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    Post [ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] CrDroid 7.6 For Lenovo P2

    I noticed an overnight battery drain, but haven't been able to figure out what's causing it. About 8% lost during night. Is anyone else having it too?
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    Post GCam 7 and 6 for Lenovo P2 [Android 8, 9 and 10] 13th August 2020

    I just installed the version "MGC_7.6.008_Parrot043_V7" on android 11 and it worked fine: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/f/changelog1487/ The previous version (V5) refused to install.
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    For a moment I thought I had the ROM wrong xD Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation (loosely translated, as my settings are in a different language) It allows 3 button, 2 button and gesture navigation. No inverted layout settings, though, and home button doesn't seem to work on any of...
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    Any way to invert the navbar layout on 2 button navigation?
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    Post [ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] Havoc OS 4.6 for Lenovo P2

    That and the physical button being disabled while the nav bar is enabled are two things that discourage me from using this version of the ROM, although HAVOC has always been a preference of mine, along with SYBERIA. Where can I get version 4.2? Mega says the download isn't available.
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    Post [ROM][COLT-OS_v6.5][A10][KUNTAO][UNOFFICIAL][11-10-2020]

    "Added support for Home Button wake" Where is that option?
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    Post BlaZeMax-Kernel[LenovoP2][Kuntao]

    Thanks for the update! Since there seems to be issues with version 3.4 (volume, as reported above) would you mind sharing version 3.0 as well? Or is it fixed already?
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    Thread ROM Index

    The following list is a list of ROMs available on the "Lenovo P2 ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Development" forum, structured as follows: ROM name (linked to the corresponding thread), developer (no link to avoid spamming), android version, ROM version, and date of the latest update I...
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    Post [rom][unofficial] SYBERIA OS v2.9 [android-9.0.0_r49] [F2FS]

    Well, the FP sensor bugs sometimes, as it does in all other roms i tried so far, but apart from that it still feels better than others. Battery saving location, no drain, and has all the customisations I need.
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    Post [rom][10.0][unofficial] Havoc OS v3.6 [android-10.0.0_r37]

    For some reason, after dirty flashing 3.4 I got rebooted to fastboot, and then stuck on a black screen with the blue led lit up. I had no problem rebooting to TWRP and dirty flashing 3.3, which works with no issues. Any idea what may be causing this? I have Magisk 20.4 and TWRP 3.2.3-20190209...
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    Post [rom][10.0][unofficial] Havoc OS v3.6 [android-10.0.0_r37]

    Couple of noob questions: 1. No quick charging? - nevermind, it's working. 2. No battery saving location? 3. Why isn't Gboard memorizing my settings?! - nevermind this one also, it seems to have fixed itself. Thanks in advance for any replies. PS: thanks for keeping the device alive, VladSor!
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    Thread Battery drain / no deep sleep

    Long story short, I have been experiencing a severe battery drain with any ROM I try for the last month or so. Some ROMs seemed not to have it until first reboot, then the drain showed up. Installing BetterBatteryStats showed me there was a "fingerprint wakelock" active 100% of the time. This...
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL] RESURRECTION REMIX 7.0.2 [9.0.0_r44]

    I have the same problem, and all ROMs I tested have it. I think it might be some physical issue with the fingerprint sensor, but it always randomly stops working, and randomly starts working again after a reboot or two. Long pressing the home button does nothing, and custom kernels are no help...
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    Post [SHISHUFIED][F2FS][OTA] BootleggersROM - 4.2 [9.0.0_r44][STABLE][KUNTAO][2019/07/08]

    Half off topic question: some ROMs allow me to silence determined notifications; can I do the same on this rom? Or is there some app or module that allows me to silence some notifications? Thanks in advance for any replies. Edit: nevermind, found it :p
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    Post What's the most lightweight ROM?

    I'm on CRDroid 8.1 (forgot to mention), is LOS 15.1 all that lighter (faster)?
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    Thread What's the most lightweight ROM?

    I recently installed a game that requires me to do stuff fast, and realized the P2 isn't responding as fast as it should. So I'd like to know which might be the most lightweight ROM for P2, in order to get the most out of it. Android version doesn't matter much. Thanks in advance for any opinions.
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    Post FP hardware not available!

    Well, my fp sensor also came back after doing precisely nothing :p just started working again. Weird.
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    Post FP hardware not available!

    Developer mode trick didn't work for me, so i switched from RR to CRDroid, but no joy. Maybe something wrong with oreo sources, maybe stock fixes it... Maybe, maybe...
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    Post FP hardware not available!

    Funny, i'm getting the same thing. I'll try the developer mode trick.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0][kuntao]ResurrectionRemix 6.2.1 [20190306][OFFICIAL][F2FS][DISCONTINUED]

    Thanks for the suggestion, but didn't work for me. In fact, FP gestures stopped working a couple of weeks back, and never returned. CRDroid used to have a similar bug, but they came back eventually (and randomly). Too weird. Also, how can I flash magma kernel on this ROM? Every time I try it...
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    Post Rom [8.1] [kuntao] [bootleggers] [unofficial] [3.0]

    Any solution for "disappearing" FP gestures? They just stop working randomly, and come back after a couple of reboots...
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    ruturajjena What's the difference between version 4.4 of 2018-06-16 and 4.4 of 2018-06-18? I flashed both sequentiality with no issues apart from FCs on gmail on latest version.
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    I have around 12h SoT from 100% to 0%, while playing games on WiFi. Using mostly mobile data SoT goes down to around 9h.
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    FP gestures stop working randomly, fixing themselves after a reboot or two. Is there any ROM without this issue?
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    I never used it, but I think its in settings, under security and privacy.
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    I tried leaving bluetooth on for a few hours, and got 63% battery usage from it, with nothing paired. Still about 7h SoT, which is usual for me, so I'm guessing it's a misread, and not an actual drain. Will try a full charge with BT on and see the resulting SoT.
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    Well, unlike previous posters, I've had no issue so far. Clean flashed, flashed pico gapps and magisk, and everything went fine. No problems rebooting, no need to press anything. Just flashed Subham's kernel, and it's still working fine :D
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    Would it be acceptable to dirty flash this over the other crdroid...? It'll be a hassle to install everything all over... Plus, the other one has FP gestures.
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    Post [ROM|[8.1] crDroid[4.6] [OFFICIAL][OTA] [kuntao][22/08/2018]

