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  1. Scalee

    Thread Advice on google like ROM

    Hey guys, Feel like i am drowning in a sea of roms, Hoping somebody can give me some advice. I am looking for a rom with stock google experience and be a bit smooth because now my phone is super slow. Currently running stock 4.4.2 (N7100) Optional: Working stylus Thanks!
  2. Scalee

    Thread [Q] Phone bricked?

    I flashed Ditto note 3 rom. They advice to flash the MJ5 bootloader. Which i did and it failed, now my phone won't boot at all anymore, with the message: "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue." I came from stock 4.3. Any advice would be very welcome!
  3. Scalee

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth keyboard switches input method

    Hi guys, I got a very nice logitech k810 bluetooth keyboard, But every time i connect it to my phone it switches my input method to the samsung keyboard. Even if i set swiftkey to default. It's quite irritating.. Does anybody know if i can disable this? Or maybe which service/package causes...
  4. Scalee

    Thread [MOD] [Xposed] [V3.1] Multiwindow [No flashing] [22-01-13]

    26-03-14 This project is no longer maintained, no further updates will occur. 07-04-2013 Overdue images of 240DPI mod Also new version of DPI mod which doesn't crash when the settings file gets corrupted. 18-03-2013 Release 240DPI mod beta (Use at own risk) I will post some screenshots when...
  5. Scalee

    Thread [Q] [WIP] Volume track skip

    Hey guys, Loving the note 2 even with stock. But i really miss the long press volume track skip. So i started to follow this guide to make one for the n2: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1728236 Fairly quickly i noticed this was made for HTC devices. But i worked on comparing...
  6. Scalee

    Thread [Q] Rom advice please

    Dear Desire Z/G2 users, I have been searching the dev section also ran some searches and i come up quite empty. Since a week or 2 i have been running CM7, but I miss sense. The most important thing for me in a rom is being able to skip tracks with long press volume. I listen to allot of music...
  7. Scalee

    Thread Auto correction in texting

    I have been googling for about an hour trying to solve this problem but i'm not even sure what this is called, so i apologies if this has been asked a million times. The problem: When i am sms'ing and type "wel" it switches it for "we'll" and if have been looking how to disable this...
  8. Scalee

    Thread DisableSMSWakeUpEvent

    I have read a ton of threads saying to set DisableSMSWakeUpEvent 1 in the registery to prevent your phone from waking up on SMS. But it doesn't seem to work :( i already have been trouser pocket calling people several times.
  9. Scalee

    Thread C++ GUI

    Does somebody know where i can find any tutorials on GUI handling in c++ for windows mobile 6.1 My code is complete but i still have to code the interface, but i can't find anything on how to do this. (made in vs 2008, c++ smart device application with SDK 6 pro)
  10. Scalee

    Thread Program speed (.net)

    I'm writing an application which my HTC polaris, But its very heavy and imho still to slow. How i can see where my greatest performance loss occurs? Its written in .net 3.5 (c#) I have to calculate a SHA-1 hash about 5 million times, Now what i don't get for one is that i loop a string and get...
  11. Scalee

    Thread A few questions

    Hi, As you can see im pretty new to the polaris and i have been seeking a few answer for a few hours and can't seem to find an answer to a few of them, So i hope some of you might be able to answer these for me. 1) I would only like to use internet through WIFI, so to prevent a huge phone...