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    Post help how perform root Junsun V1pro 4G + 64G CarPlay Android 9.0 DSP.

    Hello guys, I am searching through the whole forum...I am sorry for duplicate threat....anyone knows how to change language that will also change language on dashboard? I have Junsun V1 4 GB + 64GB. Seller says I cannot change it but I saw some one here posting photo with menu in spanish :) I...
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    Post Junsun V1 Pro MTK8259 4GB + 64GB Android 10 headunit

    Thanks a lot Torsten! I will give it a try
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    Post Junsun V1 Pro MTK8259 4GB + 64GB Android 10 headunit

    No worries, I have managed to setup the parking lines. Its now indicating the distance. But I am still struggling to find the default language :) Reg. language...I´ve read couple of articles where poeple mentioned that four digit code can have different results (get you to different setting)...
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    Post Junsun Android 8.1 Intel Airmont eight-core 1.8GHz SC9853i (4GB RAM, 64GB flash)

    Hello guys, can you tell me where I can change language, please? I looked everywhere but no luck. My menu looks like in the attachement. I think its Android 9 or 8.1. I found picture on google where I can see that someone posted picture with menu in spanish (other attachement). The thing is...
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    Post Junsun V1 Pro MTK8259 4GB + 64GB Android 10 headunit

    Hi, thank you for your answer. Look of the menu looks on the head unit slighty different than i can see around on youtube :). I quess it can be found where can bus can be selected. If I change the language, will it change also language for the car or just for the radio itself? Rear camera is...
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    Post Junsun V1 Pro MTK8259 4GB + 64GB Android 10 headunit

    Hello guys, I have two silly questions :) I had Junsun V1 with android 9.0 4gb+64gb for Skoda Octavia 3, that I currently gave to my friend (radio, not the car :D ). Can you tell me how language can be changed, please? I had it on english and was totally fine with that however my friend...
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    Post Help with this Chinese HU, Alps 8227L_Demo

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me. I bought HU from Aliexpress with Android 9 After installing the HU, radio was resetting couple of times by itself. But its boot up speeds and speed in general was fine. Because of the problem with resets seller sent me latest software version. And now...