]

    It is not needed to disable web top. Apps have their 'saved state' if they are in the background. If you want to be safe just go to your home screen before disconnecting the cable. That's all :). Oh, and if you're even more paranoid you could just switch to the task killer and swipe all the app...
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    Post [Q] Razr's Radio Interferes With Other Device's Speakers -- Is My Razr Defective?

    I noticed it with my Droid RAZR. It happens mostly when I'm on GPRS, but on battery-powered speakers it happened when I was on 3G/HSDPA. It has done this from the start. The only thing that's really annoying is that I have Sony Noise-cancelling Earplugs, and the amp does make these noises when...
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    Post Official info update to ICS in Italy

    Well... the SOAK has been delayed, so I guess there won't be an OTA :(. I'm afraid they won't reply to this: I've asked them politely several times now, I always get ignored. I'm sick and tired of all the moto bullshit... I love the phone...
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    Post Any Europeans received the update?

    No one WANTS to go back. If you're getting a solid ICS there is absolutely NO reason to go back.
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    Post [Q] Tried to download an OTA, got stuck, can't dl anymore

    I attached cheesecakev2.apk. For the people who need MotoWatch: If I am not allowed to post cheesecakev2.apk because of forum rules please PM me/remove it (@mod). Just trying to help my fellow xda people :)
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    Post [Q] Question about whether it has WIFI Direct

    1) There is no software support for WiFi Direct (that I know of). ICS Might fix this. 2) Nope. Separate MicroUSB and MicroHDMI 3) Yes. You need a separate 5v power supply by using a USB-cable with two plugs on one side (one for power, one for data).
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    Post [Q] Tried to download an OTA, got stuck, can't dl anymore

    Did that, no dice :(. But thanks for the response :). ANy other suggestions?
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    Thread [Q] Tried to download an OTA, got stuck, can't dl anymore

    Hi! I'm on 6.5.1-167_SPU-15-M2-3 and tried to download updates with Cheesecake. It said that there was an OTA so I clicked 'Download' and went to bed. This morning I woke up and the update was still at 71%. I tried to force it to resume by turning WiFi off and on again, but it kept saying...