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    Thread Urgent help needed for deaf person

    after trying to flash to a newer version something has gone completely wrong. is there anyone in holland who can do a COMPLETE "re-install" for my handicaped brother..? The XDA seems to "hang" in a grey screen. done reset a few times, but it said : "updating ROM " when nothing was happening...
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    Thread explorer error

    HOW do i find out what version of explorer i use, and where can i update it ? keep getting : MICROSOFT jsCRIPT RUNTIME ERROR line : xx, char : and so on.... after pressing ok the page still loads fine...
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    Post AtDbg stuff

    same :D check your windows directory
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    Post Serial cable pic

    unlocking :D at my o2 store they finaly have the serial cable.. :x (s) :oops: there´s even two kinds now.... wich will work with the manipulator program ..???? the one with USB connection on the end, ..or the "serial" connection at the end ?
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    Thread error

    :cry: after installing the powerpoint program ( add-on ) from the o2 cd additional software verzion 1.0, i get an error message after performing a soft reset .. AELock.exe Cannot find AELock ( or one of it´s components ) bla. bla.. i have figured out that i now no longer have the Action...
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    Post Rotterdam

    eindhoven if its allright i will come over some time, and wach you do it..... perhaps you have some more software...... 15 euro is a nice price.... ill send you an email..... :D
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    Post Dutch 02 XDA ROM Update

    flashing can you write a SIMPLE HOW TO: -perform a ROM update. -perform a RADIO " " a lot of newbees would like to read WHAT this does in understandable words....
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    Post Dutch 02 XDA ROM Update

    re 8) made a case of it at o2. :oops: they will get back to me ASAP. :twisted: ill keep you posted.
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    Post HOW TO :

    How to Speed up your display. :idea: How to Speed up your display. UNverified... You can change the memory used to cache fonts glyphs, this allow you to use more memory to speed up the display. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE\ You can change the "limit" value : 4096 ...
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    Thread Rotterdam

    :?: are there any "rotterdammers" here, who have the cable to unlock ? :oops: lazy as i am, i feel little for building my own cable, if one of you has a working one....
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    Post HOW TO :

    :idea: HOW TO make SMS display incoming senders name
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    Post HOW TO :

    [HowTo] Change the logo of GSM provider :idea: HOW TO change the logo of GSM Provider
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    Post HOW TO :

    How to Create Shortcuts to all the standard applications. :idea: HOW TO create a shortcut to any of the standard applications listed in the "Settings" screen You can find more information about this topic here. Open in your PC a NotePad document and type this line 28#\windows\ctlpnl.exe...
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    Thread HOW TO :

    :idea: this is the mother of all how-to´s. :!: each time one of the magicians in the developers circle has a good update or tweak or trick, we will try to get them to translate this into stupid-users language... :roll: :evil: This means a whole lot of work for them, :evil: so check here...
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    Post NewRom Version (Qtek 1010, 3.16.13 ENG, Radio 3.19.01)

    gprs connection drops :evil: my gprs connection keeps dropping after 5 minutes, without incomming calls. :x my setting : :shock: ROM version 3.02.00 ENG ROM date 05/27/02 Radio version 4.01 Protocol 324e2 :x i realise these are quite old, but i have never updated any...
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    Post Radio 4.16 && OS 3.14.40

    re : i live in the netherlands, and use the XDA with an o2 connection. :oops: thanks for your NOT flaming the new guys....
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    Post Radio 4.16 && OS 3.14.40

    re : :D thanks ! NOW i get it. p.s. NO shame in living in holland. some shame to confess i own an xda, but dont know much about it yet...
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    Post Radio 4.16 && OS 3.14.40

    :shock: now please explain to a starter what a radio 4.16 is, and how it will improve the xda ? :?: please tell me how to check what radio version i use ? :?: please inlighten us ignorant users, what is 3.15.15.... i live in the netherlands, and use the XDA with an o2 connection...
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    Thread what media player ?

    wich is the best program and why ? should i keep my original windows-media player wich wont play mp3 or is there a better one out there .....???
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    Post Terminal services client

    terminal Thanks, now i understand...
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    Thread HOW TO (for newbees)

    can the data experts please post some how-to's on this site ? perhaps a thread with only HOW-TO information ? :idea: i would like a :D - how to do a rom update thread. - how to browse registry thread. - how to use tracelogger thread - how to...
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    Thread Terminal services client

    i have been searching for a good terminal server, to install on my HOME PC ( or any other terminal server, so i can try the client... ) :arrow: i havnen't been able to connect it to anything..... :x I'm asuming it looks for port 23 on the server.... :?: anyone ever used it yet ...
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    Post AtDbg stuff

    at cmd The hague ( netherlands ) ( holland ) <Rx:4D0180023303> Tx:ATD*#21#\r Rx:+CCFC: 0,7\r\n Tx:AT+CSQ\r havent got a clue what it does.......
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    Thread Tracelogger

    :?: My XDA has an aplication in "windows" calles Tracelogger... when activated it askes me for a password... anyone know what it is ?