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    Post [GAME] Word Search

    More levels added :D
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    Post [GAME] Word Search

    Thanks im glad you liked it! And yeah i will add categories Adding a quick video of how the game works
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    Post [GAME] Word Search

    Updated the topic cause the images didnt work.. hope they do now.
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    Thread [GAME] Word Search

    Added some categories
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    Post [GAME] Word Search

    For those who like word search or word games, will love this game You can play with words in different languages, the words are hidden in all directions, you can also see clues for the most difficult words... hope you like it! :D Link...
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    Post Best hosting site

    Also had the same experience
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    Post Favorite Game

    Final Fantasy was my all time favorite, still miss it
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    Post Favourite TV Shows?

    Prison Break was awesome. Chernobyl was also very good
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    Post Off-Topic Movie Club

    - 10/10: Perfection - I would give this rating to "Knives Out", its a comedy but a brilliant one, very complex, someone dies and you need to find the killer but pretty much everyone in the victims family are suspects so yeah.
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    Post What is your addiction?

    I used to be addicted to exercise, I had to run at least 3 hours everyday for like years and i couldnt stop. I think the chemicals we release when we do exercise can become really addictive. I guess it wasnt a completely bad addiction but it could be frustrating if i had other things to do and...
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    Post Answer a question, then ask one!

    We are not real, at least im not, im a robot able to communicate with you from a far away space station :\ Question: If you could go back and change something in your past, what would that be?
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    Post [TOOL] AppManager (ROOT)

    Thank you, this is a great tool
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    Post How to save users data individually and provide them if someone requests it

    Well, android lets you know if the user is from EU and in that case the Gdpr rules apply and you need to request consent from them if im not mistaken. public void getconsentInf(){ consentInformation = ConsentInformation.getInstance(this); String[] publisherIds = {"pub-..."}...
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    Post Screen recording is finally here in Android Q

    Wow this is an awesome feature, its great they are adding it.