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    Thread [Q] CM7 Music Distortion

    I'm using cm7 and when i listen to music sometimes music distortion occur (even when i'm using headphones). So, is there anyway to fix this problem?:rolleyes: btw i had already searched and i cant find any solution.
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    Thread Sony Xperia Launcher for SGM

    Hi everyone, Can anyone give me sony xperia launcher Edit: found one And sorry about the few details Sent from my GT-S5570 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread [Q]Baseband

    European users can i ask you what baseband are you using??? Sent from my GT-S5570 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Official Cm7

    Hey Guys, I've flashed official cm7 ,but when i use s2e its not detecting my ext4 partition??? See attachments.. Sent from my GT-S5570 using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread [Q] Wifi Booster

    Can anyone suggest me a wifi booster app??? That reallyworks. Thanks:D Sent from my GT-S5570 using xda premium
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    Thread [Q] Help About SDCARD

    Here's the problem: It seems that clockworkmod v that i used isnt for working for me cause i cant choose ext format when partioning my sdcard (i cant download the latest CWM TOUCH ext link is dead)maybe this is the problem not choosing a ext format for my sdcard. Can someone pls...
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    Thread S2E "process system is not working"

    I've used alot of rom and now im using slim cm7.. The problem is when i install an app from market or sd it hangs for a minute and says "process system is not working" it happens every time i use s2e... application dalvic cache and private app are the only option that are enabled.. Anyone can...
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    Thread Tun.ko Request

    Anyone can give me a tun.ko app for galaxy mini ?????:) plss
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    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod Theme

    Will this theme work on our galaxy mini with CyanogenMod??? If it is has anyone tried it??:o
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    Thread Help About no frills cpu

    Can anyone tell me what no frills cpu setting can improve battery life and performance?? I'm using andro-id 3.3.1 galaxy mini... My current cpu setting: Max 748 Min 245 governor smartassv2 i/o noop Thanks for advance:laugh:
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy Mini takes a lot of time to Reboot

    Hi Guys, Can anyone help me???? I'm from Spain and i found a firmware from samfirmware "XWKTN" ,on the countries i saw spain,so i flashed XWKTN from this thread cause it 100%safe :) After that Everything went well but everytime i turn off...
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    Thread [Q] (Help Please)How to unlock Galaxy Mini

    Anyone know how to unlock Galaxy Mini???(Using Omnius) My phone is lock from Movistar I'm from Europe and i'm using 2.3.6 XWKTN
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    Thread [Help] ADW Launcher on Galaxy Mini

    Hi Guys, Im been using Adw launcher on galaxy mini and i found some bug every time i open an app from menu,it loads and shows the homescreen before it opens the app:confused::confused::confused:Any help
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    Thread [Q] Launcher Pro Help !!

    Hello I´m using launcher pro plus on my android and i encounter some problems, 1st is when i´m in the appdrawer and open an app everytime i press back it goes back to the homescreen. i would like it to go back first to the appdrawer then to the homescreen:confused::confused: any help???