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    Thread [Q] Recovering texts from an S4 with a broken screen?

    To preempt: I have already tried connecting it to a computer. I can't get to the com.providers.telephony (or whatever it's called) via windows explorer. It isn't present. I also have tried the adb stuff, but I didn't set the password or whatever that you need to do that. The phone is rooted...
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    Thread 4G not working

    So. My 4G data (Sprint, S4. Rooted, but stock ROM and such) stopped working. Updated PRL and Profile. It works for a minute and stops. Restore backup. It works then stops after 5 mins. Update prl and profile in the Sprint app, it works and then stops 1 minute later. Did a factory reset (still...
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    Thread Jellytime Sosei first boot time?

    Hello. Just went through the rooting, unlocking and flashing JBS to my a100 for the first time. I rebooted the system and now the CyanogenMod screen with the circle loading animation has been going for 20ish minutes. It says it takes about ten in the topic, but is it normal for it to take a bit...