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    Thread What about Asus Premium Cover?

    Hi everyone, do you have any news about the asus premium cover? Because the travel cover look bad.
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    Thread Should i replace my Nexus 7?

    Hi everyone, i got my Nexus 7 two days ago, and i noticed one dead pixel and a weird screen bleeding here are the pics : http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg854/scaled.php?server=854&filename=20120908085101.jpg&res=landing...
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    Thread Samsung C-pen on Nexus 7

    Hi everyone, i would like to know if somebody tried the Samsung C pen (for the S3) on the nexus 7? Or if you have a good stylus for the nexus 7
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    Thread [Q] How to convert mkv file to be played on Galaxy S

    Hi everyone, a lot of movie in 720p(mkv) are not smooth at all, so i would like to know how to convert a mkv file to played it on the galaxy s? I search on google and everything i found are not free like pavtube or Aunsoft MKV converter! And unfortunatly they have no tutorial on XDA to reencode...
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    Thread Problem with Xperia MEDIA XPERIENCE PANEL

    Hi everyone i have a probleme with the music player of MEDIA XPERIENCE PANEL in fact all song of my phone (system song and game song) are in the music library. How can i have choose just one folder for the music?