    What's the difference between this ROM and the one by gamefreaksuraj?
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    Post [KERNEL][3.18.133][9.x]Magma Kernel for Lenovo P2/Kuntao

    Flashed it on CRDroid by gamefreaksuraj and no issues só far. Didn't fix the overnight battery drain, though, but seems to use less battery while in usage.
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    Post CR Droid [8.1] [VOLTE] FOR LENOVO P2

    Any solution for the dreaded drain? 10% gone overnight is a bit too much...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] crDroid Android v3.8.3[VOLTE][P2]

    I think I had less battery consumption doing the same things, and it was smoother on some operations, but it might be because of the custom kernel, which doesn't work on Lineage.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] crDroid Android v3.8.3[VOLTE][P2]

    I used this ROM for a while, with subham's kernel, its behaviour was excellent. I then grew restless as I usually do, and tried the MIUI, which wasn't as satisfying as I hoped (FP gestures stopped working and random reboots). Eventually, I ended up flashing official Lineage; and I still think...
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    Post [Global] MIUI 9 for Lenovo P2 by 4PDA Сommand.MiuiPro 9 | 8.1.25Valentine's Day gif

    I'm very much enjoying this ROM, despite it feeling a little slower than lineage. One thing I appreciate is FP gestures being slightly less nervous (I can now press the button to get back to home screen without it doing the back function first). If quick charge gets fixed, it'll be awesome. And...
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    Post [Global] MIUI 9 for Lenovo P2 by 4PDA Сommand.MiuiPro 9 | 8.1.25Valentine's Day gif

    The navigation buttons are the option right below the to gestures (I think I attached a screenshot)
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    Post [Global] MIUI 9 for Lenovo P2 by 4PDA Сommand.MiuiPro 9 | 8.1.25Valentine's Day gif

    As far as I've seen, no fingerprint gestures, and no navigation bar... Maybe I'm just too used to have it and now I can't fine the option... Also, not all languages are present. Edit: my mistake, fp gestures are there, just with another name.
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    Post [SHARED][ROM] Lineage OS 14.1 [Official][Stable][Weeklies]

    I noticed something like that two nights ago. Locked the phone for the night, and suddenly it flashes awake (quite a flash, when in the dark xD). Extremely random stuff, I have no idea what might've triggered it. And I'm using crdroid ROM, not this one, so it might be something related to the...
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    Thread Incorrect battery percentage

    Ever since I got this device I've had issues with it being unable to correctly detect the battery level. Very often the phone discharges completely and shuts down, and upon a restart it shows 20% battery left. I've tried calibrating the battery, but I'm either doing it wrong or it's not...
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    Post TWRP crashing on startup with blue led and buzzing

    I had that problem, fixed it by flashing the stock kernel (boot.IMG) through fastboot.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] crDroid Android v3.8.3[VOLTE][P2]

    Good idea, thanks. Regarding the led issue, any solution? Gets really annoying at night...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] crDroid Android v3.8.3[VOLTE][P2]

    From my experience so far, the ROM is excellent. Huge SoT, even playing on intermitent mobile data! And I haven't noticed a boot longer than normal... Two things bug me, though: I can't seem to disable the led for some notifications, even lowering their priority, any tips? And the FP sensor...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix 5.8.5-FINAL [7.1.2][FP Gestures Working]

    I'm having FC on the clock app, never had that happen before... Can't even set an alarm... What might I have done wrong? Also, does the ROM include root? On the settings I only have the ADB option available, do I have to flash magisk or SuperSU?
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    Post List of Rom for P2 + Guide [6.x-8.x][Tell me which rom you prefer][Updated 21-May]

    There are 2 RR releases, one from wzedlare and another from Pranay7, which one would be advisable? Most updated, etc?
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    Post List of Rom for P2 + Guide [6.x-8.x][Tell me which rom you prefer][Updated 21-May]

    Wait, crdroid supports fingerprint gestures? Fully? That's pretty much the only thing that makes me stick to stock, the touch to go back, the long touch to show recents.... Does crdroid support all that?
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    Post [KERNEL][3.18.133][9.x]Magma Kernel for Lenovo P2/Kuntao

    I'm still noticing an unusual battery drain after v5 update, I'm not sure if it's a change of habits on my part (in which case, could someone suggest an app to find the drains, or wakelocks), or if it's the kernel (in which case, I'll wait for confirmation). As far as I've tested, V3 still feels...
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    Post [KERNEL][3.18.133][9.x]Magma Kernel for Lenovo P2/Kuntao

    I've noticed it as well, so I'm eagerly awaiting the update :)
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    Post [Stock Rom] [Lenovo P2] [NOUGAT 7.0] [Deodexed_P2a42_S244_170725_ROW]

    I had a similar issue, solved it by flashing boot.img from deodexed stock ROM, in TWRP.
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    Post Not so bricked P2...

    Ok, I admit the information I presented was a bit unclear, and that's because it was unclear to me as well... After a huge lot of trial and error, I ended up flashing the boot.img from the deodexed 244, which solved the issue. I guess there was some error along the way, and restoring it helped...