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  1. davej

    Thread **Marshall WaitCursor 3.0**

    For those of you using this gorgeous "wait cursor" changer I have made a couple of new ones. Unzip and add to where ever your Marshall Folder exists. And then enjoy!! Davej :cool: ***************************************************** *****************************************************...
  2. davej

    Thread Recoloured Contacts/Messaging Icons

    Hi one and all! Please find attached some modified icons as per the tweaks I made here Included: * Manila files for cfc_gui * images.png * cabs for the less well initiated with the aforementioned ;) Enjoy Davej :cool:
  3. davej

    Thread New Look People

    Hi Guys Whipped up some variety to the rather boring B&W people that inhabit HTC. Attached are the: * .png files for CFC_GUI user * manila files for those who prefer the overwrite method (BACK-UP 1ST!!) * a cab for the me!! :D Enjoy! Davej :cool:
  4. davej

    Thread New SMS Icon ***Now with matching LS_Slider

    Hi Guys Got tired of the boring B&W "New SMS" icon in Sense. :( So made my own!! :D There are 3 different ones as per the attached image. Each zip contains the original .png for CFC_Gui users. A Manila file for those wanting to direct overwrite...(Back-up first!!) There is also a cab for...
  5. davej

    Thread Once in a Blue Moon

    A new moon for the colour conscious!! Copy Manila file to /windows or use cfc_gui for the .png file Have fun!! Davej :cool: With much thanks to kurt-willems for the cabs!! Cheers Mate :D Blue Moon versions: davej´s Blue Moon davej´s Blue Moon davej´s Blue Moon
  6. davej

    Thread ***Help Me if You Can I'm Feeling Down***

    Guys, I am trying to cobble together a taskbar using Alec's icons Alecs Windows-Phone-7 Taskbar Icons W/VGA WM6.5/6.5.X I have correctly and tirelessly used Dinik's taskbar 1.5 as the template, as it worked best with my stock ROM (1.72)...
  7. davej

    Thread ***Photos and Videos Tab LOST AND FOUND!!!****

    For all those I have seen crushed by this nasty little bug.... :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( THE ANSWER (At least for me...having tried all else): Remove HDWalls patch 1.3 and install 1.2 for Manilla 1920. I am running 1921 but no matter. All is back as it should is...
  8. davej

    Thread Aussi Telstra ROM for HD2 released

    Hi guys Not sure if this has been posted already but there is no thread I could find in searching. New ROM version: 1.72.841.0 Download size: 176MB You will need to get your serial number from the back case to download...
  9. davej

    Thread +++Seriously stupid and needing help++++

    Hi guys While deleting the \cache files from Application Data\HTC\HTC ALBUM I have inadvertently deleted ??something?? such that I can no longer set the "Favorites" Album. Could someone please tell me what I have trashed and kindly re-post or advise other means of fixing. Many thanks in...